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  1. Charities 2008-2009 Jim Wade DIRECTOR Come Follow Me; Help Us Build Up The Church

  2. Jim Wade,Director David Zwingman,Fundraising Chairman Jack Harvey,Special Olympics Co-Chairman Chic O’Connor,Special Olympics Co-Chairman Lawrence Bierschenk,Education Chairman Phil Leibowitz, Jr.,Cardinal Medeiros & License Plate Chairman Bill Kennedy,Committeeman Boyd Burris,Committeeman Kenneth Beene,Committeeman David Bonham,Committeeman Bill Roegelein,Committeeman YOUR SUPPORTING CAST

  3. “May the holy spirit make you creative in charity, persevering in your commitments, and brave in your initiatives, so that you will be able to offer your contribution to the building up of the civilization of love.” Pope Benedict XVI

  4. WHY ARE YOU HERE?? • You’re a kook!!! • Somebody put a gun to your head. • Your wife threw you out of the house • You volunteered • You’re a leader

  5. My short definition of the Knights of Columbus: We are an organization of Catholic men, who serve others and have fun doing it!!!

  6. K of C License Plate

  7. K of C License Plate True cost of a K of C License plate = $8.00 (about the cost of a 6 pack of Shiner Bock!) Actual payment is $30.00 However… $22.00 goes directly to Infirmed Priests Fund Good News: We have raised $40,000 since 2004 Bad News: Only 700 on the road in Texas… yet we have 89,392 members!!!

  8. K of C License Plate How do we get more support? Add one additional plate per council this will double our current number Be creative:Give one to your Pastor Use as awards for PGK Family of the Year Knight of the Year This is better than a plaque!!

  9. Be a Leader • Be proud to be a Knight • Be proud to be a Catholic • Be proud to proclaim there is a God • Be proud that you are living in: • “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”

  10. The Cardinal Medeiros Fund • Who was Cardinal Medeiros? • Past State Chaplain • Bishop of Brownsville • First Bishop that served in Texas to become a Cardinal

  11. Cardinal Medeiros Fellow Who is a Fellow? A person who is honored through the donation of $1000 Who is eligible? Any Knight or his family member (can be given as a memorial) Not just for high Muckedy Mucks!

  12. Why have the program in the first place? • Funds our education grants of 17 $1000 scholarships per year • Funds $2000 per Diocese for Catholic Schools (each year) • We never spend the principle only the interest • Like a 401k: save for later Your job is to get the word out

  13. In business…“if we have their wallets, then their hearts & minds will follow.” In charity…we need their hearts first, then their wallets will open. Your job is to get their hearts and minds

  14. New Supreme Council Theme Come Follow Me Help Us Build Up The Church

  15. Special Olympics 2008-2009 Jack Harvey STATE CHAIRMAN

  16. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Mission of Special Olympics • Provides year-round training & competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. • More than just sports: • Builds self esteem and confidence • Promotes physical fitness • Provides Joy • Builds Friendships • Texas has 27,610 athletes • 450,000 others with no opportunity to participate

  17. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Camp Shriver Summer Camps in Texas • San Antonio • Austin • Dallas • Houston • 35-40 athletes per camp

  18. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Public awareness Campaign • No longer “mental retardation” • Now “intellectual disabilities”

  19. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Commitment/Rewards • K of C’s commitment is an expression of its belief in the intrinsic worth of every human being! • Be a driving force… • Assist God’s Special People

  20. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Your Diocesan Coordinator is: • Chris Johnson • Phone 806-669-1474 • E-mail • He will provide local event information • Calendar of Events • Competitions and Dates

  21. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • Special Olympics Pins • 10 pins per council have been provided to your Diocesan Deputies • Councils are encouraged to purchase pins and use them as awards for volunteers or individual members can purchase a pin • Make check payable to Texas State Charities (Special Olympics)

  22. SPECIAL OLYMPICS • EcoPhones … Cell Phone Recycling • FREE $$$ … No cost to ship • Set up collection stations • Council Hall • Assemblies • Church • Diocesan Chapter

  23. SPECIAL OLYMPICS Eco Phone Contact Information • E-mail • Phone 888 326 7466 • Web

  24. SPECIAL OLYMPICS GOALS • Fund Raising Opportunities • SHAKE THE CAN (street corner drive) • Torch Run/Walk • Garage Sales • Pancake Breakfast • Hold prior to Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) events • Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics • FREE $$$ from Supreme Council ($9,500 available) • Fill out Special Olympics form

  25. New Supreme Council Theme Come Follow Me Help Us Build Up The Church

  26. Emergency Management and Relief 2008-2009 Bob Sumicek STATE CHAIRMAN Come Follow Me; Help Us Build Up The Church

  27. E M & R

  28. E M & R When disaster strikes…… Will you be ready? Will your Council be ready? Emergency Management & Relief

  29. New Supreme Council Theme Come Follow Me Help Us Build Up The Church

  30. Bishop Zurek thanks you for your support in the past and is relying on your continued support for his Continuing Spirituality Training for Priests and Seminarians Program.

  31. How can you support your Bishop? • Include a line item in your budget that will fully support Bishop Zurek’s program.

  32. Does anyone have? 3 pennies… 2 dimes… 3 quarters, 1 nickel, 3 pennies… $10.00…

  33. Why don’t our Councils give?

  34. Top ten reasons Councils don’t give: #10 “We have a hall to pay for.” The hall should pay for itself.

  35. Top ten reasons Councils don’t give: # 9 “We work too hard for this money to give it to State.” You are supporting your Bishop’s needs, not the State Council.

  36. Top ten reasons Councils don’t give: # 8 “We need this for our own Parish needs.” Your Council is no exception.

  37. Top ten reasons Councils don’t give: # 7 “We don’t get any benefit from contributing to State.” You are not giving to the State, but supporting your Bishop’s needs…this benefits all.

  38. Top 10 reasons Councils don’t give #6 “It is not a requirement for Star Council.” Charity is not about getting something in return … it is from the heart.

  39. Top 10 reasons Councils don’t give #5 “The only reason to give is to get awards.” You don’t do it for the reward, but it is nice to hear “Thank you.”

  40. Top 10 reasons Councils don’t give #4 “We don’t like our Bishops designation and we would rather use our money differently.” The Knights are in solidarity with their Bishops.

  41. Top 10 reasons Councils don’t give #3 “We have too many delinquent members.” Your strong leadership and dedication is needed to build a stronger Council.

  42. Top 10 reasons councils don’t give #2 College and Seminary Councils can’t have fund raisers. • This is were the diocese can come together to make their goal for them. • Your charity pins could go to that council, TODAY

  43. And the number One reason that councils don’t give…….. #1 “We are a poor council.” Your efforts as a leader will make a difference!

  44. What is your job? • Your job is to lead your council to find ways to raise the funds necessary to support all of your programs. • Be creative and innovative.

  45. GOALS 102% Thank you

  46. You are Leaders • Not Dictators

  47. “Faith without works is useless … For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.” James 2:20-26

  48. New Supreme Council Theme Come Follow Me Help Us Build Up The Church