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  1. Welcome to Marriage Encounter Fort Canning Lodge Dearest family, God is in your marriage and He wants to bless you and your marriage. Your marriage is divinely ordained by God even before you were born! Marriage Encounter There was no mistake in who you married.  When we don't get along well with our spouse it is because we had inadvertently kept God out of our marriage relationship and we are being selfish.  Instead, let us start anew and let God bring His healing into your marriage.  At the end of this Marriage Encounter you will not only understand your spouse better but God will prepare each one of you to hear and obey His call for you as a couple. We are sharing with all of you here at this Marriage Encounter how God renewed our commitment to each other in 2003 after attending our first Marriage Encounter.  Date Time 24 - 25 May 2013 Venue YWCA @ Fort Canning Lodge $200 (Per couple Non Stay-In) $390 (Per couple Stay-In) Cost We bless each of you richly as you open your hearts to God's leading during this Marriage Encounter. TC and TCT Self Help Counter or Register Closing Date 19 May 2013 Lawrence Khong Nina Khong Senior Pastor, FCBC Senior Pastor, FCBC

  2. Registration Form Husband’s Particulars Information Page for Participants of Marriage Encounter Weekend • English Name _______________________________________________________________________ • Contact Number ___________________________________________________________________________________ • Team Pastor ____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Email Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ • English Name _______________________________________________________________________ • Contact Number ___________________________________________________________________ • Team Pastor __________________________________________________________________________ • Email Address _______________________________________________________________________ • Date of marriage __________________________________________________ • No of Children Boy(s) Girls(s) • BANK, Cheque Number ______________________________________________________________________ • Venue of Seminars: All teachings of the Marriage Encounter Weekend are held at the function room of the hotel. At the end of each day please remove all your belongings from the room. Wife’s Particulars • Meals: Only breakfast and lunch is provided during your stay in the hotel. • Car Park: Free parking is available to all stay-in guests of the hotel. Please check with the reception when you leave the hotel. Special Sessions:Dress code for the special session for the Renewal of Vows: Men : Long-sleeve shirt & tie (bring a jacket if you have one) Ladies : Evening Dress (no pants, please) Remember to have your wedding rings with you and a gift for your spouse during the renewal of vows Marital Status Name-Tags: Please wear your name tags at all times, both during meal times and during the teaching sessions. Payment Method Fees : $200/couple (non-stay) $390/couple (stay-in) Cost: Cost fee covers the meals stated above and use of the function room. The organiser will not be responsible for all other costs incurred during your stay like room service, mini-bar use, IDD calls, laundry, etc. (e.g. DBS 1234567) Hotels Beds:The hotel is unable to ensure that everyone will have a king-size bed in your room. If you are given twin beds, we hope that you will be understanding. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY TC / TCT  Received by (name of CSO) Centre Date Have a great Marriage Encounter with the Lord!