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SOAP. February 27, 2014 Armstrong Hall of Engineering. SOAP. Presentation Overview. Project Identification/Development Body Team Braking Team Steering Team. SOAP. Project Objectives. To empower kids To provide engaging experience Make car available as a kit. SOAP.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. SOAP February 27, 2014 Armstrong Hall of Engineering SOAP

  2. Presentation Overview • Project Identification/Development • Body Team • Braking Team • Steering Team SOAP

  3. Project Objectives • To empower kids • To provide engaging experience • Make car available as a kit SOAP

  4. Indianapolis Soap Box Derby • Hosts Super Kids Race • http://indianapolissoapboxderby.com/home

  5. Super Kids Race

  6. Specifications SOAP

  7. Survey Results – Customer Priorities SOAP

  8. Survey Results - Cost SOAP

  9. Budget Breakdown • Budget for 2013-2014 year - $1500 • Budget remaining - $822.30 • Current Cost of Prototype - $791.14 • Target cost for car – $1000 • Future Expenses • Front wheel breaks • Rear steering system with override • Rear axle mounting system SOAP

  10. Cost of Prototype

  11. Design Evolution Prototype II & III Prototype I Prototype IV SOAP

  12. Design Process: Where are we? Steering Team Body Team Brake Team SOAP

  13. Team Breakdown SOAP Body Team: Nick F, Lakshya G, Alexandra M. Steering Team: Nick L, Alan G, Pulkit P Brake Team: Jake S, Rachel P, Justin S SOAP

  14. Body Team SOAP

  15. Team Members: • Nicholas Farley (team leader) • Alexandra Milat • Lakshya Gupta

  16. Questions/Comments

  17. Braking Team

  18. Team Members • Jake Schramm - Project Leader • Justin Sohn -Webmaster • Rachel Pauley - Team Liaison

  19. Semester Progress • Determined exact location of brake pedal • Decided to buy new brakes parts as opposed to transferring old ones • Visited Go-Kart and Bike Shops to research new parts • Research prices

  20. Semester Progress • Created Decision Matrix on Emergency Brake System • Traveled to stores • Matching tires on car • Purchased Brake Parts • Started assembling braking system • Planning and collaborating on brake assembly with Steering Team

  21. Gantt Chart

  22. Emergency Brake System

  23. Challenge with Tires • Original tires would not work with our brakes • Two Options • Buy 4 New tires • Purchase 2 new tires for back wheels

  24. Purchased Parts

  25. Purchased Parts

  26. Purchased Parts

  27. Purchased Parts

  28. Brake System Assembly • (Pictures)

  29. Attachment of Brakes on Car • Planning Stage • Collaborated with steering team • Axle • Welding of Parts

  30. End of Semester • Prepare sketches for brake system • Plan on how to apply brakes for next semester • Prepare transitional document

  31. Questions/Comments

  32. Steering Team SOAP

  33. Steering Housing • Calculated the location of the steering housing-14” tall 12” from front • Based off the angle of the steering shaft, location of the front seat and height of the car

  34. Steering Housing • 4x4 piece of wood drilled into the floor of the car • Hood of the car rests on top of the housing • Attached steering wheel to steering shaft

  35. Steering Housing • Drilled hole in the floor for the steering shaft • This allows the shaft to be attached to the linkage on the front axle

  36. Underside of the Body • Consisted of a combination of our original design and a bedframe design • Decided on this after a 6-3-5 brainstorming activity

  37. Underside of the Body • Used 2x2 pieces of wood and L-brackets • Will test deflection with the same test plan that was used on the old underside of the body

  38. Axle Test Step 1: We placed our front axle with the steering linkage fully assembled inside a clamp to support it

  39. Axle Test Step 2: Going by increments of 10 pounds, we slowly added weight to each spindle until the axle started to break

  40. Axle Test Step 3: At 160 pounds the screws on either side of the wood started to rip out of the wood

  41. Solutions • Change axle material • Brackets • Change orientation of U-bracket

  42. Questions/Comments

  43. DFMEA (Separate into Teams) • Steering System – 720/1000 RPN • Improper slip clutch setting • Durability of Brakes – 200/1000 RPN • Must function properly during all day race • Wheels • Axle SOAP

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