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House of travel - Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey 2017

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House of travel - Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey 2017

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  1. Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey 1

  2. Welcome. At House of Travel, we strive to create the best holiday for you at the best value – that’s our service guarantee. We understand everyone has different travel needs and that’s why we love it when you bring your ideas to us because together, with our experience and local knowledge, we can create the perfect holiday at the perfect time for you. We use the same travel sites you do, like Expedia, and many more that you can’t access. Plus, we have direct relationships with airlines and hotels around the world, which gives us extra buying power. We combine this with our expertise and negotiating skills to deliver some of the best deals and bonuses on offer that you might miss if you booked yourself. So, we promise to truly deliver the best of both worlds and that’s our guarantee. We’ve helped create enriching travel experiences for 1.8 million New Zealanders over the last thirty years. We understand that travel isn’t just about the place you go, it’s where that place takes you. The best holiday for you. At the best value. What this means: We’ll combine your ideas with our experience and expertise to deliver you the best holiday possible. What this means: We’re committed to providing the holiday you want at the very best value possible. We promise to utilise all our buying power to search out a great price for your holiday. We’ve got your back 24/7 from the moment you contact us until you’re home again. We know value means different things to different people, so we take the time to understand what’s important to you. We value your feedback on your last HOT holiday, so we can make your next trip even better. The best holidays are created together. Let’s chat. The House of Travel App I Your holiday at your fingertips. Text ‘APP’ to 595 to download (standard text charges apply) or available from the App Store & Google Play. 2

  3. Europe Map ICELAND REYKJAVIK FINLAND NORWAY Bergen SWEDEN SCOTLAND ESTONIA NORTH SEA RUSSIA Goteborg IRELAND DENMARK LATVIA BALTIC SEA LITHUANIA WALES Kaliningrad (RUSSIA) ENGLAND BELARUS NETHERLANDS POLAND ATLANTIC OCEAN GERMANY BELGIUM UKRAINE CZECH REPUBLIC Strasbourg FRANCE SLOVAKIA BAY OF BISCAY AUSTRIA Santiago De Compostela SWITZERLAND MOLDOVA HUNGARY SLOVENIA ROMANIA San Sebastian Venice Oporto CROATIA PORTUGAL BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA BLACK SEA SERBIA ITALY Dubrovnik MONTENEGRO BULGARIA SPAIN KOSOVO Valencia Seville MACEDONIA Istanbul ALBANIA ANKARA Malaga Gibraltar TYRRHENIAN SEA Costa Del Sol MEDITERRANEAN SEA AEGEAN SEA TURKEY GREECE IONIAN SEA The Climate Monthly Average Temperatures in ˚C Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Austria Croatia Czech Republic England France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Netherlands Portugal Scotland Spain Switzerland Turkey -3/2 -4/3 -4/1 2/6 1/6 -1/3 6/13 3/8 2/10 1/5 7/14 1/6 5/13 -2/2 3/8 -2/4 -4/5 -4/2 2/7 1/7 -1/5 7/14 3/8 2/12 0/6 8/15 1/7 5/14 -2/3 2/9 0/2 0/11 0/8 6/12 3/11 2/10 8/16 4/10 5/16 3/9 10/17 2/8 7/16 2/8 3/11 5/14 4/16 2/12 8/14 6/14 4/13 11/20 5/11 8/20 5/12 11/18 3/11 8/17 5/12 7/16 10/20 9/21 7/18 10/17 10/18 8/19 16/25 7/14 12/24 8/16 12/21 6/14 12/20 9/17 12/21 13/22 13/24 11/21 12/20 12/21 12/22 20/30 10/17 15/29 11/19 15/25 9/17 16/24 12/20 16/25 15/25 14/27 12/22 14/22 15/24 14/24 23/33 12/19 17/32 13/21 17/28 11/19 19/27 15/23 18/28 15/25 14/26 12/23 13/21 14/24 13/24 23/33 12/18 17/31 13/21 18/28 11/18 20/28 14/22 19/28 21/12 10/22 9/18 11/19 11/21 11/20 19/29 10/16 15/27 11/18 17/27 8/16 17/26 11/18 16/24 6/14 6/16 6/14 8/14 8/15 6/14 15/24 8/13 11/21 8/14 14/24 6/11 12/21 7/13 13/20 2/7 1/8 0/5 5/10 4/10 2/7 12/19 5/10 6/15 4/9 11/17 3/9 8/17 2/6 9/15 -1/4 -2/4 -2/2 4/7 2/7 0/5 8/15 4/8 3/10 2/7 9/15 2/7 6/14 0/3 5/11 Front Cover: Village of Carvoerio, Algarve, Portugal 3

  4. Singapore Airlines Our partner in the sky Singapore Airlines has taken great care to perfect the details of your experience in the air. You will enjoy the highest standards of quality, service and innovation across all classes. Singapore Airlines operates daily from Auckland and Christchurch to Singapore – one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Following the launch of flights from Wellington in September 2016, it is now the first airline to operate long haul services out of the capital and onto Singapore via Canberra. Singapore Airlines covers more than 60 cities in 34 countries around the world – connecting Singapore to the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Southwest Pacific and Africa. With stately seats, gourmet cuisine and an exceptional level of attention, Singapore Airlines’ First Class brings a whole new level of privilege and luxury to the discerning traveller in you. Business Class provides a perfect balance of professional and personal conveniences, with the spacious leather seat able to be converted into a fully flat bed. Comfort is the top priority in Economy Class; ergonomic seats with maximised leg room and an adjustable headrest offer greater comfort to both first-time and seasoned travellers. On Singapore Airlines you will enjoy cuisine usually found in the best restaurants in all classes of travel. Travellers will savour a gourmet menu of delectable treats thoughtfully created by Singapore Airlines' renowned International Culinary Panel. This is complemented by a wine selection that is hand-picked from across the globe, as well as a range of other beverages. As a KrisFlyer member, you can earn KrisFlyer miles when you fly Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or any of our partner airlines which include member airlines of the Star Alliance network. Your KrisFlyer miles may be redeemed for flights to more than 1000 destinations in over 170 countries, as well as upgrades on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and our world-class partner airlines. Visit krisflyer.com to enrol as a KrisFlyer member for free today. En route, customers will enjoy KrisWorld, Singapore Airlines’ personal inflight entertainment system with up to 1000 entertainment options and Audio-Video on Demand in every seat. Plus, become a member of KrisFlyer, Singapore Airlines’ free to join frequent flyer programme, where you can redeem miles earned for flights or upgrades. When you fly with Singapore Airlines on your next trip you can enjoy Boarding Pass Privileges; with your Singapore Airlines or SilkAir boarding pass, you can take advantage of dining, shopping, lifestyle and transport offers at participating outlets in Singapore within a month of your date of travel. With one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world and a network that spans six continents, you can look forward to experiencing the romance of travel, wherever you choose to go. Sit back and relax in the comfort of extra spacious seats and enjoy the world class service of Singapore Airlines at prices that offer exceptional value. Visit singaporeair.com If you’re stopping over in Singapore, enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of Singapore with a Singapore Stopover Holiday. Inclusive of accommodation, return airport transfers and admission into major attractions, it's a great way to explore the Garden City en route to your final destination.

  5. Contents Cruise & Stay Holidays General Information 1 Island Hopping Accommodation Ratings The Cyclades Spain & Portugal Map Greek Islands Galore Greece & Turkey Map 6 Tips for your Mediterranean Holiday Experience Turkey 34 What’s your style? Istanbul Map, Accommodation & Sightseeing Experience Spain 8 Gulet Cruises Spain Madrid Introduction & Highlights Turkey Tours Madrid Map, Accommodation & Sightseeing Take to the Road 40 Barcelona Introduction & Highlights Barcelona Map & Accommodation Touring by Rental Car Barcelona Sightseeing Explore Northern Spain Andalucia Highlights, Accommodation & Sightseeing Portugal Highlights Valencia Highlights & Accommodation Touring Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey 44 Northern Spain Highlights & Accommodation Take a Tour Spain Tours Kos, Greece Norwegian Cruise Line Experience Portugal 20 Take to the Tracks Lisbon & Porto Introduction & Highlights Lisbon & Porto Accommodation Portugal Tours Experience Greece 24 Athens Introduction & Highlights Athens Map & Accommodation Athens Sightseeing & Touring Pena Palace, Portugal Greek Islands Introduction & Highlights General Information Accommodation Ratings To assist with the selection of your accommodation we have created our own rating system allowing you to compare each property. These are personal ratings offered by our people from their own experience and should therefore be used as a guide only. These ratings may alter throughout the year due to a change of circumstances. A standard level of accommodation with a limited range of rooms and facilities. Rooms are clean and comfortable with basic furnishings. Moderate accommodation with a reasonable range of rooms and facilities, with rooms furnished to a comfortable standard. Superior standard of accommodation with a wide range of rooms and facilities, and a higher standard of service. First Class accommodation with an excellent range of facilities and services. Accommodation in this rating is considered among the best in the country. When selecting your accommodation please note that the overall quality of properties in the UK & Europe is generally lower than equivalent priced properties in other countries, particularly in the lower ratings. In general the room sizes are quite small and can vary, even within one property. Child Policy: Please note bedding configuration varies between properties and in some cases with different room types within a property. Some hotels also offer family bonuses and specials. Your travel consultant will help you choose the hotel to best suits you and your family’s needs. Price Indicator: The price is provided as a guide only. The actual price may differ to that indicated in this brochure due to currency fluctuations, special events, trade shows or peak periods. Your travel consultant will quote you the actual price at the time of booking. Pricing is based in New Zealand dollars. 5

  6. SWITZERLAND BAY OF BISCAY Spain & Portugal Map ITALY Santiago de Compostela FRANCE Gijon Santander ASTURIAS Bilbao GALCIA Pontevedra CANTABRIA San Sebastian BASQUE COUNTRY Vitoria Vigo Ourense Pamploma VIANA DO CATSELO Leon ATLANTIC OCEAN NAVARRA CASTILLA Y LEON LA RIOJA BRAGA VILA Valladolid REAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA BRAGANCA Oporto PORTO Huesca CORSICA Girona VISEU Zaragoza AVEIRO Salamanca CATALONIA ARAGON GUARDA MADRID Barcelona COIMBRA MADRID PORTUGAL Fatima Castelo Branco Cuenca Toledo LEIRIA Sintra Caceres SANTAREM Castelo de Vide PORTALEGRE SPAIN VALENCIA EXTREMADURA Badajoz LISBON SARDINIA CASTILLA - LA MANCHA Valencia Evora Mallorca Palma Albacete SETUBAL EVORA Balearic Islands Ibiza BEJA MURCIA Cordoba Alicante Huelva FARO Seville ANDALUCIA Lagos Murcia Faro Cartagena Granada Cadiz Malaga Costa Del Sol Almeria TUNISIA Gibraltar ALGERIA MOROCCO Greece & Turkey Map BULGARIA MACEDONIA BLACK SEA Istanbul THRACE NORTHERN GREECE Thessaloniki ALBANIA BLACK SEA Gallipoli Patmos MARMARA Bursa Lemnos ITALY Meteora Troy THESSALY NORTH AEGEAN ISLANDS Corfu GREECE Assos EPIRUS ANKARA Skiathos Skopelos Lesbos TURKEY IONIAN SEA Cappadocia (Goreme) Skiros AEGEAN SEA CENTRAL GREECE Lefkada Evia AEGEAN IONIAN ISLANDS Delphi Izmir MEDITERRANEAN SEA Pamukkale Chios CENTRAL ANATOLIA Ephesus Kefalonia ATHENS Andros Kusadasi Konya Samos Olympia Zakynthos Nafplion Kea PELOPONNESE Mykonos CYCLADES Bodrum MEDITERRANEAN Paros Patmos Naxos Marmaris Fethiye Antalya Kos Ios Milos Symi Santorini Rhodes Kythira MEDITERRANEAN SEA Karpathos MEDITERRANEAN SEA Chania Larnaca Heraklion CRETE CYPRUS 6

  7. F O R S H O P P I N G L O V E R S C A S T E L L A N A S T O R E M A D R I D / D I A G O N A L S T O R E B A R C E L O N A E XC L U S I V E C O U R T E S I E S : + TAX REFUND 10% REWARD For non-resident foreign visitors. Check in Store for other restrictions 7

  8. 6 TIPS for your Mediterranean Holiday From tapas to pintxos and mezze Music and dance Siesta time Having consumed all that delicious food, dined with friends, and with dancing and partying expected by nightfall, it’s little wonder the Mediterranean people need a siesta. European dining is a social affair. Devouring what Kiwis would refer to as shared plates, they are traditionally known as tapas and mezze and are designed to encourage conversation. Second only to eating, Europeans love to dance! By nature, the locals are both passionate and energetic, resulting in gregarious street parties. These short power naps originated in Spain but are also common in Italy and Greece. They’re often taken in the early afternoon, typically after a lengthy lunch. Most businesses will close for a couple of hours, with families returning home to share a full meal together before taking an afternoon kip. This is partly due to the scorching mid- afternoon sun, which can get too hot for conducive work. By 4pm, businesses are ready to re-open and will often stay open well into the evening, when the nights, although balmy, are more agreeable. Flamenco’s home is Seville, in the heart of Andalucia, while next door, in Portugal, Fado music can be heard wafting through the narrow lanes of Barrio Alto’s old town. It mostly tells of heartbreak, but its melancholic notes are particularly stirring. Zorba, Greek belly dancing, can be found in both Greece and Turkey. This former folk dance is a mixture of fast and slow movements, with beguiling costumes and manoeuvres. In Greece the locals will encourage you to partake, whereas in Turkey, where the style is a little more elaborate, it’s a dance best left to the experts! Tapas is essentially a variety of hot and cold dishes, best described as finger foods that are shared between diners. This could be while sitting at a sophisticated restaurant, or more commonly, while hunched over a bijou bar with friends. Similarly, pintxos (literally translates as thorns or spikes) is so-called because the bite-size foods are eaten with a cocktail stick; the shape of which indicates the price, and when you’re full, you simply pay by the number of skewers you’re left with. Mezze, albeit Turkish, is similar to Spanish tapas, with plenty of olives, feta, falafel, hummus and heavenly dips. 8

  9. Feisty festivals Art and design Get amongst the markets It’s no secret that the Spaniards love to party. In Istanbul, you can peruse one of the oldest covered markets in the world, the infamous Grand Bazaar; a labyrinth of 60 streets and 5000 shops. Look out for one of the four main gates situated at the ends of its two major streets, otherwise you’ll get stuck inside for a decade. When it comes to creativity, the Spaniards never play it safe. Whether you find it whacky or extraordinary, the works of Dalí, Picasso and of course, Antoni Gaudí are forever fascinating. La Tomatina festival is the world’s largest tomato fight. Occurring annually and on the last Wednesday in August, the little town of Buñol plays host to a gigantic food fight. In recent years participant numbers have been capped, so book early to avoid disappointment. Visit Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia for a moment of sheer astonishment, or Parc Güell for equally impressive works on a smaller scale. Art lovers should weave both Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and Valencia’s The City of Arts & Sciences into their agenda. In Barcelona, look out for La Boqueria. A market for foodies, it’s crammed with butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers; loud sellers and even louder buyers; those cooking for a few, and those cooking for a few hundred; La Boqueria provides many Catalan restauranteurs with their produce. For those with nerves of steel, the Running of the Bulls is held 7 July through the streets of Pamplona, and the Las Fallas Fire Festival, held in Valencia every March, encourages the neighbourhoods to build towering statues stuffed with fireworks. These statues (or ninots) can take months to construct, and then, once placed in strategic positions across the city, are set off every night across four consecutive evenings. For architecture, Greece and Turkey steal the show - with archaeological treasures littering every city, town and village. For touristy items, Greece’s Monastiraki Flea Market sells everything. Visit on a Sunday when the locals go, but get out before 11am - before the crowds become suffocating. While in Portugal, marvel at the Azulejos (Portuguese ceramic tiles), they might not be very well known, but they adorn Portugal’s charming townships, and they are quite simply beautiful. 9

  10. What’s your style? Kiwis love to travel. We pride ourselves on our friendly, outgoing nature and when we travel, we like nothing better than striking up a conversation with the locals – it’s how we really connect with a destination. It’s often hard to do this when you’re staying in a hotel. That’s why we’re such big fans of more unique, boutique- style accommodation options. This style of accommodation is great if you like to get off the beaten track – there are hundreds of properties in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey to choose from, ranging from luxurious villas, and Paradores and Pousadas set in historical buildings in stunning locations. Hotel Traditional and serviced, if you want a truly relaxed break where everything is done for you, booking a hotel is the way to go. Serviced daily, you’ll return to a lovely clean bathroom, fluffy towels, a made bed and possibly a chocky on your pillow. Some hotels are well facilitated with a restaurant, bar, pool or gym, and because there’s such a huge variety of price and standards/star-rating, it’s important to search out the right hotel to suit your needs. Apartment If you’re looking for greater independence, apartments are fully equipped with facilities such as kitchen and laundry and more space. They’re usually located in the heart of the neighbourhood so you can choose to eat out at local restaurants or visit the market for some fresh produce before a relaxing night in. Perfect for longer stays but also ideal for families and groups of friends who want a little extra privacy. 10

  11. Villas Press pause and catch your breath as you take the time to appreciate the simpler things in life by renting a villa in Spain or Portugal. These types of holidays are great for people who like to take each day as it comes; staying put for a week or two at a time and living like a local. Reconnect with family and friends, as you nibble on tapas beside your pool, and let languid afternoons melt into lazy evenings over a bottle of Rioja. Visit charming markets and meander from sight to sight, exploring nearby towns and beaches. Paradores If you are looking for an authentic experience with lots of charm and character, you cannot go past a stay in a Spanish Parador. History swirls around you in these traditionally styled hotels set in buildings like a former convent, a 14th century Moorish fortress or a restored palace. Many buildings classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites and are set in spectacular locations. For this unique immersion in the local region, book early as these are well sought after. Pousadas A stay in a Portuguese Pousada allows you to sample some of the exquisite building designs that this melting pot of cultures has to offer. You will get an unparalleled insight into the local culture and cuisine staying in historical centres within centuries-old castle walls that encircle a village, or perhaps a monastery that retains many authentic features. Many of these properties are UNESCO World Heritage sites and have a limited number of rooms, so we recommend booking early. 11

  12. Experience Spain Amention of Spain conjures up vivid colour, stirring music, passionate people, a history both glorious and tumultuous, and a fusion of ancient and new. About 500 years ago Spain was a world power and the home port of famed explorers such as Columbus and Cortés. Before that, for 800 years, Spain was ruled by the Muslim Moors. These events have left an indelible mark on Spain – glorious cathedrals and castles built on great wealth, and the stunning Islamic architecture left behind by the Moors in Andalucia. Fast Facts Country Name: Spain Population: 47.7 million Capital: Madrid Currency: Euros Time Zone: 11 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) For today’s travellers Spain offers the cosmopolitan delights of cities such as the capital Madrid, extroverted Barcelona; and the fabled trio of Andalucian cities – Córdoba, Seville and Granada – with their palaces, mosques and gardens. Regional pride is immensely strong – in the north immerse yourself in the distinctive cultures of the Basque, the Pyrenees and the Catalan regions. Electricity: Current is 220V Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor Festivals and Events 2017 It’s a vast land; slow down, choose a few destinations and follow the Spanish way – revel in the sunshine and relish their art treasures, then siesta to save your energy for evenings, cruise the tapas bars and be drawn into the flamenco. 02 Feb La Candelaria, Madrid 15-19 Mar Las Fallas Festival, Valencia 21-24 Apr Moros y Cristianos Festival, Alicante 02-07 May Feria de Abril, Seville 29 Jun The Wine Battle, Haro 06-14 Jul Running of the Bulls, Pamplona 30 Aug La Tomatina (tomato fight), Buñol 24 Sep La Mercé (parade), Barcelona 12

  13. Madrid Madrid, Spain’s already beautiful, feisty capital is being further invigorated, the aim being a cosmopolitan centre to rival the world’s best. The development is not all bricks and mortar – Madrid is now officially one of the “greenest” cities in Europe, with flowers, fountains and trees springing up everywhere. What is unchangeable however, is Madrid’s cultural heritage: the Prado Museum houses one of the world’s greatest art collections, including masterpieces by Velasquez and Goya. The medieval Plaza Mayor is the place to be seen in the evening, order sangria and watch the passing parade. Browse in El Rastro, a flea market bursting with intriguing bric-a-brac. Save up energy for the evening though, because this is when Madrid comes alive. Our favourite things to see and do Prado Museum –For art lovers. Home to some of Spain’s most famous artists like Goya, Dalí and Gaudí as well as some of the world’s best like Picasso. The Royal Palace – The Royal Family spend very little time there so it’s almost always open for you to wander through many of the rooms and banquet halls which are extremely lavish. Retiro Park –Used to be the Royal Gardens and definitely worth wandering through or stopping for a picnic. There are many street musicians and performers, sidewalk painters, fortune tellers and jugglers to entertain you. Plaza Mayor –It’s a wonderful big square which looks its best at night. It is full of cafés; sit and watch the world pass you by. Shopping –Try Gran Via and Calle de Serrano for great shopping. El Corte Ingles, the Spanish department store chain, sell everything and the best sale time is May-July. Or stroll down Calle de Serrano for some excellent shoe shopping. Paseo de Recoletos & Atocha –Wander down the Paseo de Recoletos to the Atocha train station and see some wonderful fountains, cafés and sculptures. The Rastro Flea Market –It’s a popular visit on a Sunday morning. It is also open on Saturday, which is generally quieter, and you never know what you are going to find. Just keep an eye out for pickpockets. Flamenco –For a truly memorable experience book the dinner and show at Torres Bermejas. The dancers are passionate and you can’t help but be swept up in their emotional performance. Plaza de Santa Ana –A great place to start out the night. The bars and clubs in and around the Plaza are popular with tourists and locals and really warm up around 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 13

  14. Paseode EduardoDato Calle de Vallehermoso Calle de Juan Bravo CalledeSanBernardo De Los Ángeles Paseo de la Castellana CalledeSanta Engracia AC Santo Mauro Calle de José Ortega Y Gasset Ntra. Sra. del Buen Sucseso TuneldePrincesa Calle de Almagro Centro Cultural Conde Duque Calle de Sagasta Calle delaPrincesa Callede Génova Calle de San Mateo Museo Municipal Calle de Goya PlazadeColón Madrid Map, Accommodation & Sightsteeing Plaza de España Calle de Velázquez Biblioteca Nacional Teatro María Guerrero Paseo de Recoletos CalledelaLuna Calle deFuencarral Calle de Alcalá Calle Gran Vía Calle deLeganitos Calle de Serrano Calle de Recoletos Calle de Hortaleza Cuesta de San Vicente Calle de Prim CalledeBarquillo Palacio del Senado AvenidadeMenéndez Pelayo Callede LasInfantas Calle GranVía Capitol 4 Jardines de Sabatini Casa de América Puerta de Alcalá CalledelaSalud Fuente de la Cibeles Teatro Cine Real Cinema Jardines Cabo Noval Plaza de Oriente Jardines de Lepanto CalledelaMontera Edificio Metrópolis Calle de Alcalá 1 Palacio de Comunicaciones Calle deAlfonsoXii Banco de España Palacio Real Calledela Aduana Círculo de Bellas Artes Teatro Real Museo Naval CalledeVergara 2 Teatro Alcazar Palacio de Gaviria Estanque Del Retiro Bolsa de Comercio Puerta del Sol Palacio de Congresos Calle de Bailén Teatro Mayor Museo Thyssen Bornemisza Obelisco Héroes del Dos de Mayo Calle deCarretas Teatro Reina Victoria Fuente Del Retiro Museo del Ejército Ritz Madrid Plaza Mayor CalledelPrado Museo Casa de Lope de Vega Plaza de Santa Ana 3 Casón del Buen Retiro Palacio de Velázquez Ayuntamiento de Madrid Fuente de Neptuno Palace Palacio de Uceda Teatro Español Museo del Prado Catedral de Las Fuerzas Armadas Lago Del Palacio De Cristal Palacio de Cristal Calle delLeon Casa de Galicia Calle de Atocha PlazadeLasCortes Paseo del Prado Calle de Las Huertas CalledelaColegiata San Isidro Calle de Espalter Colegiata de CalledeMoratin Museo de San Isidro Parque del Retiro CalledeDonPedro Jardín Botánico Atocha Teatro Pavón Real Basílica de San Francisco GranVíadeSanFrancisco Ministerio de Agricultura Paseo Imperial Museo Nacional de Antropología Ronda de Atocha Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo Paseo de Pontones Calle de Méndez Álvaro 1 2 3 Vincci Soho Hotel Il Castillas Hotel Regina Paseo deLasAcacias Location location location: it’s just as important for your hotel as it is for your home! And this location really is brilliant; on a quiet street off Gran Via literally in the heart of the city, shops galore on the doorstep, a 5 minute walk to Puerta del Sol and only a few minutes more to Plaza Mayor. Situated in one of the best locations on Alcalá Street, leading directly down to Puerta del Sol Square. Recently renovated, it is the perfect place to stay. Eat out in one of the many restaurants within walking distance, or dine in the Amayra Restaurant specialising in Mediterranean cooking with a modern touch. Just a stone’s throw from Puerta del Sol square which bustles with street performers, flea markets and local traders – it’s a great place to visit. Make sure you check out the vibrant Plaza de Santa Ana. With traditional pubs and amazing tapas bars in and around the wee lanes off the square, it’s always a great place to start the night. 4 Hotel Hospes Puerta de Alcala Madrid Hop On Hop Off Tour Best of Toledo Well located in an enviable position close to the Alcala Gate, Plaza de Cibeles, Parque del Retiro and not far from the museums. It’s boutique in its style and set in a 19th century home. It’s trendy with its own personality, combining elegance and architecture in keeping with the avant-garde building. In summertime, be sure to try a street side spot at the award-winning ‘Independencia Restaurant’. Get to really know this city inside and out. Sit back and relax as you pass by all the famous sights like the Royal Palace, Gran Via, Prado Museum and El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (home of Real Madrid). If you see something that you like, simply hop off and explore. A true melting pot of cultures: Christians, Jews and Muslims have all left their mark on this beautiful medieval city. Check out the serene convent church of San Juan, the chains of the Christian slaves, the remarkable Transito Synagogue and walk the winding cobbled streets. 14

  15. Barcelona Freddie Mercury put it this way: Barcelona, Like a Jewel in the Sun. It was a song entirely suited to a city that inspires passion and immense flights of imagination. Stand beneath the incomparable Sagrada Familia, the church that extraordinary architect Antoni Gaudí began working on in 1882 and remains a work in progress. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, rejoices in Art Nouveau architecture too but there are also Gothic masterpieces. Wander the Cathedral cloisters in the footsteps of the Knights of the Golden Fleece. Stroll La Rambla – an 18th century thoroughfare of flowers, trees, cafés, street artists and markets. Barcelona comes into its own at night – bars, clubs and restaurants range from the chic to the Bohemian. Our favourite things to see and do Sagrada Familia –This giant stunning Basilica, one of Gaudí’s greatest creations, started in 1882, is unfinished and has been under construction ever since. Las Ramblas –A wide avenue running 1.2 kilometres north from the waterfront. Famous for its street stalls where you can buy everything from lottery tickets to jewellery. Alive with buskers, living statues, mimes and the itinerant. Gothic Quarter –The nucleus of old Barcelona. It’s a maze of interconnecting streets linking squares. Lots of cafés and bars as well as home to Barcelona Cathedral. Park Güell –A Mr Güell commissioned Gaudí to build this magical park for local aristocracy with its amazing buildings, sculptures and tile work. It’s fantastic to wander around, you’ll need half a day but it is worth it. Montjuic –This is a hill overlooking Barcelona and you can take the funicular up to the top. Why not go for a swim in the 1992 Olympic Games pool. It has some of the most stunning views overlooking the city. The Waterfront –Before the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona cleaned up its waterfront area, tearing down old warehouses and buildings, replacing them with a fun esplanade and marina area which is a great spot for cycling or walking by day and dining by night. La Pedrera –Another Gaudí masterpiece – a combined apartment and office block which looks like it should be at Disneyland. You can tour the building and go up onto the roof. There is also a small museum dedicated to Gaudí’s work. La Font Màgica –In front of the Palau Nacional and not to be missed. You must go when it is dark for the best effect, it’s amazing and best of all it’s free. You can get a great view of the Palace, which is also illuminated at night. La Boqueria –Don’t miss the La Boqueria, one of Europe’s oldest food markets, crammed with seafood, fruit, vegetables and sweet treats. It’s best to visit the market early in the day to avoid the bustling crowds. 15

  16. Carrer de Còrsega Plaça de Gaudí PlaçadelesGlòries Torre Agbar Casa Vicens Plaça de la Sagrada Família Passeig de Sant Joan Travessera de Gràcia Carrer de Sardenya Via Augusta Carrerdel Doctor Fleming CarrerdeBuenaventura Muñoz PasseigdeSant Joan Bosco Barcelona Map & Accommodation Carrer d'Aribau Carrer de Roger de Llúria Sagrada Familia Jardins de la Vil.la Amèlia Passeig de Pujades Parc Güell CarrerdePau Claris 4 Carrer de Muntaner Casa Batlló Rambla de Catalunya 2 Rondade Sant Pere Ronda del Mig Avinguda de Sarrià Passeig de Gràcia Arc de Triomf Carrer de París Carrer deTrafalgar Carrer de Mallorca Carrer de València Carrer de Balmes l'Illa Carrer de Provença 5 Diagonal Avingudade Josep Tarradellas Carrer de Fontanella Museu d'Art Modern Passeig dePicasso Palau de la Música Catalana GranViade lesCortsCatalanes Ronda de Sant Antoni Carrer de Numància Plaça de Catalunya Jardins de Jaume Vicens I Vives Carrerdela Princesa Parc de la Ciutadella Carrerdel Comte d'Urgell Arts Via Laietana Carrer de Pelai Carrer dels Tallers 1 Carrer de Villarroel Gran ViadeCarlesIII LaRambla Carrer del Doctor Aiguader Església de Santa Maria del Mar Estació de França Catedral de Barcelona Carrerd'Aragó Avinguda de Roma Ajuntament de Barcelona Mercat de la Boqueria Passeigd'IsabelII Carrer del Carme Rambladel Raval Travessera de les Corts Carrer de Sepúlveda Museu d'Història de Catalunya Gran Teatre del Liceu Carrer de Rocafort PasseigdeSantAntoni Carrer D'entença Avingudade Madrid Sants Station Carrer del Comte Borrell Carrer de Galileu Carrer de Tarragona CarrerNou dela Rambla 6 LaRambla Parc de Joan Miró Carrer d'Arizala Ronda deSantPau Imax Port Vell Parc de l'Espanya Industrial 3 Cristòfor Colom Ronda del Mig Carrer dela Creu Coberta Maremàgnum AvingudadelParal.lel Fira de Barcelona- Recinte Montjuïc Parc de les Tres Xemeneies Carrer del Moianés Barcelona/Estació Marítima MolldeSantBertran Carrer de Lleida Fira de Barcelona- Recinte Montjuïc Carrer d'Anníbal World Font Màgica de Montjuïc Trade Centre Fira de Barcelona- Recinte Montjuïc Montjuïc Fundació Joan Miró Poble Espanyol Palau Nacional de Montjuïc AvingudadeL'estadi Passeig de la Zona Franca Carrer d'Amadeu Torner Parc de l'Alhambra Castell de Montjuïc Port de Barcelona 1 2 3 Hotel Atlantis Hotel Barcelona Center Hotel Espana This little stunner is just a block away from Catalunya Square, Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. Making your way through the maze of narrow streets and the throng of the crowds can sometimes be hard work. It’s nice to know that just a block away from all this revelry is the relative calm of the Atlantis. Step out the door of your 19th century hotel, just metres away from the bustle of Las Ramblas, the heart of Barcelona. After a day of sightseeing head back to your hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool which has breath-taking views of the city, before treating yourself to the local cuisine in the renowned Fonda Espana restaurant. Perfectly positioned in the Eixample district, its many side streets are filled with busy residents going about their lives, so it’s in a great spot to immerse yourselves in all things Catalan. A 20 minute stroll will have you in and amongst all the top tourist locations like the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas. 4 5 6 Hotel Olivia Balmes Grandom Suites Apartments Citadines Las Ramblas Set in the heart of the Eixample district and just a stone’s throw from two of the most cosmopolitan avenues, Passeig de Gràcia and Ramblas de Catalunya, it’s the perfect spot from which to explore. The hotel is modern and stylishly decorated with heaps of natural light. You’ll love being able to relax here at the fantastic rooftop pool, in the courtyard or at the contemporary restaurant and bar. This apartment building is located just a few minutes walk from Passeig de Gràcia, Las Ramblas and many other tourist attractions, monuments and beaches. It offers a high standard of accommodation in two bedroom apartments suitable for up to six people, which makes this option perfect for families. Located on the famous and vibrant Las Ramblas, full of restaurants and bars - you couldn’t find a better location! Within easy reach to Plaça Catalunya and the historic old town, this recently refurbished aparthotel features self-catering studios and one bedroom apartments. 16

  17. Barcelona Sightseeing The Best of Gaudí Tour Art and architecture are to Barcelona what fish is to chips: they’re both good individually but put them together and you might just have perfection. Modernista buildings need to be seen to be believed, while Gothic buildings try to trick you with grim facades. Barcelona Bus Turistic You’ll definitely find this the best way to get the lay of the land, and due to the frequency, it’s the only transport you’ll need all day. It’s the easiest way to absorb some history and tick off the city highlights in one go before you head back to the areas that really took your fancy. Spanish Cooking Class A definite highlight when travelling is experiencing the local food and drink. Expand your memories by discovering the secrets of Spanish traditional cuisine. Learn how to cook authentic typical dishes then reproduce them for your family and friends when you get back home. Skip The Line Sagrada Familia Explore La Sagrada Familia on a 1.5 hour skip-the-line tour. With a knowledgeable local guide, head straight past the long entrance lines to learn all about the UNESCO-listed cathedral and its charismatic creator, Antoni Gaudí. Visit the museum to see its gorgeous artifacts. Barcelona Card This is worth every Euro: it’s packed full of free tickets and discounts to different attractions, museums, leisure facilities, nightclubs, shops, restaurants and entertainment across the city. You also never need to pay for any bus or Metro ride with this baby. 17

  18. Andalucia The strum of a guitar, the clack of a flamenco dancer’s feet, a waft of orange blossom on a Mediterranean breeze. Andalucia, encircled by mountains and sea, is one of Spain’s most beguiling regions. If its beaches are not enough of a temptation, Andalucia has three World Heritage cities and a culture that resonates with passion and energy. Flamenco was born here, as was the guitar (and Antonio Banderas). Seville is its large vibrant city, perhaps most famous for the Alcázar. Tapas bar-hopping is a favourite pastime. The second of the “Big Three”, Córdoba, claims a pearl of Moorish architecture, the Mezquita, and in Granada, Andalucia’s Islamic heritage reaches a pinnacle with the stunning Alhambra Palace fortress. Plaza de España Our favourite things to see and do Alcazar –Is home to the King of Spain when visiting Seville, and features a castle with delightful gardens designed with ponds, fountains, plants and a Moorish bathhouse. Most of the Moorish part dates from the 14th century. Tapas – These are more than just snacks in Andalucia. The word literally means a lid and was thought to have come from the habit of having a few nibbles with a drink and then placing a saucer of tapas on top of the glass to keep the flies out. Eating one or two tapas with a glass of sherry or wine will enhance the taste experience! Flamenco Dance – Experience the passion, romance and vibrant colours of this mesmerising dance. Join in with the locals, snap your fingers, stamp your feet and immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of Flamenco. Mezquita – The chief monument of Córdoba is the Mezquita (cathedral-mosque) dating back to the 10th century. Today the mosque can be visited throughout the year. Sandy Beaches – Heading to the beach is the single most popular recreational activity for locals and tourists alike with over 800 kilometres of coastline. Sunbathing is generally from late May, when the Chiringuitos ‘beach bars’ start to open, until late September. Malaga –Visit the Picasso Museum here in Malaga where the famous artist was born. Marvel at his works and be sure to allow ample time for exploring, especially in high season when there can be queues. Alhambra Palace Fortress – Located in the Province of Granada. It was constructed in the mid 14th century, built for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and its court of the Nasrid. Be sure to witness the stunning architecture. Gutierrez Colosia Sherry Winery – Discover the essence of the Sherry Wine by visiting Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia one of the oldest wineries of El Puerto de Santa Maria and enjoy a tasting of six different delicious types of Sherry Wines. Seville in One Day – Marvel at UNESCO World Heritage listed attractions of Royal Alcazar Palace and Seville Cathedral. Visit the Royal Maestranza Bullring and Museum, Plaza de Espana, Santa Cruz Quarter, and enjoy a river cruise. 18

  19. Seville, Córdoba & Granada Accommodation & Sightseeing Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, Seville Hotel Córdoba Center, Córdoba Hotel Alhambra Palace, Granada Sometimes where you stay can be just as amazing as the sights you came to see. This is definitely one of these places. It’s a very traditional 18th century white Sevillian guest house with an internal courtyard lined with leafy orange trees. At breakfast try the traditional ‘tostados’ – the tomatoes are absolutely exquisite. Set in Córdoba’s “Golden Block”, next to the train station with easy access to the historic quarter. The Mosque is a short walk away and there are many popular cafés and restaurants in the area. The hotel has an elegant Mediterranean restaurant, a café, relaxing piano bar and a 7th floor seasonal pool with city views. It’s set above the town with spectacular panoramic views and just a 15 minute stroll down to the Alhambra Palace itself. Built in 1910, this hotel is full of tradition, elegance and charm. It resembles a Moorish fortress and the public areas, which are very spacious retain all of the original décor. Be sure to enjoy drinks or dinner on the gorgeous open- air terrace overlooking the city. Granada – Alhambra and Generalife Tour Seville Hop On Hop Off Tour Córdoba Walking Tour On a hot Seville day, why walk when you can ride? This is such a fun way to get around this twisty city. You can explore the old ‘gitanos’ quarter, the Museum of Fine Arts, the old medieval Jewish quarter or the cathedral – look for the weathervane on top, it’s the symbol of this city. The Alhambra has an amazing past. You’ll see its heavy stone walls and ramparts that made up its original use as a military base. Hidden behind them, discover the intricate Moorish designs that transformed this forbidding fort into a royal residence and court. This old town is best seen on foot. You’ll enjoy a pleasant half day stroll through the medieval city streets stopping at all the major monuments. The Mezquita Alcázar and the Synagogue are just some of the attractions you will encounter along the way. 19

  20. Valencia Often overlooked in favour of Barcelona, Valencia is a rich cocktail of impressive architecture, lively streets and nightlife, with a refreshing lack of tourists. Here, you can drink horchata (a traditional drink made from tiger nuts, sugar and crushed ice) and eat paella – Valencia is Spain’s rice-growing centre, and paella was invented here. A wander through the old quarter reveals a Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance heritage. To slow down to the laid-back pace of this seaside town, visit the sandy beach where in late June the year’s longest day is marked by fireworks, street parties and bonfires on the beach. Our favourite things to see and do The City of Arts and Sciences – An entertainment-based cultural complex that is modern and architecturally designed. Being highly interactive, it provides an endless capacity to entertain and simulate the mind, as you get to know different aspects of science, technology, nature and art. Valencia Hop On Hop Off Tour –See the many sights of this city in your own time with a 24-hour hop on hop off bus ticket with English commentary. From Plaza de la Reina - the heart of the city – to the new City of Arts and Sciences complex in the south, see all the major sights. Valencia Bike Tour –Take a 3 hour guided bike tour of the sights including the Old City and the Turia Gardens, a former river bed converted into lush gardens. Paella Cooking Class –Learn how to make Valencia’s signature dish with a hands-on paella cooking lesson in a traditional farmhouse. A Spanish chef will show you the secrets behind this famous rice and seafood dish in a surrounding landscape of orange trees and rice paddies. Tapas Tour – Meander through narrow streets and admire Valencia’s architecture as you learn about the city’s history and culture from your guide, stopping at three tapas bars to sample classic Spanish tapas and refresh with beer, wine or vermouth. Food Walking Tour – Follow a food-loving guide through a movable feast including jamón, horchata, artisan chocolates, tapas and Spanish wine. Our favourite places to stay: • Hotel Valencia Center • Hotel Vincci Lys • The Westin Valencia Sunset Cruise – Enjoy an alternative perspective of Valencia’s skyline while sipping a glass of sparkling wine. Admire secluded beaches and the dramatic silhouette of Mt Penagolosa as the sun begins to sink into the sea. Disembark at Playa de las Arenas beach to enjoy a traditional Spanish meal of tapas and paella. Image 20

  21. Northern Spain Spain’s north-western corner, pounded by the Atlantic Ocean and separated from France by the ramparts of the Pyrenees, is off the beaten track. During medieval times the town of Santiago de Compostela and its cathedral attracted throngs of pilgrims, drawn to the tomb of St James the Apostle, which even today is regarded as the third most important Christian site after Rome and Jerusalem. This region, including the capital of San Sebastián, 2016 City of Culture, is the gateway to the Basque country. Many Basques still speak their Euskara language, and La Rioja is a landscape of vineyards and its very famous Rioja wines. Bilbao is home to the Guggenheim Museum, a fascinating building, housing a 20th century art collection including works by Picasso and Warhol. Our favourite things to see and do San Sebastián Food Tour – Accompanied by an expert gastronomical guide, discover the history behind the miniature morsels known as pintxos and local delicacies like spider crab while sipping fine Basque wines and locally brewed beers. Way of St James Hiking Tour from San Sebastián – Walk along the medieval Christian pilgrimage trails around Ulia Mountain and admire breath-taking coastal scenery. Gain insight into the area from your guide, enjoy a boat ride around Pasaia San Pedro and taste delicious Spanish specialties in Santiago Square. San Sebastián Cycling Tour –Ride through the diverse sections of beautiful San Sebastián on a 2.5-hour bike tour to learn about the city’s rich and layered history from your local guide. Pass beaches, villas, the river, modern shops and the Royal Palace for a great overview and orientation of the city. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao –Take a guided tour led by an art expert through one of the world’s most respected museums to see the architecture and artworks inside as you discover and share along the way. Finisterre Day Trip from Santiago de Compostela –Travel along the Costa da Morte, the Coast of Death, on this day tour that combines breath-taking landscapes, visits to authentic fishing villages and the castle of Vimianzo, and local gastronomy. Along the way learn about the history and culture of the Galician regions. Our favourite places to stay: Salamanca Walking Tour –Hear about the city’s impressive history as you visit the oldest University in Europe, and sightseeing places such as Cathedral Museum, Medieval Towers, House of Shells, Old Market, Saina Palace and Mill Museum. • Hotel Compostela, Santiago de Compostela • Hotel Miro, Bilbao • NH Salamanca Palacio de Castellanes • Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastián La Rioja Wine Cellar Visit and Tasting –Visit the bodegas (wine cellars) and have a relaxing walk through the vineyards learning about the wine-making process. 21

  22. Spain Tours Camino del Norte – San Sebastián to Bilbao 8 days/7 nights Camino de Santiago – Sarria to Santiago de Compostela 8 days/7 nights In the Footsteps of Dalí 8 days/7 nights The Northern Route is a beautiful walk along the Cantabrian Sea coastline. Lining the route are charming fishing villages, beautiful seaside resorts, the rugged peaks of the Picos de Europa and classic towns, rich in art and history. Cross the Spanish/French border, pass rocky coves, craggy headlands and rugged cliffs while the sea sparkles below. The coast and its fishing villages have long attracted artists, among them Dalí, Picasso and Matisse. Follow the final route of the “French Way”. Enter woodland, follow paths lined with stone walls, and dirt tracks running through farmlands and hamlets, and wander the green undulating landscape of Galicia. Day 1: San Sebastián This seaside city is a renowned foodies paradise. Stroll down the Playa de la Concha and try some of the best pintxos in Spain. Day 1: Cadaquès Transfer from Girona Airport or Barcelona train station to the delightful white washed seaside town of Cadaquès. Try fresh seafood with a bottle of chilled Catalan white wine. Day 1: Sarria Make your own way to Sarria. Day 2: Sarria – Portomarín (24km) Walk through the pretty villages of Lavendeira and Ferrios, under the shade of oak trees, along quiet country roads. Day 2: San Sebastián – Getaria (25km) Leave the Bay of Biscay and follow the coastline along grassy fields, past the Roman Church of San Martin de Tours and ancient whaling villages. Arrive in Getaria perched on a rock above a small harbour. Day 2: Cadaquès Enjoy a circuit walk to Dalí’s house in Port Lligat, over the hill or take the coastal track which Dalí must have walked numerous times gaining inspiration. Day 3: Portomarín – Palace do Rei (24km) Cross the River Minho and continue uphill past Gonzar and the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Castromaior. From Sierra de Ligonde gradually descend through villages. Day 3: Getaria – Deba (18km) Follow the coast on a quiet rural road, then take a small path into farmland. Stop at the church of Santa Maria la Real, then through the village of Juan Sebastián Elcano before descending to a coastal retreat. Day 3: Cadaquès – Roses – Cadaquès Visit Roses then head along the coastal trail passing secluded beaches and coves. Cut inland through hillsides with tiers of olive groves. Day 4: Palace do Rei – Melide (14km) Continue on rural trails to the village of Coto, and over the medieval Furelos bridge to Melide. In the markets, try the local specialty of Octopus, commonly known as “Pulpo a la Plancha”. Day 4: Cadaquès – Port de la Selva Through the Cap de Creus National Park, follow a deeply rural path with views of the Catalan countryside. Arrive at El Port de la Selva, an area with outstanding scenery. Day 4: Deba – Markina (23km) Leave the coast for more mountainous landscapes. Cross a river, climb into dense vegetation and pass through delightful villages. Day 5: Melide – Arzùa (14km) Cross several streams and follow a forest track to the village of Boente with its church of Santiago. Day 5: Port de la Selva – Llançà Ascend to Sant Pere de Rodes dating back to the first century AD and recognised as one of the most important monasteries in Spain. Walk up to the ruins of Castle Sant Salvador for a breath-taking view. Day 5: Markina – Gernika (25km) Follow a country lane, cross a river, then climb to the medieval monastery of Zenarruza. Continue up through woodland to the top of Gontzegarai then descend to a river and the historic town of Gernika. Day 6: Arzùa – Rua (19km) Walk up and down small hills, through an agricultural landscape, past woods, sleepy villages and along streams. Day 7: Rua – Santiago de Compostela (21km) On the quiet country road of the pilgrims’ path, stop in Lavacolla where traditionally pilgrims washed themselves in the river before reaching Santiago de Compostela. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage site’s architecture and experience the wonderful atmosphere in this spiritual and cultural mecca. Day 6: Llançà – Banyuls Train to Portbou to continue walking north enjoying fabulous views of mountains and sea. Cross the border into France and stop in the French seaside town of Banyuls, once a fishing village, now producing exceptional wines. Day 6: Gernika – Lezama (21km) Pass Santa Luzia Zallo before a steep climb. Follow a cobbled path to the village of Morga then descend along scenic tracks and roads. Day 7: Lezama – Bilbao (14km) Cross farmland, then climb Mount Avril for views of Bilbao and the valley. In Bilbao, visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Begon, Place de Unamuno and the Guggenheim Museum. Day 7: Banyuls – Collioure Walk along quiet lanes and cliff-top paths. Wind through vineyards to reach the French coastal town, dominated by a castle and fort. Day 8: Santiago de Compostela Arrangements end after breakfast. Day 8: Bilbao Arrangements end after breakfast. Day 8: Collioure Arrangements end after breakfast. Departures: Daily Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, infopack with maps, walking notes and general information for self-guided walk, luggage transfers, local 24 hour emergency contact Price Guide From: $1356 Departures: Daily (Apr-Nov) Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 1 dinner, transfers as specified, infopack with maps, walking notes and general information for self-guided walk, luggage transfers, local 24 hour emergency contact Price Guide From: $1510 Departures: Daily Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, infopack with maps, walking notes and general information for self-guided walk, luggage transfers, local 24 hour emergency contact Price Guide From: $945 WW WW WW The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share based on low season travel. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date 22

  23. Spain Tours Basque Country Highlights 6 days/5 nights Treasures of Spain 7 days/6 nights Island Hopping 7 days/6 nights The Basque Country is an autonomous community in northern Spain. It has strong cultural traditions and celebrated cuisine. The region boasts 14 Michelin star restaurants; more than anywhere else in Spain. Experience Spain’s alluring capital before reaching Andalucia. Here it is all about the laid back culture. Marvel at the Moorish architecture, get lost in the wee lanes of the ancient towns and enjoy the amazing tapas bars. Palma Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Spend 3 days exploring this Mediterranean paradise. Live it up for 3 nights on Ibiza, famous for its lively nightlife and unspoilt countryside. Day 1: Barcelona Spend your day exploring Barcelona and its highlights. See Gaudí’s work which is scattered throughout the city. Head to Parc Güell for one of the best views of the city. Day 1: Madrid The day is free to relax and explore your surroundings. Day 1: Barcelona – Palma Mallorca Fly to Palma Mallorca and explore the ornate La Seu, Mallorca’s Gothic cathedral. Day 2: Madrid – Toledo – Madrid Enjoy a tour of Madrid. Highlights include the magnificent fountains of Neptune and Cibeles, the Alcala Gate, the impressive Plaza de España and the spectacular Royal Palace. Travel to Toledo to walk along its narrow streets, see the cathedral and visit St Tome Church. Day 2: Palma Mallorca Get a glimpse of Mallorca’s Arabic past with a wander through the old city. Day 2: Barcelona – Bilbao Travel to Bilbao home of the Guggenheim Museum. The museum houses modern and contemporary works from prominent artists from all over the world. Why not spend your afternoon exploring this great museum? Day 3: Palma Mallorca Take a break from the beach and explore the charming Hinterland with its olive, carob and almond groves. Day 4: Palma Mallorca – Ibiza Ferry to Ibiza and transfer to your hotel in Playa d’en Bossa, about 10 minutes from Ibiza Town. Enjoy the beaches, ocean views and spectacular sunsets at your leisure. Day 3: Bilbao Today you will learn to make pintxos, the Basque version of tapas. Day 3: Madrid – Granada Depart for Granada, driving through “La Mancha”, the vast central plains and the largest wine growing region in Spain. Stop at a cellar and sample wine tasting with tapas. Day 4: Bilbao – San Sebastián Head to San Sebastián, maybe enjoy dinner in one of the world-renowned restaurants. Day 5: Ibiza Try out some watersport activities or take a boat out to the nature reserves of es Vedra and es Vedranell. Day 4: Granada – Seville Enjoy a guided tour to the Alhambra, the best example of the sophisticated Royal life in the Nazari Islamic kingdom. Wander through the Generalife Gardens with its many fountains. Day 5: San Sebastián – Barcelona Take the opportunity to see what you didn’t get to see the first time you were in Barcelona Day 6: Ibiza Enjoy a stroll through the old fishing quarter of La Marina or visit the World Heritage site of Dalt Villa. Day 6: Barcelona Tour ends. Day 5: Seville Visit the stunning Gothic Cathedral and walk up the Giralda Tower for superb views. Explore the maze of alleys and small squares in the Santa Cruz Quarter. Take part in an introductory flamenco lesson. Day 7: Ibiza Tour ends after breakfast. Day 6: Seville – Cordoba – Madrid Explore the town of Cordoba with its gorgeous Mezquita and amazing Moorish architecture. Wander through the Jewish Quarter with its narrow streets, before leaving for Madrid. Day 7: Madrid Tour ends after breakfast. Note: Ask us about adding La Rioja to your tour. Departures: Daily (Jan-Oct, unescorted) Inclusions: 5 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, private car transfer airport to hotel in Barcelona, train and bus tickets between cities, a Pintxos Cooking Class Price Guide From: $1205 Departures: Sunday (Apr-Nov) Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 3 dinners, porterage, English speaking tour escort/driver, private coach, sightseeing with local guide and entrance fees Price Guide From: $1603 Departures: Daily (May-Sep, unescorted) Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, private car transfers hotel to airport in Barcelona, airport to hotel to port in Palma, port to hotel to airport in Ibiza, flight Barcelona to Palma, ferry Palma to Ibiza Price Guide From: $1726 The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share based on low season travel. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date 23

  24. Experience Portugal The Portuguese were once famed for their seafaring and trading, so perhaps they have a natural affinity with travellers, even though for decades they were somewhat neglected by visitors to Europe. That is changing now, and for good reason, as people discover the distinctive culture and landscapes of olives, almonds, cork trees, vineyards, windmills and unspoilt villages. Fast Facts Country Name: Portugal Population: 10.6 million Capital: Lisbon In Lisbon, its capital, take time to wander through the narrow streets of Bairro Alto or Alfama. Beyond Lisbon lies Sintra, known as one of Portugal’s most beautiful towns, with its Moorish palace, crumbling villas with wrought-iron balconies festooned with flowering vines, and verdant forests. Currency: Euro Time Zone: 11 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 220V Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor There are also kilometres of beaches (the most famous of which are along the Algarve and Costa do Sol), medieval monasteries and hills dotted with castles and wild flowers. Braga, with its Baroque churches, is known as the Rome of Portugal. To the north is Porto, on the River Douro, where the country’s most famous export, port wine, is stored in warehouses known as lodges before it is dispatched all around the world. Take a cruise along the river or visit a tiny fishing village along the coast. Fresh fish, especially sardines, are a staple of Portuguese cuisine, along with olive oil. Festivals and Events 2017 19 Mar Lisbon Half Marathon 30 Mar-09 Apr Lisbon Fish & Flavours 08-16 Apr Semana Santa (Holy Week), Braga 01 May Sines Leg of the Tall Ships Races 13 May Fatima Pilgrimage 100th anniversary 23 Jun Festa de Sao Joao do Porto 29 Jun St Peter’s Day parade, Evora 24

  25. Lisbon & Porto The views from the ramparts of the Castle of St George are among the best on offer in a city where spectacular views are practically a dime a dozen. You may prefer to scale the 28-metre Monument to Christ to look back across the Tagus River at the city, or the Discoveries Monument for a bird’s eye view of Belem. Lisbon’s World Heritage listed sites pay tribute to its seafaring past: Belem Tower was a starting point for many of the Voyages of Discovery from the 16th century onwards, and Jeronimo’s Monastery contains countless motifs of explorations. Stroll through the streets of Porto and feel the pulse of this exciting city. Take a cruise on a rabelo on the Douro River and admire the vineyard-clad hills. The Douro Valley is a World Heritage listed region famous for its port wine production. Our favourite things to see and do The Bairro Alto – The cobbled twisting lanes of this working class quarter date back to the 16th century. This area has been the city’s bohemian haunt of artists and writers. Behind colourful façades are a variety of restaurants and tourist-packed Fado Houses, and the nightlife is vibrant. Alfama – Time has stood still here, washing hangs out to dry from balconies, caged birds are brought outside for some air, and in the evenings the strains of Fado waft out from cafés. The maze of alleys and streets are carved into the hillside. Pasties de Nata – These Portuguese vanilla cakes are the most famous, delicious and best kept secrets in Portugal. Fado – This music is melancholic and the essence of Portugal. Fado means fate, and its songs tell of heartbreak and longing. Castle of St George – Climb the hill or take the tram to visit this castle right on top of the tallest of Lisbon’s seven hills for spectacular views over the city and countryside. The oldest parts date back to the 6th century and inside the walls are promenades, gardens, houses and a church. Riverside Dining at Doca de Alcantara – Right under the River Tagus Bridge, these old barns once used for boating equipment have been converted into magnificent restaurants and bars. After dinner, take a romantic walk by the river. Porto City Tour with Six Bridges Cruise – Journey through this historic environment and visit a Port Wine Cellar with wine tasting. Enjoy the famous ‘6 Bridges Cruise’ on the Douro River to admire the landscape from the water and the bridges that connect Porto and Gaia. Douro Valley Wine Tour from Porto – Visit two stunning wineries nestled into the valley, each with sweeping views. Learn about the vast array of varietals grown and fermented here, and enjoy a traditional 3-course lunch. 25

  26. Lisbon & Porto Accommodation Hotel Miraparque Heritage Avenida Liberdade Heritage AS Janelas Verdes Overlooking the Eduardo VII Park in a quiet area of Lisbon, you’ll enjoy its peaceful green surroundings. It’s a short walk to the Marquês De Pombal subway station then it’s only about 5 minutes to the old town with its fantastic squares. This gorgeous 18th century townhouse is set in Lisbon’s historic city centre and on the main avenue - Avenida Liberdade. Redesigned by Portuguese architect Miguel Câncio Martins, but still keeping as many original elements of the building as possible. A great bonus for Kiwis is the 24 hour tea and coffee station located in the lobby. In English it’s called ‘Green Windows’. This charming hotel has a welcoming atmosphere, a great terrace and fantastic views of the Tagus River. It’s located next to the National Art Museum in a quiet area about 20 minutes walk into town. Grande Hotel do Porto HF Fenix Porto Pestana Porto Set in the centre of the commercial part of the city, within easy walking distance to all of the main attractions. Rooms are contemporary in design and public areas traditional, with lots of character. Relax in the Wellness Room by having a Hot Stone Massage or a regenerative Tui Na Massage after a day of exploring. Located near Avenida da Boavista, close by to the main shopping areas and an easy walk down to the Old Town and waterfront. A modern hotel with stylish décor throughout. Mercado do Bom Sucesso is just across the road - this former food market has been refurbished and now offers a huge variety of restaurants and shops. Located in the heart of the historic Old Town on the banks of the Douro River. Set in a number of 16th-18th century buildings that have been World Heritage listed by UNESCO. Many rooms overlook the waterfront and its location makes it possible to cruise down the river, take the historic tram to Foz do Douro or visit one of the Port wine cellars. 26

  27. Portugal Tours Heritage and Coastal Trail – Lisbon to Sintra 8 days/7 nights Southern Portugal 4 days/3 nights Porto and Douro Valley 8 days/7 nights This region is known for its open plains, cotton fields and beautiful beaches along the Algarve Coast. You’ll visit typical Portuguese villages and the World Heritage site of Évora. Experience Porto and the Douro Valley, with its fertile hills striped with green vines, silver olive trees, painted long boats that ply the river, and the region’s tiny, untouched villages of white houses with red roofs. Explore the architectural heritage and lush landscapes on this walk through the Sintra- Cascais Natural Park, easily accessible from Lisbon and filled with colourful castles, palaces and monasteries dating from the 13th century. Day 1: Lisbon – Évora Travel through a landscape of olive trees, cork oak trees and vineyards before wandering through the narrow streets and white washed houses of historic Évora. Day 1: Porto Explore this UNESCO World Heritage site, set on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Douro River. Day 1: Cascais Wander through the delightful old town and along the marina before lingering to eat alfresco in a local fish restaurant. Day 2: Porto – Pinhão Enjoy a train ride along the impressively engineered railway of 26 tunnels and 30 bridges which cling to the sliver of land between the River Douro and the steep slopes. Day 2: Cascais – Guincho Beach. Walk to Azóla (9km) Your walk begins in the golden beach town of Guincho, over beach dunes, boardwalks and following the rugged coastline to reach the São Saturnino Convent. Day 2: Évora – Beja – Silves – Lagos Enter the Algarve through fields of orange trees. You’ll arrive in Silves, the renowned town dominated by its red sandstone castle. Day 3: Lagos – Ponta da Piedade – Sagres – Cabo de São Vicente – Lagos Travel along the cliffs to Cabo São Vicente, the most south western point of Europe. Then the cosmopolitan town of Lagos awaits where you can taste delicious Algarve dishes such as the fish and shellfish cooked in a copper pan (cataplana) – never forgetting the fine sweets such as the famous marzipans or almond and fig cakes. Day 3: Pinhão – Sabrosa (13km) Absorb the spectacular scenery of the Alto Douro wine region, whilst you walk the hilly slopes and through beautiful villages. Day 3: Azóla Inland Loop (10km) Today’s circuit walk takes you into the Sintra Hills or the ‘Moon Hills’ to one of the highest points in the area with stunning views where you’ll find the hill-top chapel at Peninha. Day 4: Sabrosa – Alijó (13km) Today’s walk will follow a trail through vineyards down to the River Pinhão before crossing an ancient bridge to Favaios village. Stay in a local winery with views over the vineyard terraces. Day 4: Walk to Colares (13km) Walk the coast to reach Cape Roca. Continue over the cliffs winding down to the wild and beautiful beach of Ursa. After lunch, turn inland through a forest and traditional village. Day 4: Lagos – Setúbal – Serra da Arrábida – Lisbon Say farewell to the Algarve. The return trip will take you by the city of Setúbal, a major port town on the north bank of the Sado Estuary. Then cross the Arrábida Mountain Range before travelling over the Tejo River to arrive back in Lisbon. Day 5: Alijó – Vale Mendiz (16.5km) After walking back into the vineyard town of Favaios you will visit Enoteca Douro– Quinta da Avessada, an interactive museum commemorating the history and culture of wine in the region. Day 5: Colares (15km) Do a circuit walk into the heart of the Sintra forest and hills to visit the remarkable Capuchos Convent. Squeeze through the warren of cells, chapels, kitchens and caverns where the monks lived a simple life. Day 6: Vale Mendiz – Pinhão (8km) Walk back to Pinhão via a different route with stunning views over the Douro. Day 6: Walk to Sintra (13km) Follow forest trails in the Sintra hills until you reach the impressive Monserrate Palace. Explore the ornate house and extensive gardens. Continue to the town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Day 7: River Douro Cruise – Porto Enjoy a peaceful day cruise down the Douro River past thousands of tiers of vine-lined terraces and small settlements on the sloping hillside. Day 7: Sintra Inland Loop (9km) Explore the scenic hills above Sintra village, passing by castles and palaces including the amazing Moorish Castle and the Pena Palace. Day 8: Porto Tour ends after breakfast. Day 8: Sintra Tour ends after breakfast. Departures: Saturdays (Jan-Dec) Departures: Daily (Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov) Departures: Daily (Apr-Oct) Inclusions: 3 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, transportation, tour guide & selected entrance fees Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, welcome briefing, day cruise, detailed route maps for self-guided walk, local support person, luggage transfers, Porto Airport transfers Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, welcome briefing, detailed route maps for self-guided walk, local support person, luggage transfers, arrival transfer Lisbon Airport, transfer to Sintra to Lisbon Price Guide From: $1049 Price Guide From: $1925 Price Guide From: $1946 WW WW The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 27

  28. Experience Greece Adip in azure seas, a sip of pungent ouzo and a trip back in time to oracles and gods – Greece is the very essence of the alluring Mediterranean world. With civilizations, heritage and history dating back thousands of years, Greece offers visitors breath-taking ancient sites such as the magnificent Acropolis in Athens and iconic Olympia. Also a vibrant modern nation with a dynamic population that loves to dance and sing – just a few minutes in a Greek taverna can be ample evidence of that! There are many mainland treasures from the spectacular Meteora monasteries and mythical Delphi. Fast Facts Country Name: Greece Population: 11 million Capital: Athens Currency: Euro Time Zone: 9 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Greece is synonymous with islands – from history steeped Crete, awe-inspiring Santorini and windmill-studded Mykonos and many other gems scattered across the Mediterranean Sea. Feast on freshly caught fish, grilled lamb stuffed vine leaves and sweet baklava. Sip coffee in a harbour-side café as the fishing boats come into port, amble along country roads while families gather their olives and pat donkeys on their way to village markets with baskets laden with fresh tomatoes. Temple ruins perched on cliffs high above a sparkling sea, tiny crescents of perfect beach, a hillside of spring flowers, white washed houses with window frames of turquoise blue. Electricity: Current is 230V Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor Festivals and Events 2017 Jan-Feb Carnival Season, Patra 27 Feb “Clean Monday” late Jun Miaoulia Naval Festival, Hydra Jun European Music Day, Athens Jun-Aug Athens & Epidaurus Festival of Theatre, Music & Dance 15 Aug Assumption Day 28 Oct Ohi Day 24

  29. Athens The Greek capital can sometimes be outshone by its famous islands but Athens has charms of its own. It is also the hub for exploring the rest of Greece. No-one should miss the Acropolis. The splendid ruins that include the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike dominate not only Athen’s skyline but also its soul. Nearly 3000 years ago the Acropolis became a sacred site and since then it’s been surrounded in myth, legend and tides of wars and invasion. At the base of the Acropolis lies the Plaka, one of the most eye-catching districts of Athens, a labyrinth of tavernas, shops and leafy squares. Buy a custard-filled galaktoboureko pastry and climb Lykavittos Hill (or cheat and take the funicular) for a spectacular view of the city. Our favourite things to see and do The Acropolis & The Parthenon – The massive rocky hill that’s the Acropolis dominates the cityscape and is visible from all over Athens. On top of it is the Parthenon, one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. Syntagma Square – Also known as Constitution Square it’s the heart and soul of the city. It’s the perfect place to relax on the benches and do a spot of people watching, enjoy the free WiFi or plan your day’s activities. Going out for dinner – Remember the Greeks eat late, sometimes starting as late as 10pm and not winding up till after 1 or 2am! Changing of the Guard at The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier – Every Sunday at 11am, the changing of the guard is quite possibly the best show in town. The Evzones (guards) go about the change with high kicks and fists to foreheads with such determination. Join The Locals – Athenians eat and party late, so join them to nibble an array of entrées such as seared calamari, Greek caviar and deep-fried eggplant followed by succulent lamb or fish. Order ouzo in a taverna, dance the night away and maybe throw a few plates! Hadrian’s Arch – Erected in honour of the Roman emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, this arch is located near the Temple of Olympian Zeus, but, as it’s outside the archaeological site, it’s free to view. Temple Of Olympian Zeus – Once the largest temple in Greece, it is also known as the Olympieion. It’s right in the centre of Athens and dedicated to the god Zeus. Monastiraki Flea Market – Open every day but is at its best on Sundays. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a bargain. Get there early as after around 11am the crowds become chaotic. 25

  30. Athens Map & Accommodation Achilleos Omonia Square National Archaeological Museum Lycabettus Hill Ippokratous Pireos Keramikou 28th Okto To Piraeus Athinas Central Market Panepistimiou (El.Venizelou) Kolokotroni Square Solonos Stadiou Akadimias Pireos Marasli Loukianou Ploutarhou Pireos KOLONAKI Thessalonkis 5 Ermou Syntagma Square Orthodox Cathedral Pandrosou Monastiraki Square Vas Konstantinou Vas Sofias Mitropoleos 1 Parliament House Ancient Agora Amalias V. Alexandrou Ilission Park Voulis Filellinon Dimofontos 2 Apollonos Irodou Attikou 4 Leof Vasileos Georgiou Zappeion Gardens Efroniou PLAKA Rizari Herod Atticus Odeon Spirou Merkouri Syngrou Ave Acropolis Dion Areopagitou Vas Olgas Filopappos Hill Rovertou Gali Imittou Panathinaiko Stadium Hadrians Arch 3 2 1 A Taste of Athens to get you started... Amazon Hotel Hermes Hotel Staying here, you’re right in the heart of the city, close to Syntagma Square, in the hub of the old town called the Plaka. It’s such a great base for getting around. Spill out of your hotel into cobblestone alleyways with heaps of shops, cafés and restaurants all around, and you’re still only 15 minutes walk to the Acropolis and its museum. If you’re after location, this wee hotel is the perfect choice. Love to shop? You’re tucked away two blocks from Ermou Street, a pedestrianised one kilometre long shopper’s paradise. Take a step back in time and wander along the stone paved lanes of Plaka, lined with stalls and tavernas, and maybe treat yourself to a tasty baklava. • 2 nights accommodation (Amazon Hotel) • Breakfast daily • Arrival airport or port transfer • Half day Athens Tour • Entrance fees, service charges and local taxes Price Guide From: $390 GM GM GM 3 4 5 Athenian Callirhoe Electra Palace Hotel Grande Bretagne A boutique hotel, centrally located close to the Temple of Zeus, and just a short walk to the New Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis. Staff are friendly and welcoming, and rooms are spacious and elegantly designed. Be sure to enjoy the roof garden restaurant which offers an exclusive menu and an amazing view to the Acropolis. Nestled under the shadow of the Acropolis, this really is a prestigious location. In keeping with this fantastic spot, the building’s facade has been completely renovated to a neo- classical style that is impressively lit at night. It’s a great place to chill out at the end of the day, at the rooftop swimming pool with outstanding views. With unrivalled views of the Acropolis, Syntagma Square, Parliament and Lykavittos Hill overlooking the city, this really is a prestigious location. The building has so much old world charm. It’s beautifully decorated in sophisticated style and has an award-winning spa and a rooftop restaurant, also with outstanding views. GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, twin share per Taste package based 01 Apr-31 Oct 17 season. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 26

  31. Athens Sightseeing & Touring Athens Sightseeing Tour with Acropolis Museum Hidden Gems of Athens Walking Tour Three Island Cruise One of the tour highlights is a visit to the Acropolis, Erechtheion, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum which houses treasures like the famed Caryatides. You’ll also visit the House of Parliament, Constitution Square and the Stadium, where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held. If you only have a few days in Athens but want a taste of that world renowned, laid-back Greek island lifestyle, then this tour could fit the bill. Enjoy lunch and entertainment on board as you cruise the Saronic Gulf, exploring the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra with time for a spot of swimming. Discover some of the best kept secrets known only to locals, such as graffiti art, tiny little churches, hidden art galleries, local markets and more. Shop for cold meats, spices and Greek desserts. Delight your buds with a Greek Coffee ‘Frappe’ or the new classic ‘Freddo Cappuccino’. GM GM GM Meteora Monasteries with Delphi 2 days/1 night Classical Greece and Meteora 4 days/3 nights Grand Tour of Greece 7 days/6 nights It’s all about two of the most famous sites. Delphi is without doubt the centre of the ancient world. And Meteora, with its magnificent monasteries perched on top of huge rocks is amazing. Escape the modern world and take a tour of all of the main sites of ancient Greece. Visit famous archaeological sites and museums and explore the glory that was classical Greece. This guided tour of mainland Greece visits all of the most famous sites on the Peloponnese peninsula south of Athens before reaching Delphi and Meteora, and Thessaloniki in the north. Day 1: Athens – Corinth Canal – Mycenae – Olympia Travel through the spectacular Corinth Canal to Mycenae, see the famous Epidaurus Theatre. Day 1: Athens – Delphi – Kalambaka Visit Delphi, home of the most famous of oracles and the place which influenced Western imagination for thousands of years. Day 1: Athens – Naflio – Olympia Travel by the coastal road to visit the famous Theatre of Epidaurus. Day 2: Olympia – Delphi Visit Olympia to see the Sanctuary of the Olympian Zeus. Day 2: Kalambaka – Meteora – Athens Perched on top of huge rocks sits the magnificent Monasteries of Meteora, a holy place for Christians from all over the world. Day 2: Olympia – Delphi Visit the ancient site if Olympia where the first Olympic Games were held. Day 3: Delphi – Kalambaka Day 3: Delphi – Kalambaka Today explore the archaeological site of Delphi best known for the Oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo. Day 4: Kalambaka – Thessaloniki Explore the ageless Monasteries of Meteora. Day 5: Thessaloniki – Kastoria – Thessaloniki Day 4: Kalambaka – Meteora – Athens Admire the majestic rocks surrounding Kalamabka with the famous Meteora Monasteries. Day 6: Thessaloniki – Edessa – Thessaloniki Visit Edessa and the waterfalls. Day 7: Thessaloniki See Pella, the capital of Alexander the Great. Departures: Set departures (Jan-Dec) Departures: Set departures (Jan-Dec) Departures: Set departures (Apr-Oct) Inclusions: 1 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 1 dinner, coach transportation, sightseeing as per itinerary, selected entrance fees, tour guide Inclusions: 3 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 3 dinners, coach transportation, sightseeing as per itinerary, selected entrance fees, tour guide Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 6 dinners, coach transportation, sightseeing as per itinerary, selected entrance fees, tour guide Price Guide From: $310 Price Guide From: $865 Price Guide From: $2030 GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 27

  32. Greek Islands Who doesn’t dream of visiting the Greek islands? We make lists of our favourites and plan holidays of idyllic island hopping. There’s just something about the combination of white washed houses, multihued fishing boats in tiny ports, hills smelling of thyme, and the legends and ancient history that is irresistible. And that’s not even mentioning the party scene! There are nearly 2000 islands, some very popular and some still amazingly little-visited by tourists. Travel tip: a package that includes ferry rides and accommodation on the islands of your choice will take the hassle and uncertainty out of your island hopping! Our favourite things to see and do Island Hopping – The Cyclades group, which include Mykonos and Santorini, are justifiably popular, and Crete, the largest island, is especially rich in history. If you are looking for islands with fewer tourists why not sail towards Turkey and the islands of Chios and Samos. If you’re not a party animal, Ios may not be for you but Tinos could be perfect. Hire a Moped and Explore – What better way to see the treasures of the Greek islands than on a moped with the sun on your face and wind in your hair. Indulge in Local Delicacies – Some of our favourites are Moussaka, Ouzo and Souvlaki. Zorba – Take part in this traditional style dancing. Silver and Turquoise Jewellery – You will find in abundance around many stores in the Greek islands. Great for you or a nice present for someone special back home. Stay in a White Washed Village – Around Easter the Greeks spring to life and paint their houses white and doors blue. This is a big celebration marking the new season. Make sure you stay in a little white washed village for a truly Greek experience. Waterfront Delights – Stop at a waterfront Taverna for a refreshing beer and calamari fresh from the sea. Watch the fishermen land their catches on the wharf. Souda Bay, Crete – Many New Zealand soldiers who fought during World War II are buried here. Samariá Gorge, Crete – Take a car journey over the white mountains where our ancestors trekked to the south coast before they departed for Egypt. The scenery is stunning and the area thought-provoking. 28

  33. Cruise & Stay Holidays If you are keen to see as much as possible and would like to visit several Greek islands and even Turkey but have limited time at your disposal, then a cruise could be the perfect option for you to consider. Your ship moves during the night allowing you to wake up in a new and exciting destination every day. A selection of optional shore excursions are included for those who wish to explore while in port. We’ve created several packages and feature here a few of the favourites. These all combine Athens with different cruise itineraries throughout the Greek islands and parts of the Mediterranean. Aegean Prelude 7 days/6 nights Aegean Dream 10 days/9 nights Greece Sail & Stay 11 days/10 nights Explore Athens and cruise to some of the most popular Greek islands including a glimpse of Turkey. Here you’ll visit the picturesque port of Kusadasi with opportunities for shopping and an optional tour to Ephesus. An ideal option for exploring two capital cities as well as some of the best known Greek islands in a short space of time. Enjoy the facilities on board your cruise whilst absorbing a magical atmosphere when in port. Perfect for those wanting to spend more time on the islands. After sightseeing in Athens, stay on stunning Mykonos and then cruise to a few selected islands before finishing off with a relaxing stay on Santorini. Day 1-2: Athens Day 1-2: Athens Day 1-2: Athens Day 3: Athens – Cruising – Mykonos Day 3: Athens – Cruising Day 3: Athens – Cruising – Mykonos Day 4: Cruising – Kusadasi – Patmos Day 4: Cruising – Istanbul Day 4: Mykonos Day 5: Cruising – Rhodes Day 5: Cruising – Kusadasi Day 5: Mykonos Day 6: Cruising – Heraklion – Santorini Day 6: Cruising – Santorini Day 6: Mykonos – Cruising Day 7: Cruising – Athens Day 7: Cruising – Crete (Ag. Nicholaos) Day 7: Cruising – Kusadasi – Patmos Note: Optional extension, stay a night (or more) on Santorini and fly Santorini/Athens Day 8: Cruising – Rhodes Day 8: Cruising – Rhodes Day 9: Cruising – Chios – Mykonos Day 9: Cruising – Heraklion – Santorini Day 10: Cruising – Athens Day 10: Santorini Day 11: Santorini – Athens Note: In July and August, different destinations are visited. Departures: Saturdays (Mar-Oct) Departures: Wednesdays (Apr-Jun & Sep) Departures: Wednesdays (Mar-Oct) Inclusions: 2 nights Athens, 3 Mykonos, 2 Santorini, 3 night cruise, breakfast daily, 4 lunches, 3 dinners, some transfers & sightseeing, flight Santorini/Athens, local taxes, security, port & service charges Price Guide From: $2820 Inclusions: 2 nights Athens, 4 night cruise, breakfast daily, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, some transfers & sightseeing, local taxes, security, port & service charges Inclusions: 2 nights Athens, 7 night cruise, breakfast daily, 7 lunches, 7 dinners, some transfers & sightseeing, local taxes, security, port & service charges Price Guide From: $1846 Price Guide From: $2644 GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour share twin based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 29

  34. Island Hopping Experiencing the magic of the Greek islands is something many Kiwis have on their ‘bucket list’. It’s so unique as you get a mix of beauty, atmosphere, nightlife, food, history, sun and sea all wrapped up in the one holiday experience. Island hopping is one of the most perfect ways to visit a selection of your favourite islands using the local ferries. We recommend 3 or 4 day stops on each island and this should give you enough time to explore and see all of the highlights. Booking one of these passes means you can hop between the islands with a minimum of fuss as all ferry tickets are pre booked and delivered to your hotel room and your arrangements will be amended, should the ferries be delayed or cancelled, which happens very often in Greece. Holiday Tips for Island Hopping • We recommend you stay in Athens the night before your island hopping excursion starts as ferries usually leave early in the morning. • To avoid hassles, all island hopping passes include the transfer from your Athens hotel to Piraeus Port. This is essential as the port area is huge with many Greek ferries and cruise ships all departing from one of the three harbours, so it is very easy to get lost going alone. • We have a choice of 12 island hopping passes with pre-selected islands and a set amount of nights. • Hotels are confirmed at time of booking, however arrival and departure transfers on the individual islands are optional extras. These are recommended, as on some islands, public transport and taxis are hard to find especially in the peak season. • Most passes include the use of a standard ferry; however to reduce travelling time between some of the islands, you can upgrade to a hydrofoil or a flight at an extra cost. Athens – Mykonos – Santorini – Athens 7 days/6 nights • FlexiPasses are perfect for the independent traveller and are based on the total number of nights regardless of the island visited. You choose how many nights you want on each island and the price remains the same. Definitely the favourites amongst the Greek islands, both are ‘must sees’ Mykonos is chic, sleek and hedonistic and yet offers beautiful traditional Greece. White washed buildings, blue doors, windmills and chapels, cosmopolitan lifestyle, waterfront tavernas and spectacular nightlife. The sunset on Santorini is often said to be the most beautiful in the world. • Hotels for FlexiPasses are not confirmed till the last minute and these passes also include return transfers on each island. ATHENS (Piraeus) Samos 12hrs 1hr 30m 5.5hrs 10hrs 5hrs Kusadasi (Turkey) Mykonos Patmos 40m 6hrs Paros 9hrs 4hrs 45m 16hrs 10hrs 10hrs Note: Return transfers on all islands at additional cost. Naxos 1hr 2hrs Kos Bodrum (Turkey) 9hrs 4hrs Ios 1hr Departures: Daily (Apr-Oct) 1hr Marmaris (Turkey) 7hrs Inclusions: 3 nights Mykonos, 3 nights Santorini, breakfast daily, transfer Athens hotel to Piraeus Port, all ferry tickets as per itinerary, port taxes, service charges and local taxes Santorini 2hrs Rhodes Heraklion (Crete) Chania (Crete) Hydrofoil or Fast Ferry Conventional Ferry NOTE: For Hydrofoil or Fast Ferry crossings, these times will be approximately half of the Conventional Ferry times stated Price Guide From: $819 GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 30

  35. Athens – Mykonos – Ios – Santorini – Athens 9 days/8 nights Athens – Mykonos – Paros – Naxos – Santorini – Athens 11 days/10 nights Athens – Mykonos – Santorini – Crete – Rhodes 12 days/11 nights The Greek islands are so diverse – Mykonos is the most cosmopolitan while Santorini has breath-taking landscapes created from a volcanic eruption in 1628BC. And Ios has an intense nightlife with clubs that never stop. During the day soak up the sun of famous Plati Yilos, Mylopatas and Kamari beaches. Experience the amazing variety the Greek islands offer. The café lined harbour of Mykonos with its cobbled streets and windmills, the unforgettable sunset of Santorini, the historical monuments of Crete and Rhodes, the “Island of Roses” are all enticing. Crete is rich not only in history and archaeology but in scenery of wild flowers and frescoed churches. These four are sometimes called the ‘Gems of the Cyclades’. The short ferry distances between the islands mean you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying the beauty and atmosphere of the postcard pretty towns, villages and beaches. It’s paradise here with masses of white washed houses and blue domed churches. Note: Return transfers on all islands at additional cost. Note: Return transfers on all islands at additional cost. Note: Return transfers on all islands at additional cost. Departures: Daily (Apr-Oct) Departures: Daily (Apr-Oct) Departures: Daily (Apr-Oct) Inclusions: 3 nights Mykonos, 2 Ios, 3 Santorini, breakfast daily, transfer Athens hotel to Piraeus Port, all ferry tickets as per itinerary, port taxes, service charges and local taxes Inclusions: 3 nights Mykonos, 3 Santorini, 2 Paros, 2 Naxos, breakfast daily, transfer Athens hotel to Piraeus Port, all ferry tickets as per itinerary, port taxes, service charges and local taxes Inclusions: 3 nights Mykonos, 2 Santorini, 3 Crete, 3 Rhodes, breakfast daily, transfer Athens hotel to Piraeus Port, all ferry tickets as per itinerary, port taxes, service charges and local taxes Price Guide From: $1049 Price Guide From: $1286 Price Guide From: $1263 GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 31

  36. The Cyclades You may not know that this group of gorgeous islands actually number 220 in total. But most people will know that this group of islands is all about the superb white and blue stucco architecture, the brilliantly vibrant bougainvilleas that cling to the doorways, a magic array of coastline including some gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal blue glistening waters, ancient hospitable people, delicious, fresh local delicacies that keep health buffs satisfied for days and rugged landscapes with stark white chapels dotted amidst the barrenness. You will never tire of this – this is true paradise on earth. sites, warm Santorini Mykonos Paros Santorini is the place to fall in love! It’s an island that has inspired poets and musicians with its breath-taking sunsets and crystal waters rippling over the Caldera. With its white washed houses, blue-domed churches and never-ending vineyards, Santorini is Greece at its traditional best. Mykonos has long been one of the most popular destinations in the Greek islands. A city with a touch of glamour, but which still holds on to many of the Greek traditions. Admire the windmills perched atop the city and party with the sophisticated fun-lovers. Shop till your heart’s content in creative shops, glittering with gold and silver. A hilly island with heaps of natural beauty, vineyards and fruit trees. It’s capital, Parakia, is a gorgeous township of white washed houses and wee cobbled alleys whilst picturesque Naoussa, on the northern side of the island, is a colourful fishing village with tavernas dotted along the foreshore and the ruins of a Venetian fortress standing at the entrance to the harbour. Ios Naxos Folegandros Sometimes known as the ‘party island’, Ios is an island for the young and young at heart. It has a vibrant nightlife which blends with a real Greek flavour in its sidewalk cafés, rustic tavernas, many white sand beaches and general laid back atmosphere. The main town of Chora is hidden in the mountains making this a unique setting from which to explore the island. Naxos is the biggest and the most lush island in the Cycladic group. Dotted with olives, grapes, fig and citrus trees, you’ll also find churches, monasteries and castles along narrow winding lanes, sheer cliff and fertile green gorges, sparkling sandy beaches, traditional villages perched on mountain tops, and the most famous landmark of all, the unfinished Temple of Apollo. This is an enchanting island, lying between Paros and Santorini, at the southern edge of the Cycladic group. It’s the perfect spot for those wanting an authentic experience, a place where you can relax without mass tourism. It has spectacular landscape with a number of archaeological sites and secluded coves, whilst the small villages maintain their traditions and character. 32

  37. Greek Islands Galore The Greek islands have drawn thousands of visitors for many years. There are numerous islands to choose from – some are tiny with few people and with just one central village, whilst others such as Crete and Rhodes are larger, with many different places to stay. Enjoy the carefree atmosphere of staying on an island, whether you choose a couple of nights at a few or a week on one. Pause at a flower-draped terrace for coffee and honey-drenched pastries or stop in an old town for an authentic Greek feast. Grab a bottle of water and explore ruins and cobblestone villages before cooling off in the crystal clear Aegean Sea. Crete Rhodes Patmos Crete is a paradise if you seek sunshine, beaches and culture. The capital, Heraklion, is famous for its Archaeological museum which houses the world’s greatest collection of Minoan Art. Chania on the northern coast, has the mountains, sparkling seas and ancient history combined with the relaxed character of the locals, making it a beautiful spot to relax and explore. Plenty of history, tradition, exciting nightlife and sumptuous Greek cuisine. Laze on golden beaches, drink ouzo in waterfront cafés and explore the labyrinthine lanes. Visit one of the largest medieval towns in Europe through the Gate of Freedom, to witness a mosaic of different cultures and civilisations. The cobblestoned Street of the Knights is one of Europe’s best preserved medieval streets. Immerse yourself in Patmos’ chic and upmarket atmosphere. This small island is known for its idyllic way of life and religious past, once home to St. John who wrote 'The Book of Revelations'. Today, this mountainous island with private coves and crystalline waters attracts sun lovers. Explore the ruins of the ancient acropolis in Skala and the imposing fortified Monastery of St. John in Chora. Zakynthos Skopelos Samos Take an early morning cruise to Navagio Beach to see the shipwreck and the stunning beach it rests on. Enjoy a swim in the clear blue water and explore the caves. Swim or snorkel with the sea turtles, and trek the hillsides. Most nights you can catch a concert or festival as music plays a huge part of the local culture. Skopelos is an island of medieval monasteries and tiny rock chapels, with over 300 scattered across the island, one of which is the Agios Ioannis Chapel where the Mamma Mia wedding took place. Proclaimed as the ‘Green and Blue Island’ the island’s virgin pinewoods and olive groves create a romantic scenery for the outstanding architecture that is found throughout the island. Explore ancient cultural sites or relax on the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters on Samos. Once home to famous philosophers, a mathematician and astronomer, this inspiring island will have you enraptured from the moment you arrive. It is just a short ferry ride from Kusadasi - ideal to visit Turkey from. 33

  38. Experience Turkey East meets west in Turkey in a fascinating, exotic collision of cultures and religions, ancient and modern. Combined with its reputation for good value for money, this makes Turkey “hot”. Turkey’s strategic location, straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, guarding the waterway between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, means it has already had a major role to play in world events. From Turkey rose the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and in Turkish soil rest the remains of more than 2300 Kiwi soldiers who died at Gallipoli during the First World War. This tragic war that helped shape New Zealand’s identity means Turkey has a special place in our hearts. This feeling is reciprocated by the Turks who seem to have an especially warm welcome for Kiwis. Fast Facts Country Name: Turkey Population: 74 million Capital: Ankara Currency: Turkish Lira Time Zone: 10 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 220V,50HZ Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor Istanbul is a city of graceful minarets, whirling dervishes, bazaars overflowing with rugs, spices and Turkish delight. Turkey also has more than 8000 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline; spectacular ruins such as Ephesus, one of the best preserved ancient sites in the Mediterranean; legendary Troy; and one of the world’s most astonishing landscapes, the fairy chimneys and underground cities of Cappadocia. Sail in a traditional wooden Gulet, along the Turquoise and Aegean coasts. Festivals and Events 2017 Mid Apr Istanbul Film Festival 25 Apr Anzac Day, Gallipoli Sep SunSplash Festival, Bodrum early Jul Istanbul Jazz Festival Aug/Sep Cappadocia Avanos International Tourism and Handicrafts Festival Sep/Oct Grape Harvest Festival in Urgup, Cappadocia 34

  39. Istanbul Istanbul really is a Turkish delight, an intoxicating mix of breath-taking architecture, a roller-coaster ride of history and a stunning setting combined with the Turks’ zest for life. Head for Sultanahmet, the historic heart of the old city and gaze in amazement at the domes of Aya Sofaya and the Blue Mosque. Dive underground into the spooky Basilica cistern and then brace yourself for the Grand Bazaar. There are 3000 shops in here and the locals are very keen to sell you something! While away an afternoon in the teahouse beneath the walls of the Topkapi Palace and count the ferries plying the Bosphorus and the ships sailing towards the Black Sea. At sunset the fishermen on the Galata Bridge head home just as Istanbul’s skyline forms a glowing silhouette of domes and minarets. Our favourite things to see and do Topkapi Sarayi (Palace) – Home of the Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years, The Treasury in the 3rd courtyard is amazing. Get there when it opens at 9am and go straight to the Harem. Only a certain number of visitors are allowed at one time, so get there first to avoids the queues. Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) – Said to be one of the great buildings of the world, it’s a former Byzantine church, a former Ottoman mosque, and now a museum. The Blue Mosque (Mosque Of Sultan Ahmeti) – One of the city’s premier sights, it’s called the Blue Mosque because of its light blue interior tiles. You can visit at most times of day and it’s free. Avoid all mosques on Fridays as this is the Muslim holy day and mosques can be closed for lengthy amounts of time for prayers. Grand Bazaar – Turkey’s largest covered market sells all kinds of things like beautiful Turkish carpets, glazed tiles and pottery, copper and brassware, leather goods, meerschaum pipes and alabaster bookends. Try out your haggling skills. Hammams (Turkish Baths) – For something a little different why not try a Turkish Bath. You’ll be pulled and pushed, rubbed and scrubbed to within an inch of your life, but you’ll come out feeling wonderful. Bosphorus Cruise – By far the best way to view the city of Istanbul is by boat on the Bosphorus, the most impressive sights being along the southern shores. You’ll see Topkapi Palace, the Maiden’s Tower, the Selimiye Barracks (where Florence Nightingale worked), Dolmabahçe Palace, Yldz Park – Palace, the village of Ortaköy and the Bosphorus Bridge to name a few. Turkish cuisine – Indulge in Turkish cuisine like stuffed vine leaves and sip tea in tulip-shaped glasses, or go for broke and tackle the national drink – raki or lion’s milk. 35

  40. Istanbul Map & Accommodation NEW CITY GOLDEN BOSPHORUS HORN Ragip Gumuspala Cd Ataturk Blv ASIAN SIDE Spice Bazaar Üsküdar Harem Sahil Yolu Suleymaniye Mosque AnkaaraCd Kennedy Ave Sirkeci Station Suleymaniye Cd OLD CITY Taya Hatun Cd Topkapi Palace 3 1 BEYAZIT Bab-l Ali Cd Kennedy Ave SULTANAHMET Gazi Mustafa Kemel Pasa Cd 2 Ordu Cd 5 St Sophia LALELI Turkeli Cd Blue Mosque Blue Mosque SEA OF MARMARA Ataturk Airport (24kms) Ataturk Airport (24kms) KUMKAPI 4 Kennedy Ave 1 2 A Taste of Istanbul to get you started... Olimpiyat Hotel Faros Hotel A charming hotel perfectly situated in the cultural centre of the Old Town. It’s within easy walking distance to all of the most important sights including Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the vibrant and bustling Grand Bazaar. It has rooms ideal for families, and it has its own rooftop restaurant serving Turkish cuisine. An ideal spot for those wanting to be in a modern setting but still in the centre. You’re on a lively corner right in the heart of the Old Town, just a short stroll to all of the historic attractions. Rooms are spacious and elegant with lots of natural light. Serving Turkish and Italian cuisine, the hotel’s pub is a great place to unwind. • 2 nights accommodation (Faros Hotel) • Breakfast daily • Return Ataturk Airport transfers • Full day lstanbul Tour with lunch Price Guide From: $324 GM GM GM 3 4 5 Levni Hotel & Spa Arena Hotel Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel Located in the heart of the city in the historic district, this hotel is only 200 metres from the Topkapi Palace. Rooms are spacious and well-furnished and the hotel boasts a restaurant featuring mouth-watering Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. There is also a wellness centre with a fitness room, indoor pool, sauna and Turkish Hammam. Just a 2 minute walk from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, this is an excellent example of a 19th century Ottoman stone house that has been restored in keeping with Istanbul’s historic architecture. It combines traditional design with modern facilities. Spacious rooms are decorated in rich, warm fabrics and feature antique furnishings. In the heart of historic Sultanahmet, this is one of Turkey’s Leading Lifestyle Hotels. You’ll never have to venture too far as there’s a good variety of eateries and many of the main attractions virtually on the doorstep. Rooms are funky in minimalistic style with splashes of bright colour and there is a gorgeous garden and pool to enjoy. GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, twin share per Taste package based 04 Jan-14 Apr 17 season. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 36

  41. Istanbul Sightseeing Byzantian Heritage Delve into the ancient sites that are so famous in a city where east meets west and past meets present. See St Sophia Basilica, The Hippodrome and the 6th century Byzantine Underground Cisterns before discovering the unbelievable Grand Bazaar with over 3000 shops and stalls. Classical Istanbul This city is steeped in almost 3000 years of history. With that much history it’s almost impossible to know where to start – The Roman Hippodrome? The Blue Mosque? St Sophia Basilica? Topkapi Palace? Don’t worry this tour will cut to the core of what makes this city so unique. Lunch is included. Ottoman Heritage Explore the famous sites of the city, including Topkapi Palace, which was the main residence of the Ottoman Sultans, The Roman Hippodrome, which was once used for chariot races, The Blue Mosque and then the Grand Bazaar for a shopping extravaganza. Gallipoli Tour Departure for Gallipoli, the scene of one of the ugliest campaigns of WWI. Visit Anzac Cove, the landing site of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps on April 25, 1915, Lone Pine Cemetery, Johnston’s Jolly, The Nek and the Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial. Bosphorus Cruise Visit the Spice Markets full of oriental aromas followed by a cruise between the two continents. Sail towards the Black Sea and admire the amazing buildings and ottoman houses on both European and Asia sides. Return back to Sirkeci/Kabatas where you will be transferred to your hotel. 37

  42. Gulet Cruises Come aboard and discover this unique way to see the many bays, golden beaches and historical sites that make up the Southern Turkish coastline. Meander past the forest- clad mountains and explore hidden inlets and bays that you can only access by sea which means you could be lucky enough to have one completely to yourself. Much of Turkey’s rich heritage is to be found along the coast, with cultural sites scattered throughout the region. Sail from bay to bay, combining a relaxing summer holiday on the water with cultural land explorations. Take advantage of Southern Turkey’s 300 days a year of sunshine to simply relax, enjoy stunning scenery. The service of a small local crew are friendly, attentive and there to assist you during your voyage. Holiday Tips for your Gulet Cruise • Gulets are traditional wooden motor sailing yachts, converted into basic but comfortable cruising vessels. • During the high summer season the gulets are fully booked so ensure you book in advance. • Itineraries may vary slightly due to sea and weather conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of guests. • Vessels used for regular sailing itineraries only take 8-12 guests and include 6-10 double cabins with private facilities without air-conditioning. Bodrum Gulet Cruise 8 days/7 nights Marmaris Gulet Cruise 8 days/7 nights Enjoy early morning swims in crystal-blue waters, explore picturesque fishing villages, stretch your legs on forest walks and be entranced by historic ruins. Tour Highlights: - Swim and dive around the small islands and coral reefs in the Seven Island Region - Open Air Museum on Sedir with amazing clear sea - Walk along Cleopatra Beach with sand the same as that found in the deserts of Northern Africa - Rest in Ali Baba’s shed-like café, a short forest walk from the paradisiacal Longoz Bay Spectacular coves and peninsulas, pristine waters where you can see the sandy bottom and popular Marmaris give you unforgettable memories. Tour Highlights: - Take a “piyade”, small boat to Turtle Beach - Cruise along the river past ancient Rock Tombs to relax at the mud baths - At Fethiye, city of light, take an optional Jeep safari to Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) - Anchor around the famous Gocek Gulf - Be awed by the underwater ruins in Cleopatra Bay • If there’s a group of you, charter a private Gulet and create your own itinerary. Gulets for private hire are usually of a higher standard and vary in sizes with a crew of 2-4 people accomodated in separate crew quarters. • Choose from a selection of our regular itineraries: Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova – Bodrum Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris Bodrum – Greek Islands – Bodrum Bodrum – Gulf of Hisarönü – Bodrum Departure dates vary between locations. • Some cruises can be taken as 4 day options. Departures: Mon, Fri & Sat (Apr-Oct) Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation onboard, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 6 lunches, sightseeing as per itinerary, crew services & port taxes Price Guide From: $630 Departures: Set departures (May-Oct) Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation onboard, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 6 lunches, sightseeing as per itinerary, crew services & port taxes Price Guide From: $630 GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 38

  43. Turkey Tours Classical Turkey 10 days/9 nights Jewels of Turkey 14 days/13 nights Turkey at Leisure 15 days/14 nights See many of Turkey’s classics as well as many of its secrets on this relaxing coach tour. Enjoy the stunning scenery while someone else keeps an eye on the road and the expert guide shares his wealth of knowledge. A very popular tour showcasing many of Turkey’s highlights, from vibrant Istanbul, to the very poignant visit to the New Zealand Memorial at Chunuk Bair and on to the ancient site of Ephesus and fascinating Cappadocia. On this private tour you have a personal guide. It’s perfect for couples or a group of friends wanting flexibility. Enjoy traditional experiences including visits to villages, attractions and restaurants normally known only to locals, and stay in boutique accommodation. Days 1: Istanbul Day at leisure. Days 1-2: Istanbul Experience a full day guided tour of Istanbul. Day 1: Istanbul Day 2: Istanbul Day 2: Istanbul Guided tour including Topkapi Palace, St Sophia, Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. Day 3: Istanbul – Gallipoli – Canakkale Day 3: Istanbul – Gallipoli – Assos Day 4: Canakkale – Troy – Pergamum – Kusadasi Visit the legendary site of Troy. Day 4: Assos – Troy – Pergamum – Alacati Day 3: Istanbul – Ankara – Cappadocia Travel to Turkey’s capital where you visit the Mausoleum of Ataturk and its Museum. Late evening arrive in Cappadocia. Day 5: Alacati – Kusadasi Day 5: Kusadasi – Ephesus – Sirince – Kusadasi Day 6: Kusadasi – Ephesus – Kusadasi Day 7: Kusadasi – Priene – Miletus – Didyma – Bodrum Day 6: Kusadasi – Pamukkale – Marmaris Drive through the cotton farms to the lime cascades of Pamukkale. Day 4: Cappadocia Take an optional Balloon tour early morning and then enjoy a full day excursion of this fascinating place. Day 8: Bodrum Day 9: Dadrum – Dalyan – Fethiye Day 7: Marmaris – Koycegiz – Fethiye Day 10: Fethiye – Kayakoy – Oludeniz – Fethiye Day 5: Cappadocia – Konya – Pamukkale Visit the 13th century Sultanhan Caravanserai and the Whirling Dervishes before reaching Pamukkale. Day 8: Fethiye – Kayakoy – Oludeniz – Fethiye Visit the Greek village of Kayakoy, the town was deserted when 25,000 Greeks were repatriated. Day 11: Fethiye – Xanthos – Kalkan Day 12: Kalkan – Sunken city – Kalkan Day 6: Pamukkale – Izmir Be amazed at the gorgeous white terraces of carbonate minerals, a photographer’s delight. Day 13: Kalkan – Antalya Day 9: Fethiye – Saklikent Gorge – Antalya Forty minutes from Fethiye, the Gorge has spectacular sculpted walls soaring high above. Day 14: Antalya – Perge – Aspendos – Antalya Day 7: Izmir – Ephesus – Sirince – Izmir Today’s highlight is the ancient city of Ephesus. Visit Sirince, the cute village on top of Mount Ephesus with impressive views of vineyards, and little shops lining the cobbled streets. Day 10: Antalya – Aspendos – Konya – Cappadocia Day 15: Antalya – Istanbul Day 11: Cappadocia Spend the day exploring this unique region. Day 12: Cappadocia – Ankara – Safranbolu Day 8: Izmir – Pergamum – Canakkale Early departure for Pergamum to visit the ancient medical centre of Asklepion. Day 13: Safranbolu – Istanbul Enjoy a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage listed village. Day 9: Canakkale – Gallipoli – Istanbul Cross the Dardanelles and reach Gallipoli where you stop at many sites including Chunuk Bair and the New Zealand Memorial. Day 14: Tour ends Istanbul Day 10: Istanbul Tour ends after breakfast. Note: This itinerary can also be a small group tour or a private tour. Note: The above is a suggested itinerary which can be taken in smaller modules and can be tailor-made to suit your interests. Departures: Fridays (Jan-Dec) Inclusions: 9 nights accommodation, 9 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 5 dinners, arrival & departure airport transfer, air-conditioned transport, English speaking guide, entrance fees, porterage & local taxes Price Guide From: $1536 Departures: Saturdays (Jan-Dec) Inclusions: 13 nights accommodation, 13 breakfasts, 8 dinners, arrival & departure airport transfer, air-conditioned transport, English speaking guide, entrance fees, porterage & local taxes Price Guide From: $2490 Departures: Daily Inclusions: 14 nights accommodation, 14 breakfasts, air conditioned minivan with driver, economy flight Antalya to Istanbul, cruise ticket Kekova, English speaking guide, entrance fees and luggage handling, local taxes and service charges Price Guide From: $10,578 GM GM GM The price guide shown is per adult, per tour for twin share based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date 39

  44. Take to the Road There’s a lot to be said for having your own wheels on holiday. You can drive down that inviting country lane or cute village you’ve spied. Driving in a foreign country is not so different to driving in New Zealand. You soon get used to driving on the other side, and the major roads let you cover long distances in good time. If you opt for the minor roads, you’ll avoid the tolls and see much more of the countryside. These days you don’t even have to worry about those relationship- testing moments where the navigator mutters “I think that was our exit…” as you race past an off ramp. For a little extra, you can have a slightly bossy but very knowledgeable GPS system that will tell you exactly how to get to where you’re going. There’s a huge range of car types on offer, and if you’re worried about your carbon footprint you can even opt for a more eco-friendly diesel or hybrid model. If you are going to be on the road for a longer period of time, you should consider a lease arrangement – you’ll get a brand new car with full factory warranty plus the usual benefits of a rental car such as unlimited kilometres and comprehensive insurance. Once all that’s sorted, you are ready to hit the road! Approximate Distances Thessaloniki Santiago de Compostela Distances are approximate, in kilometres and based on direct routes. Barcelona Sebastián Kusadasi Valencia Gallipoli Bodrum Meteora Istanbul Madrid Ankara Oporto Malaga Athens Lisbon Delphi Seville Lagos Faro San Barcelona 598 885 954 462 1033 349 1196 1271 1246 1159 Madrid 598 456 426 430 563 354 722 805 626 562 Malaga 885 456 181 877 886 538 410 485 672 813 Seville 954 426 181 854 747 623 199 274 461 610 San Sebastián 462 430 877 854 616 515 1104 1144 918 766 Santiago de Compostela 1033 563 886 747 616 899 774 796 539 232 Valencia 349 354 538 623 515 899 854 929 879 920 1196 722 410 199 1104 774 854 76 249 533 Faro Lagos 1271 805 485 274 1144 796 929 76 213 518 Lisbon 1246 626 672 461 918 539 879 249 213 275 Oporto 1159 562 813 610 766 232 920 533 518 275 Athens 115 320 313 Delphi 115 236 236 Meteora 320 236 142 313 236 142 Thessaloniki Ankara 720 744 450 647 Bodrum 720 369 442 98 Gallipoli 744 369 164 282 Istanbul 450 442 164 353 Kusadasi 647 98 282 353 40

  45. Touring by Rental Car Driving in Europe In Europe the free wheeling experience becomes more challenging with driving on the right hand side of the road. Don’t be put off, roads and autobahns are well surfaced and clearly signposted. Most major roads do have tolls so it is often cheaper and more scenic to stay on the secondary roads. Choosing your Rental Car Take into consideration the size of the vehicle you require. We strongly recommend a compact size car for two adults. If the vehicle is to be used for day touring from a central base and not for transporting your luggage, a smaller vehicle may be adequate. We suggest you book your car before leaving home as this will save money and ensure you get the car of your choice. Emergency Roadside Assistance While each vehicle is serviced and cared for individually there may be an instance that you need some assistance. You can rest assured that in many countries throughout Europe, Hertz provides Emergency Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Things to think about: • What driver’s licence is needed • Minimum age requirements (varies from country to country) • Additional driver fees • Deposits • One way rental fees • Optional equipment e.g. child seats, roof racks • Non-waivable excess • Fuel policy • When you collect your car Hertz will take an imprint of your credit card as security. This can be between €250-€750 • Collision Damage Waiver & Theft Protection Insurance are included - you may be offered additional insurance options when you pick up your car Hertz NeverLost Hertz NeverLost satellite navigation system is available across 15 countries in Europe and 300 locations, and with its seamless cross- border capability, it is ideal for independent travellers who like to know where they are going. The system has extensive, detailed mapping, a wide, easy-to-use full-colour touch-screen that provides access to turnby-turn directions to points of interest including hotels and petrol stations, simply by touching an icon. SIGI-IT-SEEING YOUR WAY. There really is only one way to see the best of Europe - SELF DRIVE. With a modern fleet, competitive prices and friendly service you can enjoy everything Europe has to offer from the comfort of a l-lertz rental vehicle. Start your adventure today. Travelling at the Speed of /.lertz™ 41

  46. Explore Northern Spain Driving north from Madrid through the plains and mountains of Castilla y León to the cool Atlantic Ocean in the Basque, you will find a countryside full of wonderful culture and amazing architecture, centuries old, and shiny modern. Arch back through Rioja and Aragon past walled towns, cathedrals and palaces. San Sebastián Bilbao San Sebastian 8 days/7 nights Suggested Self-Drive SPAIN FRANCE Pamplona Haro Day 1: Madrid – Segovia – Avila – Salamanca (271km) Leave the monuments and nightlife of Madrid to visit El Escorial on your way to Segovia, with its colossal Roman aqueduct dominating the town. Pass through the historic town of Avila, enclosed by Romanesque walls. Stay in Salamanca and explore the World Heritage historic centre. Burgos Tarazona Valladolid PORTUGAL Zaragoza Day 2: Salamanca – Valladolid (126km) Drive through Castilla y León and see many cathedrals, monasteries, castles and fortified towns. Explore the monument city of Valladolid. Segovia Daroca Salamanca El Escorial Avila MADRID Day 3: Valladolid – Burgos – Haro (225km) In Burgos you’ll find one of the greatest examples of a Gothic style cathedral in Spain. Cross into La Rioja where wine is central to life, vineyards line the countryside with most open for tastings. Teruel Cuenca Day 4: Haro – Bilbao – San Sebastián – Pamplona (294km) Enjoy Bilbao’s art galleries, museum shows and art exhibitions. San Sebastián’s elegant Playa de la Concha has beautiful architecture in the “Belle Époque” style. Pamplona is a city of deep-rooted traditions, its historic quarter dominated by churches and medieval walls. Highlights worth seeing along the way Explore Madrid’s Great Monuments – Among its highlights are the medieval centre and the Prado Museum. San Lorenzo de el Escorial – This famous monastery is gigantic. Its attractions are the main chapel, Capilla Mayor, the Pantheon with the kings’ tombs, the Throne-Hall and the museum in the summer-palace. Valley of the Fallen – Near El Escorial, this colossal monument was built for the fallen of the Spanish civil war in 1940. It consists of a 150 metre cross on top of a rock which was hollowed out to incorporate a church. Regional Gastronomy – Try the specialities of Pimientos del Piquillo, delicious, sweet red peppers, traditional lamb, and the marzipan of Sierra de Cameros, all washed down with La Rioja wine. Valladolid – Home to one of the most important sculpture museums of all Spain, and the famous Easter week processions. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – This spectacular building is an outstanding example of 20th century avant-garde architecture. Markets in Bilbao – Mercado de la Ribera is the largest indoor market in Europe, Plaza Nueva has a flea market and often has evening concerts. Be Charmed by Cuenca’s Old Town – A World Heritage site, Hanging Houses are built on the steep sides of the rocky canyon. Wander the cobbled streets and visit the Castilla for breath-taking views. Taste Resoli – A Cuenca wine flavoured with coffee, cinnamon, orange peel. Day 5: Pamplona – Tarazona – Zaragoza (206km) Check out the old bullring and cathedral in Tarazona. Stroll the compact city of Zaragoza, on the banks of the Ebro River, to admire its monuments. Day 6: Zaragoza – Daroca – Teruel (191km) As you approach Daroca, the skyline with 100 towers in Arabian style looms. Enclosed by walls, you pass through beautiful doors to enter. Stay in Teruel and discover the famous story of the “Lovers of Teruel”. Day 7: Teruel – Cuenca (150km) Drive the small windy road to Cuenca to discover a very unique town. Day 8: Cuenca – Madrid (166km) Rental car: Hertz (Group B) from $50 per day Our favourite places to stay: • Hotel Alameda Palace, Salamanca • Hotel Los Agustinos, Haro, Rioja • Posada De San José, Cuenca • Hotel Reina Cristina, Teruel San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja Aragon Salamanca The price guide shown is per car hire based on 6-13 day hire rate. Price shown does not include Earlybird or other discounted offers. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date 42

  47. Portugal Highlights Breath-taking architecture, stunning cathedrals, an intriguing history, quaint and colourful fishing villages, Portugal has it all and more. Imagine yourself driving through the lush vegetation of the Sintra region, meandering past vineyards and sprawling olive groves or simply admiring the gorgeous blue azulejos in the wee hilltop towns. Gonçalo Eanes de Abreu Garden, Castelo de Vide Braga 8 days/7 nights Suggested Self-Drive Vila Real Porto Viseu Day 1: Lisbon – Evora (138km) Leave Lisbon early to reach Sintra before the crowds. Discover the fairytale like Pena Palace and National Park before heading inland to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Evora. PORTUGAL SPAIN Fatima Day 2: Evora Explore this beautifully preserved, medieval walled town. Castelo de Vide Segovia Nazare Òbidos Marvão Day 3: Evora – Marvão – Castelo de Vide (132km) Visit the charming and fortified village of Marvão, overlooking the Alentejo plains, close to the Spanish border. Wander the wee cobbled lanes and visit the strategically placed castle. Tomar Sintra LISBON Evora Day 4: Castelo de Vide – Viseu (254km) Take a morning stroll in the Serra San Mamede National Park, south of the town which has fantastic walking trails. In the afternoon discover the ancient town of Viseu, admiring its many gorgeous ceramic azulejos. Highlights worth seeing along the way Castelo de Vide – Market day is on a Friday when the town transforms from a relaxed to a very vibrant place with locals selling their produce, everything from fresh fruit & vegetables to fish, cheese and ceramics. Bom Jesus do Monte – On the outskirts of Braga, is this pilgrimage site with a magnificent 166 metre Baroque stairway. It is perched high on a hillside surrounded by gorgeous gardens and hidden grottoes and is accessible by funicular, by car or on foot. Temple of Diana, Evora – Not to be missed is this Roman structure dating from the 1st or 2nd century AD. It is stunning in the evening light. Pena Palace, Sintra – Built in 1840, this is definitely worth seeing. However we recommend you pre book tickets in order not to miss out. You can visit the park and palace terraces or pay a little more and get into the State Rooms inside the Palace. Some Local Specialties – Sardinhas Assadas (Grilled Sardines) and Bacalhau (Salted Cod Fish) served with salads are the main delights from the ocean whilst Pasteis de Nata (Custard Tarts) are a ‘must-have’. Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto – Cross the famous metal arched Dom Luis I Bridge (over the Douro) and meander through the wine stores that house the famous port wines. Douro Valley – Take a walk, cruise or cycle through the picturesque river valley. It’s lush and laden with beautifully terraced vineyards. Day 5: Viseu – Braga – Oporto (267km) Known as ‘Portuguese Rome’ Braga is home to a very striking cathedral, baroque churches and well maintained parks and gardens. Day 6: Oporto Day at leisure to enjoy the picturesque old town of Ribeira and to wander along the river and absorb its amazing history. Day 7: Oporto – Tomar – Nazare – Obidos (336km) Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, a combination of a castle and a convent dating from 1160. Travel onto the vibrant fishing village of Nazare via the pilgrimage town of Fatima. Day 8: Obidos – Lisbon (85km) Take a walking tour through this walled town with its stunning flower baskets and colourful medieval streets before heading back to Lisbon. Rental car: Hertz (Group C) from $51 per day Our favourite places to stay: • Pousada Convento de Evora • Casa Amerela – Turismo de Habitação, Castelo de Vide • HF Fenix Porto • Hotel Vila d’Obidos Douro Valley Tomar Bom Jesus do Monte, near Braga The price guide shown is per car hire based on 6-13 day hire rate. Price shown does not include Earlybird or other discounted offers. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date 43

  48. Touring Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey Catalonia, Spain

  49. Peregrine & Intrepid Touring Trust us, Europe looks a lot better without a coach window in the way. The trick is to get out and feel the cobbles beneath your feet. Intrepid and Peregrine are the leaders in small group Europe tours. They focus on small groups, expert local leaders and real life experiences: sailing the Dalmatian coast with a glass of good Riesling on standby, learning the art of Venetian cheese making or picking wildflowers on the slopes of Mt Blanc. Active adventures, walking tours, historical highlights and culinary adventures – whatever your Euro style and budget, they’ve got an itinerary to match. La dolce vita never looked so good. Images of Portugal 7 days/6 nights Best of Spain 15 days/14 nights Explore the coast of Portugal, from Lisbon to Porto. No longer Europe’s best kept secret, Portugal is full of grand cities, medieval villages and World Heritage sites. This charming country is ready for you to discover. Start this tour in Madrid and let your imagination unfold on a journey through Andalucian region. Visit the cities that reflect Spain’s history and culture. This Spanish adventure is as colourful and diverse as the land itself. Tour Highlights: - Feast on traditional Portuguese dishes to the sound of traditional fado music in lively Lisbon - Soak up the glamour and the sun while winding along the Bay of Cascais - Enjoy the Old World romance of the medieval citadel of Óbidos - Feel the royal heritage and the student-led vibrancy in the Old Quarter of the university town of Coimbra - Find out why classic cafés are best to sample the delicious Portuguese cuisine and why local taverns are so good to taste ports in Porto - Survey a landscape filled with history from the Palace of Guimaraes Tour Highlights: - Uncover the opulent rooms and lavish gardens of Alhambra Palace in Granada and the Moorish architecture of the Mezquita in Cordoba - Experience the passion of traditional fiery flamenco performance in Seville - Chill out on the Costa de la Luz and enjoy tapas and sangria in Tarifa - Admire Gaudi’s quirky architecture in Barcelona - Witness a Spanish sunset on a beach in Valencia, savouring a bowl of paella - Explore the maze of alleyways of the old Arab quarter in Albayzin - In Ronda, follow the path of the Romans, as you cross the deep rocky chasm along an ancient bridge Departures: Selected Sundays (May-Sep) Departures: Set departures (Apr-Sep) Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, 6 breakfasts, 2 dinners, airport arrival transfer, expert local leader, sightseeing & transport as per itinerary Inclusions: 14 nights accommodation, 3 breakfasts, expert local leader, sightseeing & transportation as per itinerary Price Guide From: $4120 Price Guide From: $3185 Barcelona Braga Guimaraes PORTUGAL MADRID Porto PORTUGAL SPAIN Coimbra Valencia ATLANTIC OCEAN SPAIN Cordoba Òbidos Sintra MEDITERRANEAN SEA Seville Cabo da Roca LISBON Granada Cascais Ronda Costa de la Luz The price guide shown is per adult per tour twin share based on low season travel. Price shown does not include Earlybird or other discounted offers. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date 45

  50. Touring with Insight Vacations Insight is renowned for small group sizes, luxury coaches with business class legroom and well located hotels in desirable locations. Their tours include must-see attractions so you don’t have to constantly dip into your pocket as you go and they’ve already done the research and taken care of all the hard work for you. Insight’s Tour Directors are the best in the business. They accompany you and enjoy sharing with you the best places to dine, drink, shop and the best vantage point for the perfect holiday snaps. With more 2 and 3 night stops than other coach tours, you can truly absorb the essence of a destination. It is the finest, most hassle free way to explore the depth and breadth of Europe. Best of Morocco 10 days/9 nights Best of Spain and Portugal 15 days/14 nights Morocco is a colourful mix of Islamic, Arabic and African influences. Spain and France have left their mark too. You will stay in Essaouira and at the amazing Berbère Palace Hotel in Ouarzazate. Follow the fortunes of the Spanish, Portuguese and Moorish Kingdoms as evidenced in their grand castles, stupendous religious buildings and incredible works of art. Tour Highlights: - Rabat: Visit the Mohammed V Mausoleum, one of few Islamic religious buildings open to non-Muslims - Fez: Witness the expert techniques of pottery and bread (khobz) making, visit the bazaar - Marrakesh: Built around a garden, explore the Bahia Palace with a Local Expert and see glimpses of a Moroccan kingdom’s former opulence - Fez: Colourful Moroccan feast, with rhythmic music, belly dancers and local dishes and delicacies - Dades Valley: Stop for Berber tea at a traditional Nomad house Tour Highlights: - Madrid: Tour the Prado Museum with an expert art historian - Seville: From the Moorish Patio de los Naranjos, step inside the cathedral, past the altarpiece, to the Tomb of Columbus - Granada: Local Expert interpret the Alhambra Palace, the ultimate in Muslim architecture, and the gardens of the Generalife - Barcelona: Enter Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia Basilica - Porto: Sample a selection of famous Port wines - Lisbon: Enjoy a tasting of the famous ‘Pasteis de Belem’ - a Portuguese delicacy Departures: Set departures (Apr-Oct) Departures: Set departures (Jan-Dec) IInclusions: 9 nights premium centrally located hotels with full breakfasts, 1 lunch, 5 evening meals, experienced Tour Director, luxury 40 seat coach with extra leg room Inclusions: 14 nights premium centrally located hotels with full breakfasts, 7 evening meals, experienced Tour Director, luxury 40 seat coach with extra leg room Price Guide From: $2775 Price Guide From: $4575 PORTUGAL Porto Barcelona Segovia Salamanca RABAT Meknes ATLANTIC OCEAN Fez MADRID Sant Sadurni d’Anoi Ifrane Casablanca Peniscola Fatima Òbidos Midelt Er Rachidia Erfoud Avila Toledo MOROCCO Sintra Valencia LISBON SPAIN Marrakesh Essaouira Todra Gorge Boumalne du Dades Cordoba Seville Ait Benhaddou Granada MEDITERRANEAN SEA Ouarzazate Costa del Sol Gibraltar The price guide shown is per adult per tour twin share based on low season travel. Price shown does not include Earlybird or other discounted offers. Specials and surcharges may apply 46 depending on travel date

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