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Using Figurative Language Similes PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Figurative Language Similes

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Using Figurative Language Similes

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Using Figurative Language Similes

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  1. Using Figurative LanguageSimiles By: Sherry Woods

  2. What is Figurative Language? • Figurative Language is a writer’s tool. • Whenever you describe something by comparing it to something else, you are using figurative language. • Figurative language helps the reader to visualize (see) what the writer is thinking. • It puts a picture in the reader’s mind.

  3. Using Similes Writers use similes when they want to compare one object or idea to another to suggest they are alike.

  4. What is a Simile? • A simile is a figure of speech used to compare two things. It uses the words “like” or “as” to make comparisons.

  5. A simile says that one thing is like another thing. We can use similes to make our descriptions more vivid. • My hair was like spaghetti after blowing in the wind. • The class was as quiet as a mouse searching for a piece of cheese. • Blood seeped out of the wound like teardrops. • Her tears were as salty as the sea.

  6. Underline the two things being compared in each simile. • The bottle rolled off the table like a teardrop. • The shingles on the roof shook in the storm winds like scared children. • Allie’s cell phone dropped into the swimming pool like a falling star. • He had a temper like a volcano.

  7. Using Similes in Poetry Poets use similes in their poems to make comparisons. These poems are called Simile Poems.

  8. Willow and GingkoEve Merriam The willow is like an etching, Fine-lined against the sky. The ginkgo is like a crude sketch, Hardly worthy to be signed. The willow’s music is like a soprano, Delicate and thin. The ginkgo’s tune is like a chorus With everyone joining in. The willow is sleek as a velvet-nosed calf; The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull. The willow’s branches are like silken thread; The ginkgo’s like stubby rough wool. The willow is like a nymph with streaming hair; Wherever it grows, there is green and gold and fair. The willow dips to the water, Protected and precious, like the king’s favorite daughter. The ginkgo forces its way through gray concrete; Like a city child, it grows up in the street. Thrust against the metal sky, Somehow it survives and even thrives. My eyes feast upon the willow, But my heart goes to the ginkgo.

  9. Birds Chirping non-stop, like a machine in the trees, Building their nest like little worker bees. They sing their songs, like chatter-boxes. As regular as alarm clocks, Waking people up each day. They are silent at night, Like snakes advancing on prey.

  10. My Cat Eyes like a green-yellow crayon, Almost as bright as a ripe orange. My cat rules my heart and my actions. I am as a puppet on strings When he purrs against me Like I am a warm blanket heating him in the cold.