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Welcome Avon Canada Sales Leaders Prospecting & Appointing Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Avon Canada Sales Leaders Prospecting & Appointing Training

Welcome Avon Canada Sales Leaders Prospecting & Appointing Training

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Welcome Avon Canada Sales Leaders Prospecting & Appointing Training

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  1. Welcome Avon CanadaSales LeadersProspecting & AppointingTraining

  2. Pearl StewartField Training Manager

  3. Michelle HommesField Sales Trainer

  4. Agenda • PATD Excellence • Creating Your Success Plan • Prospecting • What is Your Conversion Rate? • Appointing • Expect to Earn Your Incentive

  5. The Winning Formula for Success Direct Selling + MLM Direct Selling Selling and Service 2nd Dimension (MLM) Finding others to Sell and Service

  6. LeadershipRemains the path to achieving your goals and dreams today and most importantly your future!

  7. PATD Excellence • P rospect • A ppoint • T rainSales Representatives • D evelopLeadership Representatives

  8. PATD is a Proven Process • Results show us that retention, sales and team growth are higher when a new Representative is taught through PATD • Proven Process is easy to follow and easy to duplicate • Keep it simple – “People can duplicate a process, but not a person”

  9. T D The Process Is Fundamental P A New Recruits to Your Team Leadership President’s Club SEUL Prestige Council UL Honour AUL EUL DHM

  10. Create Your Success Plan • Determine Your Dream • Believe In Your Potential 2. Set Goals and Write Down Your Goals • Make A True Decision – “I will achieve this goal” • Create a Focused Plan • Create A Focused Plan

  11. Create Your Success Plan 3. Believe and Expect to WIN • Believe you will Achieve “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right!” 4. Take Focused Action • Overcome Your Fears • Keep A Positive Perspective – Never Give Up

  12. Create Your Success Plan 5. Lead Your Team • Recognize Boomerang Blessings • Be A Good Leader • Associate with like-minded people

  13. P P A A T T D D Your Roadmap to Success

  14. What is Prospecting & Appointing? • Prospecting is sharing the Avon Earning opportunity, gathering names and contact information. • Appointing is the act of conducting the • Believe Conversation with a prospect to become an • Independent Avon Representative

  15. Why Do We Need to Prospect? • Prospecting is the art of networkingand a way of developing and expanding your business!

  16. P Prospecting Is The Foundationof Your Business • Leads are a necessity • If you don’t talk to enough people you won’t have team growth • Become a ‘Master Prospector’ • by consistent use of the skill everyday

  17. P Do You Multiply Your Efforts? • Don’t do it alone, promote Leadership and train someone on your Team everyday! • You will be more successful with others prospecting with you

  18. P Do You Look Like You Believe it? • Project confidence • Be positive, create excitement • Look the part!

  19. P Do People Know You’re In Business? • Be ready at any time to talk Avon • Ask for referrals • Use the tools, social media, etc.

  20. Prospecting Activities • Invitation Lists • Door to Door • Malls • Parks • Tailgating • Restaurants • Newspapers/telephone • Bulletin Boards • Avon on Locations • Tradeshows • Avon in Your Home Parties • Avon Opportunity Meetings • Social Media • Ballot Boxes

  21. The Power of 3 • Talking to 3 people per day about the earning opportunity with Avon • This generates 15 leads per week, 60 in four weeks, 120 in eight weeks TALKING is the fuel that drives your Business Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, always ask!

  22. What Tools Do You Need? • Brochures • Business Cards • Prospecting flyers • Samples • Agenda • Notebook • Pen • Appointment Kit (C10) • Belief • Enthusiasm • Passion • Great Attitude

  23. How To Identify a Prospecting Opportunity? • Observe  Select your Opportunity • Who do you see as an Opportunity?

  24. The Indirect or Direct Approach? 4 Steps to the Indirect Prospecting Approach • Approach • Compliment • Bridge to Avon • Set Time and Place 4 Steps to the Direct Prospecting Approach • Introduce • Get to know the person • Ask if more information is required • Set Time and Place

  25. Scripts That Yield Results • When asking for a prospects name and contact info... Never Say: Can I have your name & # Instead Say: “Let me take your name and number and I will call in a couple of days to follow up”

  26. Scripts That Yield Results • When approaching a server at a Restaurant... Never Say: Would you like an Avon brochure? Instead Say: “Tell me does anyone leave an Avon brochure here? (If NO) May I ask approximately how many people work here? (probably 15) I would love to spend time with you and explain how you could earn additional income while working here.”

  27. Scripts That Yield Results • “Hi…I am currently developing my own home-based Business. How long has it been since you have seen an Avon brochure?” • “Maybe you can help me. I have a home-based business with Avon and it’s growing so quickly that I am looking for people who are interested in supplementing their income.”

  28. Scripts That Yield Results • “ You are one of the most outgoing people I know. I would love to have you as a business partner. I just need 10 minutes to share something that has really changed my life?”

  29. Scripts That Yield Results • “Thank you for the excellent service, I am always looking for people just like you to join my business…here is my card, with all my contact information, please give me a call when you have a moment, we can discuss it further then.” • “I understand that you may not be interested at this time in an Avon business, however, I always like to ask…whether you may know of someone that may be looking for this type of opportunity…”

  30. The Skill of Generating Leads/Referrals Help people identify potential people… • Looking to start a home-based business • Has just retired • Is new to the neighborhood • Likes to meet people, out-going and friendly • Is a stay-at-home mom • Someone looking to earn $$ and/or supplement their income.

  31. What is Your Conversion Rate? • Conversion rate - # of people you need to speak to before a ‘YES’ • 2 Conversion Rates 1) ? before you book an interview 2) ? Interviews before someone says ‘YES’ to the Avon Opportunity

  32. An objection is really asking for more information

  33. P A T D

  34. A The Purpose of the Believe Conversation • 1. Create a connection with the prospect • Confirm purpose • Share your story • 2. Convert her to a Representative • Benefits of joining Avon • Get her story • Share the Avon Story Find out her goals and dreams

  35. A The Purpose of the Believe Conversation • 3. Build excitement for the new business • Use the tools • Invitation List – the “secret” to success! • Remind her of her goals and dreams • 4. Help her start now!

  36. A The Purpose of the Believe Conversation • 5. Get Her Engaged • Go for Gold Program • 6. Set Goals and Targets • Record campaign goals and confirm next steps

  37. The Avon Success Story… Leadership Bonuses and Commissions from building a strong team Getting to UL in the first 30 days Beauty Sales Earnings from Sales Building a Customer base Engaging in the Go for Gold program +

  38. What is Her First Step? • Go for Gold • Build to Unit

  39. Shopping Incentive?

  40. Make a Plan !

  41. Be the Achieve Level 2 AND EARN AN AVON WANTED TOOL KIT $100 VALUE! Make a Plan !

  42. Set a Team Goal Identify the Entrepreneurs on your Team • Book a Team Leadership Meeting • Train on Various Prospecting Activities • Book a Weekly Follow Up Call Build a Mobilization Calendar towards End Goal • Switch it Up! Schedule variety of Prospecting Events (1-2 per week) • Book field observation to support team members

  43. Frontload your Commission Potential in C8-11 with New Business Sales Potential !!! Build on your 5% potential NOW by growing the number of Representatives you have in your 1st Generation through recruiting in C8-11!