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Sales Organization Today

Sales Organization Today

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Sales Organization Today

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  1. Sales Organization Today Burning Problems and Challenges

  2. MODERN SALES ORGANIZATION Availability of Sales Force Personnel Qualification Sales Personnel Workload – too many things to do Knowledge of Products Errors and Mistakes in Sales Process Sales Force Attrition – people change jobs too often Customer base learning cycle – long and repetitive Customer loyalty - low MOST TYPICAL PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES

  3. COMMON SALES PRACTICES Most organizations can't use CRM/ERP for sales MS Excel is the most widely used quotation tool Sales Pipeline is not visible and hardly manageable Majority of Sales are in back-to-back mode Products Cost information is not available – sales price is guessed An overwhelming number of sales are loss-makers EXCEL HELL


  5. WHAT IS QUOTELLIGENT? An end-to-end B2B (Business-to-Business) eCommerce Platform for the Hi-Tech Distribution and System Integration Companies

  6. What does Quotelligent provide? Extensive Product Management Customer Information Management Online Product Catalog Online Complex Product Configurator Quotation Generation with Cost Estimator and Pipeline Management Customer Portal Document Management Content Management System

  7. Product Management Comprehensive information about: Vendor Suppliers Product Classification Vendor Part Numbers Supplier Part Numbers Purchase Pricing Shipping Weights Volumetric Weights Physical Weights Product Attributes Product Literature Product URLs Product Notes Product Imagery User-defined Product Descriptions Product Alternatives Assembly View Competing Product/Vendor/Supplier Information Product Sales Pipeline Purchase History Sales History Stock Details – Location, Quantity, Landed Cost

  8. Product Management

  9. Product Management

  10. Assembly/Configuration Management Don't sell parts, sell verified solutions: Build Assemblies Classify Assemblies Define Assembly Groups and Subgroups Define Components Set Mandatory Parts Set Minimum and Maximum Quantities Define Look and Feel of the Configuration (Tabs, Virtual Groups, Content Blocks, Images etc) Write Configuration Rules – No Programming! Define Product Attributes as Dynamic Configuration Resources Duplicate Assemblies for Re-use – Time Saver! Finally Define Online Catalog Structure and Publish Assemblies to the Catalog

  11. Assembly/Configuration

  12. Assembly/Configuration

  13. Assembly/Configuration

  14. Assembly/Configuration

  15. Assembly/Configuration

  16. Product Configurator

  17. Product Catalog Show all the products you can offer and supply. Make working with your company easy: Define Catalog Structure Tree, Branches and Sub-branches Define Search Filters for Each Catalog Tree and Branch Publish Existing Simple and Configurable Products to the Catalog

  18. Product Catalog

  19. Product Catalog

  20. Product Catalog

  21. Product Catalog

  22. Product Catalog

  23. Configuration Rules Configurations are Rule Based. Rule Engine Allows: Write Rules Using Human Language Classify Rules Set Rules' Descriptions Set IF Conditions and THEN and ELSE Actions Set Rules' Priority Set Rules' Validity Periods

  24. Configuration Rules IF Conditions: Selected Not Selected Quantity Selected IF Condition Scopes: Item Header Group

  25. Configuration Rules THEN and ELSE Actions: Select Select and Set Quantity Force Select Include Exclude Show Hide Deselect Force Deselect Show Line Message Remove Line Message Information Message Warning Message Error Message Occupy Resource

  26. Configuration Rules

  27. Configuration Rules

  28. Quotation Generation System Make Quoting Fast and Easy. Quotation System Allows: Select Customer Set Applicable Transaction and Currency Set Quotation Validity Dates Set Estimated Close Date Set Price Basis Select Billing and Shipping Addresses Set Quotation Contacts Insert Remarks – Printable and for Internal Use Set Terms and Conditions of the Quotation

  29. Quotation Generation System Continued... Make Quoting Fast and Easy. Quotation System Allows: Select Products and/or Assemblies you are Quoting Add Quotation Items Manually or from Configurator Choose Whether to Factor the Current Stock/Cost in Quotation Modify the Desired Markup Rate QUOTELLIGENT will calculate the total shipping (chargeable) weight even if you are quoting items from multiple suppliers and then calculate and apply (apportion) all expenses incurred in the course of procurement and fulfillment of the sale and come up with the Sales Rate. Your decision will be to adjust the markup.

  30. Quotation Generation System

  31. Quotation Generation System

  32. Quotation Generation System

  33. Quotation Generation System

  34. Quotation Generation System

  35. Quotation Generation System

  36. Quotation Generation System

  37. Quotation Generation System

  38. Quotation Generation System

  39. Quotation Generation System

  40. Deployment Quotelligent is available for: Hosted for you Self-hosted on-premise deployment. Self-hosted collocated deployment

  41. Deployment – Hosted for You Benefits: No investment in hardware No investment in infrastructure No investment in system software licenses High Performance Servers High-speed access Peace of mind – all maintenance is done for you (backup, vulnerability scanning, performance monitoring)

  42. Licensing Licensed on named-user basis Base Price per User User Slab Discounts up to 48% Site licenses available – unlimited users per location or entity Professional Services – Implementation, Support, PMaaS – Product Management as a Service