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Content Marketing Kickstarter PowerPoint Presentation
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Content Marketing Kickstarter

Content Marketing Kickstarter

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Content Marketing Kickstarter

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  1. Content Marketing Kickstarter Content Strategy & Curation

  2. So Why Are We All Here Today? “Just like search was a decade ago and social was five years ago, content marketing is the next digital media revolution” • Forbes magazine

  3. Sharing Content Is Central To Our Online Behaviour 23%* OF SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGES INCLUDE LINKS TO BRANDED CONTENT *27,000,000 Pieces of content are shared each day *These figures don’t include messages about or related to content – only those that share it THE CONVERSATION AROUND CONTET IS LIKELY A MUCH LARGER PERCENTAGE SOURCE: NM Incite – UK OCT 2010 – Oct 2011

  4. But There’s A Problem

  5. What Content Challenges Do You Face?

  6. Which of these storytelling types are you using? Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part 1 Part 2

  7. Content Curation Is… …the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter

  8. The Value Of Content Creation To Business • Your community doesn’t have to go anywhere else • They spend more time with you • Improves brand identity • You become a trusted expert • Funnels customers or prospects towards conversion • Improves SEO • Curation takes less time (and money) than creation

  9. What Are The Main Objectives Of Content Curation?

  10. Developing Your Content Strategy

  11. Brand’s Need A Purpose • A brand’s definitive position on the unique difference it’s trying to make in the world

  12. Purpose Drives Nike’s Content Strategy Purpose The Insights The Idea The Tactics The Content Strategy • Apps • Web tools • Facebook pages • Community management • Data capture profiling • Personalization • Influencer outreach • Blogs • Moderated forums • Ecommerce integration To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world Getting fit or being successful at sport is about more than buying the right sneakers or apparel People need to be motivated to keep going People like to have feedback about their progress People like tips and information about how to improve Nike can help people achieve their athletic goals Nike will create the platform to manage your performance Nike will motivate you and advise you Nike will provide the platform to connect with other athletic enthusiasts

  13. A content strategy is… • a plan for creating, curating, publishing and managing content • that is • findable, actionable, measurable and shareable • delivering • content that bridges business goals and audience needs

  14. What Does Your Content Strategy Need To Address?

  15. The Content Marketing Matrix Source: Smart Insights


  17. The Content Value Proposition Canvas GAIN CREATORS GAINS CONTENT OFFERING CUSTOMER NEEDS PAINS PAIN RELIEF Adapted under the Creative Commons License by We Are Atmosphere Ltd (UK) from original works at

  18. WORKSHOP: Let’s Develop Your Content Value Proposition ! • Get into groups and start to fill in the right-hand side of Value Proposition Canvas by brainstorming one segment of your audience • Customer Need • What are they trying to do? • What problems are they are trying to solve? • What are the needs they are trying to satisfy? • Pains • What challenges does they face that triggers a need for your product/service? • How does your product/service make the pain go away? • Gains • Describe the benefits your customer expects, desires or would be surprised by

  19. WORKSHOP: Let’s Develop Your Content Value Proposition ! • Now start to fill in the left-hand side • Content Offering • What topics AND types of content would helps them get the job done? • What original/owned contentcould you develop? • What topics or types of content might you curate? • Pains Relief • Describe how your content offering alleviates customer pains • Gain Creators • Describe how your content can create customer gains • How would your content create benefits your customer expects, desires or would be surprised by?

  20. What Attributes Should Your Content Have?

  21. The Curation Process

  22. Delivery • Curation Tools & Platforms

  23. Consumer Social Curation Tools That You Can Use To Curate

  24. Enterprise Content Curation Tools

  25. Workflow

  26. How Do You Get Buy In For Your Curation Strategy? • Upper-Level Management • Keeps them informed about the market • Web/Content Team • Provides a constant stream of topic ideas and keeps them in touch with industry developments. • Statistics on which content is popular with particular audience segments • It reduces the amount of owned content that must be produced • Public Relations and Investor Relations • Makes it easier for the PR team to get coverage • Sales Team • Build deeper relationship with the businesses clients and customers

  27. Content Curation Daily Routine

  28. |Course Title Measurement & Optimisation

  29. Content Metrics

  30. Consumption Metrics

  31. Metrics • Lead Metrics • Form completions & downloads: Through your CRM and URL tracking, how often visitors access gated content is simple to measure • Email subscriptions: Your email provider or CRM tracks how many visitors sign up to receive your emails • Blog subscriptions: You can measure blog subscriptions through services like Feedblitz or your CRM system • Blog comments: A strong comment platform (like Disqus, Livefyre or one built into to your blogging software) helps here • Conversion rate: How often do visitors who consume content become leads? • Sharing Metrics • Likes, shares, tweets, +1s, and pins: Sharing tools typically keep track of these, also Google Analytics • Forwards: Your email provider and Google Analytics can help you track email forwards. • Inbound links: Your blogging software or e.g. OpenSiteExplorer • Sales Metrics • Online sales • Offline sales: Track via unique URLs measured by your analytics program • Manual reporting & anecdotes • Remember: if you’re going to track leads and sales, you have to do something trackable

  32. Curation ROI ((Return – Investment)/Investment))x100) = ROI • Multiply the hours per month needed to curate the content by the hourly pay rate of the employees used to curate it • Multiply the result by the overhead factor • Add in related monthly costs (e.g. curation software costs) • You collect 100 leads/month from the content • At a 10% lead conversion rate, you’ll generate 10 new customers • Assume a £1,000 average lifetime customer value and a 20% average profit margin

  33. Go Forth And Curate… •