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Charities in Uganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Charities in Uganda

Charities in Uganda

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Charities in Uganda

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  1. Charities in Uganda • Jillian Spicer • Sharon Campos • Stephanie Liebel • Helen Starrs

  2. Living conditions in uganda • Right now, in Uganda, the people living there do no have extreme poverty and civil conflicts. Uganda holds the largest orphan population. Water is unclean and very sparse, disease has stricken the area including AIDS and HIV and food is rarely eaten. • 60% are poor and 30% are VERY poor.

  3. This picture to the right shows the poverty density in uganda. The dark green shows less than 2o people in square km, while the light green show 20-50 people. The tan color represent 50-100 people and thn next color, light brown is showing 100-200. Greater than 200 people is shown by the darkest brown and the gray is no data.

  4. Education in uganda • Currently in Uganda, many people who are looking for any kind of a job are unable to because of their little education. • Getting an education is extremely difficult at these tough times.

  5. Charities • Children of Uganda • Children of Nations Charity • Learning Paper in Uganda • Meeting Point Kampala • Keep a Child Alive • Uganda Water Project

  6. Children of Uganda • Charity that cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda • They provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and life skills • They also provide support to AIDS-related orphans and those at risk, while also promoting awareness of the diseases

  7. Children of Nations Charity • They plan to raise children to transform nations and be productive members of society • They set up homes and provide resources, so Uganda can raise their own children

  8. Learning Paper in Uganda • They plan to improve the education by giving supplied to the primary schools in Uganda • They also hope to improve the drop out rate in the primary schools, so the literacy rate is increased

  9. Meeting Point Kampala • They care and support to more than 2,000 people living with AIDS, give medical support, counsel, visit homes, give food and non-food support, spiritual support, sponsor orphans in schools, have vocation training for girl and boy orphans, give informal education, finance projects for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, create awareness about HIV/AIDS, and give education talk and films

  10. Keep a Child Alive • They help to diagnose HIV and treat the disease • They also help the families with planning, infant diagnosis, and nutrition

  11. Uganda Water Project • They develop small scale water resources in Uganda, so that the people can have clean drinking water • The rain water is run through water tanks to purify it, so that it can be healthily digested

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