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Lisa Gamble

Lisa Gamble

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Lisa Gamble

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  1. Lisa Gamble 2nd Grade

  2. Mnemonic Strategies • Mnemonics are strategies for improving memorization • They can be categorized into three groups: • Organization • Visualization or mental imagery • Rehearsal

  3. Mnemonic Strategies for Mathematics

  4. Categorization with place value • Let students use a place value chart to help differentiate the values of the numbers 5 2 3, 7

  5. Visualization and Key Word Method • Teach students to break the double or triple digit math problem into place values. They will need help with this strategy the first several times they use it. But once they master it they are very successful. 45 40+5 +32+30+2 77 70+7=77

  6. General Memory • This chant was found at: • When introducing the thousands place this is a great rap! Every place has a value A value in each place Start with the ones and move left LET’S RACE! Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands 1’s 10’s 100’s 1,000’s Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands 1’s 10’s 100’s 1,000’s Every place has a value

  7. Mnemonic Strategies for Science

  8. Visualization for Space • Before teaching students the planets order it is good to give them a visualization, this way when discussions about the planets take place the students will remember the picture. This is also a great way to let them see the size difference in the planets and the sun!

  9. Organization for Space • I was taught this letter acronym when I was in elementary school. It is great for memorizing the order of the planets! You will be amazed how long the students will remember it, I am going on 15 years! My very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizza’s Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

  10. General Memory Strategy • Introducing a song or a chant can be very helpful in memorization. Try to incorporate some key vocabulary in this strategy to help with vocab. knowledge! This next song that I made up is to the tune of the “ABC’s”. • There’s nine planets don’t you know • We can name them here we go • First there Mercury, then there’s Venus • Next there’s Earth and Mars • We also have Jupiter • That is followed by Saturn • And way out there is Uranus • We can’t forget there are two more • Neptune and Pluto, they must be cold • And those are all our planets • They rotate around our Sun!

  11. Mnemonic Strategies for Social Studies

  12. Visualization Strategy for Key Word Landmark • Provide examples to show the vocabulary wordso that students are able to have a visualization that goes along with the word. Mount Rushmore Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial

  13. Organizational Strategy • Give students interesting ways to remember key vocabulary and some items that may go with that vocabulary word. Lincoln Memorial Arlington Cemetery National Memorial Arch Devil’s tower Mount Rushmore Alamo Remington water tower Korean war veteran memorial

  14. Organizational Strategy for Landmarks • Use bubble maps to • to tell about the important • facts for the vocabulary • word. national Tells a story historic Landmark has impact