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Using language

Using language. The Best of Manhattan’s Art Galleries. 1.What do you think the purpose of this text is?. To give people information about various art galleries in New York and to show them where they are. 2.Who do you think the text was written for? Tourists, art gallery visitors.

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Using language

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  1. Using language

  2. The Best of Manhattan’s Art Galleries

  3. 1.What do you think the purpose of this text is? To give people information about various art galleries in New York and to show them where they are. 2.Who do you think the text was written for? Tourists, art gallery visitors. 3.Where might you see such a text? Possibly in a guide book.

  4. Imaginary lines longitude line (经线) the first longitude line ( or prime meridian 本初子午线) was made to pass through Greenwich latitude line (纬线) The first latitude line is the equator.(赤道)All latitude lines are parallel to each other. When you put these two sets of lines together you get a grid system(地图上的坐标方格), which means ships can always find their way using this system.

  5. How to read a grid system (地图上的坐标方格) Avenue 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H (street)

  6. Tell where the places locate : Number 1 ---5th Avenue and 88th Street Number 2 ---5th Avenue and 82nd Street Number 3 ---945 Madison Avenue ( near 75th Street ) 945 Madison Avenue and 74th Street Number 4 ---5th and Madison Avenues 5th Avenue and 70th Street Number 5 ---53rd Street ( between 5th and 6th Avenues )

  7. Fast reading How many galleries are mentioned in this text? What are they? Five. The Frick Collection, Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art.

  8. 2. Match the number on the map with the names of the museums. Page6:Ex1. 3.Complete the chart at Page7 :Ex2 . 2 5 3 4 1 _____________________________________________________________________ Whitney Museum of American Art Contemporary (mainly art by living artists) 945 Madison Avenue (near 75th St

  9. 53rd St(bet- ween 5th and 6th Axenues Late-nineteenth century to 21st century Western counties Metropolitan Museum of Art All over the world 5th Avenue and 82nd Street 5th Avenue and 88th Street Modern (from late 19th century onwards 5th and Madison Avenues Before the twentieth century

  10. Careful reading 1.Read the text again, then do “True or False”: 1. Metropolitan Museum of Art is considered to be the best small art gallery in New York by many art lovers. 2. The largest part of the collection in Guggenh- eim Museum is the impressionist and post- impressionist section. 3. Museum of Modern Art introduces you to ancient ways of living. 4. Museum of Modern Art is often very crowed and its admission price is not cheap. 5. Every three years, the Whitney holds a special exhibition of new art by living artists. ___________ F T __________________ F T ____ F

  11. The Frick Collection Industrialist and art collector Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919) was born in West Overton, Pennsylvania, a rural village settled by Mennonites forty miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Henry Clay Frick and his daughter

  12. Guggenheim Museum

  13. 美大都会博物馆镇馆的中国国宝

  14. 纽 约 现 代 艺 术 博 物 馆 《镜前的女孩》毕加索 《肖像》毕加索 惠特尼美国艺术博物馆新添藏品

  15. 纽约现代艺术博物馆 New York Art Museum

  16. Unit1 Using Language (Points) 1.permanent adj. 永久的;持久的 permanently adv. 永久地 temporary adj. 临时的,不固定 (是 permanent 的 反 义词) • Would you please let me know your • __________________ (固定地址)? • (2) ________________ (一座临时桥梁) will be helpful to our task. • (3) After doing odd jobs for a week, he got a(n)______ position as a postman. • A. entire B .immediate • C. permanent D. timeless permanent address A temporary bridge C

  17. 2. Henry Clay Frick , a rich New Yorker, died in 1919, leaving his house ,…people .(Para.1) Leaving his house … people 是动词 -ing 形式作 结果状语. The typhoon hit the coastal area , leaving many people homeless. 台风袭击了沿海地区,使许多人无家可归. Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year, ____ a record US$57.65 a barrel on April 4. A. to reach B. reaching C. having reached D. to be reaching B

  18. 3.specially adv. especially adv. particularly adv. special adj. 特别地;专门地”多指为一特别目的而做 “尤其”,则重达到异常的程度 特殊地;显著地 特殊的; 专用的;特设的 • It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, ___ you don’t speak the language. • A.extremely B. naturally C. basically D.especially • (2) He made a cake ___ for his little daughter . • A.especially B. specially C.especial D.special • (3) Those T-shirts are usually $35 each ,but today they have a ___ price of $19 in the shopping centre. • A.especially B.special C.specially D.particularly D B B

  19. 4. the way to do sth. 做某事的方式 the way of doing sth. the way that +clause the way in which +clause (1) What surprised me was not what he said but____ he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. the way which D. the way of which A (2) I don’t like ____ you speak to your mother. A. the way of B. the way which C. the way in that D. the way in which D (3)Try to find your own way_________________ 尽量用你自己的语言来表达这个意见. to express the idea

  20. (4) Though he thought he was helping us prepare the dinner, he was only_____. • in the way B. by the way C. in a way • (5)---I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her . • --- ____ . It was her fault. • A. No way B. No chance C. Not at all • (6) Can you tell me the way you think of _____ • the problem? A solving B.solve C.to solve D.being solved A 妨碍的 A 没门儿 C “用这种方法”的表达 ___the way ___this means ____this method ____in this manner by in in with

  21. 5. (1) ----Are you satisfied with his work? • ----- Not a bit . He is _____ fit for his post ___ a pupil fits for headmaster. • more; than B. not more ; than • C. less ;than D. no more ;than • (2)More than one ____ seen the film. • A. student have B. students has • C. stendent has D. stuednts have • (3) We advised for pupils last autumn, and got _____ 60. • A. more than B. as much as C. so many as D no more than 仅仅,和…一样不 C A more than 多于;超过.not more than 不超过,至多 more than one +n. 不止一个;许多.作主语时其名词用单数,谓语动词用单数.

  22. C 6.(1) _____ his age, we considered him_____ a good actor. A. Consider; to be B. Considering; being C. Considering; / D. To consider; being (2)Things here are getting better and better. They are considering _____ back soon. A .to come B.coming C.having coming D. to be (3) Charles Babbage is generally considered ___ the first computer. A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented B C consider sb./sth (to be /as) +adj. /n. 认为某人/物... → sb./sth. be considered to do sth./adj./n. consider sth. 考虑某事 consider doing sth. 考虑做某事

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