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Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM) PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM)

Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM)

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Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM)

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  1. Real Time Energy Metering(RTEM) A Step Into The Future Robert Brice San Diego Gas & Electric Company Metering Americas 2004

  2. Challenging Questions • What internal and external systems (hardware and software) will be required to facilitate widespread dynamic electric rates? • What will our customers want and need to help them adapt and respond to dynamic electric rates? • What impact will this very fundamental change have on utility operations, infrastructure and budgets? Metering Americas 2004

  3. Search for Answers Researched the AMR Industry Extensive RFI / RFP Process System Demonstration and Evaluations Proposal Evaluation and Analysis Supplier Selections Metering Americas 2004

  4. Findings from our Search • Apparent disconnect with an AMR industry focused on replacing meter readers • Limited industry focus on electric interval data collection and processing for dynamic rate billing • No one product would meet all of SDG&E’s needs • No “off the shelf” solutions were available • Product development would be required Metering Americas 2004

  5. Technical Requirements Collect electric interval data at the meter • Solid state ANSI / IEEE compliant meters • Built in data recovery method • Sufficient memory at the meter to support data integrity • Restrict and Enable customer access to meter data • C&I Real Time Access via KYZ output • C&I and Residential via next day Web data presentation • C&I and Residential via limited RF direct access (future) Consumption gas and water meter reading • Full intrinsic safety compliance for Gas AMR device • Adaptable to majority of current meter inventory • No external wiring between meters Metering Americas 2004

  6. Technical Requirements Two Way Communications • Leverage existing public and private networks • Adaptable to changing communications industry Scalable System • C&I customers in phases (25,000) • Spot deployable to a geographic area • Residential expansion to all customers (1,300,000) • Economies of scale: decreasing average O&M and Capital costs as meters are added to the network Metering Americas 2004

  7. AMR System Supplier Silver Spring Networks (formally Innovatec Communications) • Had the appropriate system architecture to meet our technical requirements • Wanted a utility ‘proxy’ to aid in further system development efforts • System Development Relationship • Provide utility requirements (gas and electric) • Provide technical development assistance / testing • Data systems integration • Communications systems integration • Hardware testing and certification • Deployment planning Metering Americas 2004

  8. System Architecture Solid state ANSI / IEEE compliant IDR Meters • Single and poly phase • C12.19 data tables Integrated two-way communications • Under glass, plug and play installation Wireless 900-MHz LAN • (.1 watt) between gas and water meters and the electric meter • (1.0 watt) between the electric meter / relay / gateway Multiple WAN options • Land line (POTS) • Cellular (CDMA – circuit and packet switched) • Private (DataTac, others) Metering Americas 2004

  9. System Architecture Gateway Utility Operations Public / Private Networks Relay Relay Meter Communications Underglass CIS Gas Metering Americas 2004

  10. System Architecture • Meters and communications devices self configure to the network with redundant communications paths • Gateway manages schedules and consolidates data for LAN/WAN transmission • Gateway communicates with host using a combination of public and private SDG&E owned networks • Host software is Web-based application server that manages data export to utility measurement and billing systems • Host software facilitates scheduling, alarm management, on-demand reads, etc. Metering Americas 2004

  11. Accomplishments • Successful • Integration with the GE kV2 single and poly phase electric meter • Integration with the Qualcomm CDMA circuit switched modem • Engineering of SSN gateway to accommodate Motorola DataTac and SDG&E fiber assets • Design and integration of multi-hop relay capability at the electric meter • Design and integration of a pole top stand-alone relay device • Design and integration of scaleable system operating software • Demonstration of very robust and reliable communications system performance Metering Americas 2004

  12. Going Forward • Kearny Mesa C&I Pilot • 50 meters in 2004 • Mission Village Residential Pilot (electric, gas and water) • 50 meters in 2004 • San Clemente C&I and Residential Pilot • 50 meters in 2005 • RTEM C&I Expansion • 500 - 1,000 meters in late 2004 – early 2005 • Balance of approved RTEM deployments will be dependent upon the outcome and timing of the current Statewide Pricing Pilots (SPP) Metering Americas 2004

  13. Findings • Lack of a true “standards compliant” meter makes communications integration difficult and costly for any AMR supplier • Some meter companies are entering the AMR market and are slow to work with other AMR system providers who are now looked at as competitors • Meter industry is slow to produce a low cost interval meter (single phase or poly phase) Metering Americas 2004

  14. Findings • Utility back office systems may require a lot of reengineering / development to move to interval data processing and billing • Public communications technologies are changing at a rapid pace Metering Americas 2004

  15. Conclusions • Strategic Planning is absolutely necessary • Understand the changes facing our industry • Invest in defining requirement up front • Think long term • Keep your options open • Watch the industry • Look for flexibility over the long haul • Don’t forget your sister utilities • Develop partnerships • Be relentless, don’t settle for less than you need Metering Americas 2004

  16. Questions Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM) A Step Into The Future Metering Americas 2004