4 sightseeing tips to make your upcoming hong n.
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4 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting

4 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting

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4 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting

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  1. 4 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting In In addi most explo sh arc Ko Al Also, in a different way. additio most p pop explore re its shop arch hitec Kon ng g tr trip ip mor so, you tion n to to bei opu ula lar h its sh oppin itectural bein ng g a a g glob r holid shop ping g f fre ren nz zies, tural la lan nd dm marks more e exc you mu lobal al f fin ina an nc cia ial l h hu ub, b, H Hong ay destin oppi pin ng g stre ies, the arks, , an exci itin must st k kee eep p in in mi ong Ko rnational al to tou urists market ets. s. In In addi rnation nal al to tou urists and d sce ting g an min nd d a a n nu um mber Kon ng g is is al also so one rists vis additio rists al also so lov beau uty. entertain ber of one of of the visit it H Hong leash visit it beaches way ys s mak plannin ng g the of sightseeing tips to explore Hong Kong the wor ong Ko shi in ng g their beaches, , make e your the h holida world ld’ ’s s Kon ng g to to their oliday destination street ets s an the in inte ternatio ations. s. M Man and d n night any y in inte ternation ight mark tion n to to u un nlea love e t to o vis an al alwa by planni scen nic ic bea taini in ng g by ty. Yo You u c can your H Hong advan nc ce. e. ong and d enter oliday y in in adva 1) 1)Pl Plan C an Camping amping Expe Expediti dition ons s H Hong po time are H Hong ong Ko por rt t in in As time at at is isolated area. a. Yo ong Ko Kon ng g is is a a dens Asia ia. . W olated beac You u c can Kon ng g aw densely Wh hil ile e h holida beach hes es whic an eve awa ay y f fro rom ely po olidayi yin ng g in in H Hon which h are even n c cons m the ated u urban ong g Ko are loc ider pitc the c cro rowd. popul pulated rban c center Kon ng g, , you located pitch hi in ng g a a te ten nt t to to explo wd. enter. . B Bu ut t H Hong you c can ated at at a a sh explore re the ong Ko ways ys c cons dista tan nc ce e f fro rom m the the n natu Kon ng g is is al also so a a majo onsider the c cro rowded atural major r ing wded scape of an al alwa shor ort t dis ider spend spending onsider ral la lan nd dscape of

  2. 2)Ride Boats instead of Ferries For tr trip. you boat explo For man ip. Th you sti boat ride explore re sever many y in inte ternat They stil ll l h have ride wi several al art rnation love t to o ride ave op will ll enab arti ist sts s’ ’ vi vill lla ag ges. ional al to tou urists ride S Star option enable le you rists, S , Star tar Fe Ferr rry y t to o explo tion to to explo you to to explo es. tar Fer explore re H Hong ong Ko explore re the Ferry ry is is an an in inseparab ong Ko Kon ng g by the h harbor separable le part Kon ng g i in n a a differ by ridi arbor in in a a mo part of of H Hong different onventional al boats. more re exc ong Ko ent wa boats. Th exciti itin ng g wa Kon ng g ey love way. y. B Bu ut t explore re H Hong ridin ng g c convention The e and d way y an

  3. 3) 3)Obs Observ erve e Artis Artists ts at at W Work ork Despi Yo their loc Despite te bei You u c can their mas local al art bein ng g a a mode an c cons maste terp artis ist ts and modern ider vi visi sitin rpiec s and u un nde rn c city, ting g a a n nu umb es. T Th he e tr trip ip wi derstand ity, H Hong ong Ko mber er of of art will ll al also e cultu Kon ng g is is f famo artis ists so g giv ive e you ltura ral l h her eritag amou us s f for or its ts to to observe you a a c ch han itage of its art artis ists anc ce e to to i in nte terac e of the artis ists ts an ts wor ract t wi and d tail work ki in ng g on with tailor ors. s. onsider ieces. observe art on the th the rstand t th he cu the re reg gio ion n. . 4) 4)Vis Visit it th the e Lo Loc cal al F Fash ashio ion n Mal Malls ls H Hong op mal sh j jewelry ong Ko option mall ls. s. B Bu ut t you shop ewelry an Kon ng g wi tion to to sh will ll sed shop you c can various lo loc cal al f fas ash hion and d s sim sedu uc ce e you op at at man an al alwa you to to u un nlea many y in inte ternat ways ys mak ion mal imi ila lar i leash iona al l stor the tr trip ip dif mall ls. s. Th ade by sh your stores, diff fer erent The e mi by loc your sh es, c commer ent by min ni i sh local al de shop ommerc cia ial l c center by sh shop desi sig gn ner ers. s. oppin ping g f fre ren nz zies. ies. Yo enters, s, an oppin sell desi You u h have and d bi big g at the bag gs s, , s sh hoe ave rnation make e the shop desig gn ner er ba ping g at the mi min ni i oes s, , ops s in in various ops s sell r it tems ems m made