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Mineland Reclamation in Minnesota

Mineland Reclamation in Minnesota. Historical Highlights. 1866 – 1892 Iron ore discovered and exploration begins. 1892 Iron ore shipment Mt Iron 4,245 tons. 1953 Largest annual iron ore shipment 75,953,215 tons.

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Mineland Reclamation in Minnesota

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  1. Mineland Reclamation in Minnesota

  2. Historical Highlights 1866 – 1892 Iron ore discovered and exploration begins. 1892 Iron ore shipment Mt Iron 4,245 tons 1953 Largest annual iron ore shipment 75,953,215 tons. 1964 Taconite Amendment to the MN Constitution passed, opening door to large scale expansion. 1969Mineland reclamation law passed. 1977Law passed giving IRRRB responsibility for pre-law mineland reclamation.

  3. 1964 MN Constitution Amendment An act proposing an amendment to the constitution of the state of Minnesota by adding there to a new article prohibiting the amendment, modification, or repeal for a period of 25 years of Laws of Minnesota 1963, Chapter 81, relating to the taxation of taconite and semi-taconite, and facilities for the mining, production and, beneficiation thereof; and to taxes imposed upon or required to be, paid with respect to the mining, production or beneficiation of copper, copper-nickel, and nickel in this state.

  4. 1969 Reclamation LawPeat added in 1983 • 93.44 DECLARATION OF POLICY. • In recognition of the effects of mining upon the environment, it is hereby declared to be the policy of this state to provide for the reclamation of certain lands hereafter subjected to the mining of metallic minerals or peat where such reclamation is necessary, both in the interest of the general welfare and as an exercise of the police power of the state, to control possible adverse environmental effects of mining, to preserve the natural resources, and to encourage the planning of future land utilization, while at the same time promoting the orderly development of mining, the encouragement of good mining practices, and the recognition and identification of the beneficial aspects of mining. • History: • 1969 c 774 s 1; 1983 c 270 s 1

  5. 1977 MN Statute 298.23 • 298.223 TACONITE AREA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION FUND. • A fund called the taconite environmental protection fund is created for the purpose of reclaiming, restoring and enhancing those areasof northeast Minnesota located within the taconite assistance area defined in section 273.1341, that are adversely affected by the environmentally damaging operations involved in mining taconite and iron ore and producing iron ore concentrate and for the purpose of promoting the economic development of northeast Minnesota. The taconite environmental protection fund shall be used for the following purposes: • (2) reclamation, restoration, or reforestation of mine lands not otherwise provided for by state law;

  6. So----------- How do we do it? Reclamation of Abandoned Minelandsin Minnesota

  7. The IRRRB video “Growing with Change” was shown at this point. For information on the video, contact Dan Jordan and his contact information is on the last slide.

  8. THANK YOU QUESTIONS or COMMENTS Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board1003 Discovery Drive Chisholm, MN 55719 218 274-7007FAX (218) 274-7002 Dan.Jordan@state.mn.us Daniel R. Jordan Mining & ReclamationPrograms Supervisor

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