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  1. Green Red and drink Poland

  2. Green Tea – health benefits To make green tea, the leaves are picked and preserved (usually by steaming or baking) to keep them from undergoing the process of fermentation (or oxidation).  It is this lack of oxidation that makes green tea good for you.  The green tea leaves keep the rich polyphenols that give green tea its antioxidant properties. The tea increases the blood's antioxidant capacity. Green Tea (tee) Extract acts as an antioxidant, lowers serum glucose, maintains kidney health and blocks angiogenesis. It reduces platelet aggregation (preventing clots) and lowers high blood pressure. Green tea can be a good part of that healthy diet, just like proper nutrition and exercise. 

  3. 绿茶 Green tea

  4. HIBISCUS - health benefits Extracts of some hibiscus species are claimed to have health benefits, including prevention of constipation, bladder infections and nausea, and high blood pressure. The studies that yielded these results are debated. An unspecified hibiscus plant is used to make a herbal tea, typically blended with rosehip. One attends that it strengthens the immune system, the liver and lowers the blood pressure. There has the pleasant acrid taste and beautiful, red. Hibiskus (the flower of the Sudanese) mallow this exceptionally precious source of the natural bioflavinoid and the calcium, vitamins and salts mineral. He accelerates the metabolism, diminishes the absorption in intestines, etc.

  5. Hibiscus cannabinus

  6. Green and red tea leaves.

  7. We put the leaves in a pitcher.

  8. We pour hot water on the leaves.

  9. We watch the water change colour.

  10. The water is red and brown.

  11. The water is hot. We feel the vapours rising from the water.

  12. We put a mirror on top of the pitcher to catch the vapours.

  13. The mirror is misty.

  14. The mirror is wet.

  15. We put sugar in the teas.

  16. The tea is ready.

  17. The red and green tea

  18. Delicious and healthy.

  19. The leaves change colour when they get wet.