2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System PowerPoint Presentation
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2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System

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2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System
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2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System

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  1. 2013-2014 Weld Re-4 School District Evaluation System

  2. Agenda • Educator Effectiveness (S.B. 191) Overview • Guiding Principles of Model Evaluation System • Framework for System to Evaluate Educators • Educator Rubrics • What is Weld Re-4 doing?

  3. Data should inform decisions, but human judgment will always be an essential component of evaluations. The implementation and evaluation of the system must embody continuous improvement. The purpose of the system is to provide meaningful and credible feedback that improves performance. (It’s about the conversation!) The development and implementation of educator evaluation systems must continue to involve all stakeholders in a collaborative process. (District Accountability Subcommittee opportunity) Educator evaluations must take place within a larger system that is aligned and supportive. Guiding Principles of State Evaluation System

  4. 2. Annual Orientation 1. Training 9. Goal-Setting and Performance Planning 3. Self-Assessment 8. Final Ratings 4. Review of Annual Goals and Performance Plan Educator Evaluation Cycle 7. End-of-Year Review 5. Mid-Year Review 6. Evaluator Assessment

  5. In Certified Handbook – page 6

  6. Teacher Evaluations • Evaluated using: (1) a measure of individually-attributed growth, (2) a measure of collectively-attributed growth; (3) when available, statewide summative assessments; and (4) where applicable, Colorado Growth Model data. Evaluated using: (1) observations; and (2) at least one of the following: student perception measures, peer feedback, parent/guardian feedback, or review of lesson plans/student work samples. May include additional measures. Quality Standards I-V: I. Mastery of content II. Establish learning environment III. Facilitate learning IV. Reflect on practice V. Demonstrate leadership Quality Standard VI: VI. Responsibility for student academic growth

  7. STATE COUNCIL FOR EDUCATOR EFFECTIVENESS Framework for System to Evaluate Teachers Definition of Teacher Effectiveness Quality Standards I. Know Content II. Establish Environment V. Demonstrate Leadership III. Facilitate Learning IV. Reflect on Practice VI. Student Growth 50% Professional Practice Standards50% Student Growth Measures Observations of Other Measures Teaching Aligned with CDE Guidelines Weighting: How Much Does Each Standard Count Towards Overall Performance? State Other Assessments Other Measures Summative for Non-tested Aligned Assessments Areas CDE Guidelines Match of test to teaching assignments Weighting: Scoring Framework: How Do Measures of Quality Standards Result in a Determination of Individual Performance? Performance Standards IneffectivePartially EffectiveEffectiveHighly Effective Appeals Process

  8. PowerPoint Template Students Educators Schools/ Districts

  9. Changed to “Basic” in 13-14 Rating levels Quality Standard Element that aligns with standard Professional Practices

  10. Principal and Teacher Performance Evaluation RatingsAfter CDE develops the state model system and an evaluation scoring matrix, the State Board will adopt definitions for each rating.

  11. Teacher Quality Standards Performance Rating Levels Elements of the Standard Professional Practices = Observable in Classroom Evidence Provided by Artifacts Examples of Artifacts Evaluator Comments Summary of Ratings for the Standard Teacher’s Response to Evaluation

  12. What is Weld Re-4 Doing? • Professional Practices 50% • CDE Evaluations used again 2013-2014 • Updated rubric posted under Staff Resources, Weld Re-4 Staff Resources, Educator Effectiveness • Folders available again for schools • The state will be adopting a free evaluation storage solution this year. We will implement when available. Some schools are choosing to start with Teach Point.

  13. What is Weld Re-4 doing? • Student Learning Outcomes 50% • All staff will receive ratings based on School Performance Frameworks this year • Assessment Approval process is being developed – staff who attended training this summer will be a great resource • Assessments will go through a district process in order to be used for evaluation purposes (more info coming)

  14. Questions? • Overall Process – Amy Heinsma, X8028and District Accountability Members • Specific Evaluation and Deadlines – see your administrator • Feedback or general questions – District Accountability subcommittee members