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Health & Wellness PowerPoint Presentation
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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness

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  1. Health & Wellness We must practice excellent self – care in order to be effective at this work. We are the tools of our trade and for any job to be done well, the tools need to be maintained with care.

  2. . Who is responsible for your happiness?

  3. Three Keys to Excellent Self Care Self Awareness Positivity Habits


  5. SELF AWARENESS Self Awareness provides information that allows us to make choices.

  6. Wheel of Life

  7. Self Awareness Body Mind Heart Soul Relationships Environment

  8. Self Awareness Body Scan it Love it Listen to it

  9. Self Awareness Mind Notice it’s activity Question its validity Train it for joy

  10. Self Awareness Heart Know Your Emotions Manage Their Energy Experience Your Life

  11. Self Awareness Soul What makes it worth while for you to be alive? What transcends your life? Where is your high ground?

  12. Self Awareness Relationships Attend to Your Relations, Boundaries, Intentions & Interpretations

  13. Self Awareness Environment Home Sweet Home Where the Heart Roams Beauty All Around

  14. Self Awareness Gives us the information we need about ourselves to make protective choices for ourselves about the toxic material that is ever-present in our work.


  16. Positivity Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity and Thrive By Barbara Fredrickson, PhD Crown Publishing Group 2009

  17. What Positivity Is NOT • Yellow Happy Face • Fake • Tense • Always Sunny • Superficial • Weak

  18. What Positivity Is: Whole Range of Positive Emotions Positive Meanings Optimistic Attitudes Open Mind - Tender Heart Relaxed Body - Soft Facial Expression Aliveness – Creativity - Possibility Stunningly Powerful Heartfelt - Authentic

  19. Distinctions Negativity is narrow, heavy and constricted, sticks to us like glue; it seems “natural” and necessary, asks: “What’s wrong with this picture?” Positivity is a light and fleeting state; it’s a choice that takes cultivation and care in order for it to stick around, asks: “What am I grateful for now?”

  20. Forms Negativity Takes Blame – Defend Stonewall – Contempt Anger – Fear Sadness Guilt – Shame Entitlement Thinking Victim Stance

  21. Forms Positivity Takes JOY GRATITUDE SERENITY

  22. Forms Positivity Takes INTEREST HOPE PRIDE

  23. Forms Positivity Takes AMUSEMENT INSPIRATION AWE

  24. Forms Positivity Takes LOVE

  25. Positivity It Feels Good

  26. Positivity Changes how your mind works

  27. Positivity Transforms Your Future

  28. Positivity Stops Negativity

  29. Positivity A Small Change Has A BIG Impact

  30. Positivity You Can Increase It Right Now

  31. Positivity Makes an Enormous Difference

  32. Positivity Broadens Opens our hearts & minds to be more receptive, creative and resilient

  33. Positivity Builds Transforms us for the better: new skills, relationships, knowledge & ways of being

  34. Positivity Live Longer Live Stronger Live Fully

  35. Positivity Nurtures Resiliency so You Can Bounce Back from Life’s Challenges


  37. Do I have to give up Negativity? THERE IS A MAGICAL RATIO THAT ALLOWS US TO THRIVE

  38. The Ratio of Positivity to Negativity THREE POSITIVE ONE NEGATIVE 3:1 is the magic #

  39. Positivity This 3:1 ratio opens us up to the mystery of life and a willingness to live it fully and flourish

  40. Positivity Positivity is a light and fleeting state, a conscious & intentional choice that takes cultivation and care in order for it to stick around. Positivity asks: “What am I grateful for?” “What’s possible?” “Where’s the gift?”

  41. . HABITS

  42. Habits What is a habit? Why do we have habits? How do they work? What habits protect us from secondary trauma?

  43. . The Power of Habit Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business By Charles Duhigg Random House Publishing, New York 2012

  44. Why do we have habits? A clever energy conservation system our brain uses so that we can focus on what’s important in our world now.

  45. How do habits work? Routine CueReward Anticipation & CRAVING

  46. What is a habit? A routine stored in our basal ganglia (out of our awareness) so we can focus on more important things now AND still get the job done when the cue lets us know it’s time to trigger the routine and get the reward. Cravings make sure it happens on cue.

  47. How do we change a habit? Old cue, old reward, new routine Believe in change Vision and planning Willpower – Small wins Practice, practice, practice Accountability agreements Community support

  48. How do we change a habit? Willingness Responsibility Tenacity Joy

  49. What habits protect us from secondary trauma? • Self Awareness • Positivity Ratio 3:1 • Stop contempt, victim stance & entitlement thinking • Exercise • Make your bed • Weekly food journal • Gratitude journal • Appreciation • Planning ahead • Keystone Habits

  50. What habits protect us from secondary trauma? Forgiveness Accept What Is Let Go Compassoin