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  1. Plenary Bruno Prépin & Harm Jan van Burg 15 – 17 February 2012 18th UN/CEFACT Plenary Geneva Programme Development Area Sectoral

  2. Sectoral PDADomain Insurance Domain Coordinator Andreas Schultz

  3. Domain Insurance The domain insurance is a joint work between ACORD - USA, and the European eBusiness Expert Group for Insurance (eEG7) with members from BiPRO - Germany, SIVI – The Netherlands, Telebib - Belgium, GS4eB – Germany.

  4. Workplan Projects areplannedfor • Commercial linebusiness(fromsmallcommercialupto large industrial) • Private Claims • Togetherwiththehealthcaredomainforexchangebetweenhealthcare professionals, patientsandhealthinsurancecompanies.

  5. Sectoral PDADomain Travel/Tourism Domain Coordinator Akio Suzuki

  6. Work plan 1) Small scaled Lodging House Reservation Information Process will be finalized (by March 2012) 2) New project proposals will be discussed among the experts. And they will be proposed to be in time for the next forum when they are agreed upon by them. 3) Collaboration with such organizations as OTA, AFACT, other international or national bodies will be well checked and negotiated, if needed, by the experts of the group. 4) Capacity building activity will be considered especially for Asian countries.

  7. Sectoral PDADomain Agriculture Domain Coordinator Frans van Diepen

  8. Information flow IT companies Professional organizations Logistics Transports Banking and insurance companies Analysis labs Research centers Accounting service companies SERVICE PROVIDER Food processing industry Collector & Stockmaker Ag. supplier FARMER Retailer Distributor ADMINISTRATIONS Customs Ministry of Agriculture (central & local) 8

  9. Sector agriculture Domain description: plant and animal production, on land and water animal feed human food raw materials for industry / processing: bio energy, fibers, timber, chemical industry, pharmacy, medical , food industry…

  10. Sector agriculture plant production, animal production, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, dairy industry, meat processing industry, fish, shellfish, sea plant products trade in primary agricultural products and food products, the agricultural processing industry and the supply chain

  11. Objective of standards in agriculture the integrated support of information exchange for all parties involved in the agricultural food business, both governmental and private business.

  12. Objective of standards in agriculture tracking and tracing of agricultural food products basic requirement for food safety phytosanitary issues veterinary issues product safety: production, processing, storage and transport information

  13. SCOPE ANIMAL CROPS eCertification TRANSVERSE • Crop Data Sheet(eDAPLOS) (CCL08A) • Agronomical Observations Report • (CCL11A) • Electronic Data Exchange Proxy (CCL10A) • Electronic Data Interchange for laboratory analysis in agricultural and agri- food fields (in progress) • Cattle Registration Information Exchange(CRIE) – (CCL10A) • Animal Life Record • Fish Traceability (dispatch advise (CCL10A) • eCertMessage (CCL08A) • ImplementationGuide

  14. Existing agri standards e-CERT e-DAPLOS Electronic animal passport Electronic data exchange PROXY To be maintained

  15. In development Livestock live record Agronomical Observations Report e-LAB

  16. near future Invoicing fresh fruits and vegetables and cutflowers (e-trade auction) Agri product and processing information at farm Animal identification Animal production Milk and dairy information