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Over Power Palm Oil

Over Power Palm Oil. Her home and her family are being destroyed. And she can’t do anything to stop it. But you can. We need your help. What is palm oil?. Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil It is regularly used in lots of food and cleaning products It comes from the oil palm tree.

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Over Power Palm Oil

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  1. Over Power Palm Oil Her home and her family are being destroyed. And she can’t do anything to stop it. But you can. We need your help

  2. What is palm oil? • Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil • It is regularly used in lots of food and cleaning products • It comes from the oil palm tree. • it is made and delivered from Indonesia and Malaysia

  3. I bet these yummy treats and good products are regulars in your shopping trolleys. They all contain palm oil. But aside from palm oil making them quite unhealthy, what’s the big problem?

  4. Now can we have 6 volunteers!

  5. Now get into pairs! Then pick a letter each, one person be A and one person be B.

  6. Now watch listen and learn! 

  7. Palm oil is mainly produced from the rainforest in the south East Asian Islands of Borneo and Sumatra

  8. The islands are home to… • 13 primate species • 350 bird species • 150 reptile and amphibian species • 15 000 plant species • Orang-utans • Sumatran tigers • Sumatran Rhinos • Clouded leopards • Asian Tapirs • Asian elephants • And many other endangered species

  9. Due to Palm Oil, 54 rugby fields of rainforest are being slashed, burned and sold illegally every hour. And the wildlife is suffering for it. Whenever an animal gets in the way, it is either killed or given away illegally as a pet. The species are dying out because their shelter, food and water is being destroyed. No wonder orang-utans are predicted to be extinct by 2020. There are less than 6600 Sumatran orang-utans left in the wild, making them one of the top twenty five endangered primates in the world. There are less than 300 individual Sumatran rhinos left. The Sumatran tiger, only found in these areas, has less than 400 individuals remaining. And the worlds consumption of palm oil is doubling every ten years

  10. And it’s not just the wildlife. It’s the people that palm oil is affecting. • The indigenous people in Borneo and Sumatra depend on the rainforest that is being destroyed to live. They have no choice but to be employed as plantation workers, working under extremely dangerous conditions, and barely earning enough money to feed their families.

  11. Palm oil is extremely unhealthy • The fat content in palm oil is approximately 50% saturated and 50% non saturated. • Consumption of palm oil can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, and it can promote cardiovascular disease.

  12. Why do so many companies use palm oil??? • If palm oil is so bad, why is it one of the most widely used oils in The USA and the world? Basically, because it is the cheapest cooking oil in the world- about a third cheaper than soybean oil. • Cadbury chocolate, a few years ago, switched to palm oil, but had such a number of protests they decided to switch back. This just shows that you can have a say. • What is money compared to the price so many people, animals and trees are having to pay?

  13. Sustainable palm oil • Certified Sustainable palm oil comes from oil palm trees that are planted in alternative accessible areas to the rainforest, so that no trees have to be removed, therefore saving the lives of many endangered animals. • This is thanks to the RSPO (Roundtable on sustainable palm oil), who formed in 2004 because of the urgent global call for sustainably produced palm oil. • On August the 25th 2011, the RSPO reached it’s first major milestone by hitting its first million hectares of certified production area around the world, 10% of palm oil production.

  14. Buy palm oil free!!! • When shopping, products that state they have “vegetable oil” in them, almost always contain palm oil. These include bluebirds chips, Kit Kats, and even Milo! • We can guarantee that a large amount of the products you buy will contain palm oil, so it’s time to work out what does and doesn’t, and make some changes.

  15. Some alternative products that don’t contain palm oil and are just as yummy!!! • Solay chips • Cadbury and Whittakers chocolate • Naked muesli bars • Schweppes fizzy drink • Rush Munroe ice cream • Try hot chocolate instead of milo • Lindt Easter eggs • Go to the Auckland Zoo website for loads more!!!

  16. What Auckland zoo is doing… Auckland zoo has founded the Auckland zoo conservation fund, which provides support to conservation efforts in New Zealand and overseas. One of their biggest projects is in Borneo and Sumatra, supporting wildlife conservation projects to help protect the animals of the rainforest. They have provided a palm oil free shopping list on their website http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/conservation/buy-palm-oil-free/palm-oil-facts.aspxvewith some great and delicious alternatives. They have provided lots of information about the issue, and some ideas on how you can play your part in helping to stop palm oil. Auckland zoo also is also committed to reducing the sale and use of products that contain palm oil, and are working towards their ultimate goal of becoming palm oil free.

  17. What WE have done • We have written a letter to the managing director of foodstuffs NZ informing him about the lack of labelling when it comes to products that contain palm oil, and offering solutions. • We have made posters to support our campaign • We have created a website: http://overpowerpalmoil.weebly.com

  18. WhatYOUcan do… • Reduce your palm oil consumption, and tell all your friends and family about the harm to themselves, the environment, and the people, to encourage them to buy palm oil free products. • Go to Auckland Zoo’s website to donate to the Auckland Zoo conservation fund, and download your palm oil free shopping wallet card. • Make sure that any wood furniture, timber or paper products that you buy have the forest stewardship council (FSC) stamp of approval. • Write a letter to your MP or your local supermarket about the lack of labelling when it comes to palm oil products (You will find template letters on the Auckland zoo website).

  19. ‘Mum why are they destroying our homes’ ‘I don’t know honey, I don’t know’

  20. Palm Oil.Not in our shopping trolleys.

  21. Thank you from…Caitlyn Varcoe (Ngahinapouri x student )Billie Douglas Simran Mandhan time

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