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Johnson County Government United Way Ambassador Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Johnson County Government United Way Ambassador Meeting

Johnson County Government United Way Ambassador Meeting

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Johnson County Government United Way Ambassador Meeting

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  1. Johnson County Government United Way Ambassador Meeting

  2. LIVE UNITED The power of one - each one can make a difference to raise the condition of all in the community

  3. Today’s Agenda • Schedule for Johnson County’s Campaign • How United Way Works • Johnson County’s Video • Personal Story – Paul Bower • Johnson County’s Campaign – • How to Thank Givers

  4. Schedule – Johnson County’s Campaign • August 17 – Ambassadors Meeting • September 14th – E-Team • September 16th – BOCC • Campaign: September 17, 2010 through October 8, 2010

  5. BOCC Proclamation September 16, 2010 9:30 a.m. in the BOCC Chambers Please come so that we can show our legion of Ambassadors as a “Show of Support” For United Way in 2010 (wait outside until this segment – then enter as a group.)

  6. How United Way Works • 140 Agencies • 309 Programs • 3 Areas for focused results -successful children, youth, families -financial stability -healthy people, healthy communities

  7. How United Way Works Check the most recent United Way Directory of Services to see how many different areas are greatly assisted by United Way Funding.

  8. Successful children, youth, and families • Children and youth are prepared for school, achieve academic success and are ready for a productive future. • Parents, caring adults support positive, age-appropriate development of youth – especially after school. • Families are safe, supportive and free of family violence and abuse.

  9. Financial Stability • People attain the education, life skills, employment and/or community resources needed to increase income and save for their financial security. • People, including the homeless, live in safe, appropriate and affordable permanent housing. • People access transportation to ensure mobility and quality of life.

  10. Financial Stability • Champions financial stability of young adults, 16-26 • Need to be on a positive path by age 26 • Will lead to better jobs and increase financial literacy

  11. Healthy People, Healthy Communities • People achieve better health by adopting healthy lifestyles and by accessing equitable, quality affordable health care • People are engaged in helping their neighbors and neighborhoods thrive. • People affected by crime overcome barriers to regain healthy, productive lives. • People of all ages avoid or overcome substance abuse and addiction to lead safe, healthy lives. • Seniors and people with disabilities overcome barriers to live as independently as possible.

  12. United Way 2-1-1 Service One call to find help – provided by United Way of Greater Kansas City Reach a caring professional, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

  13. United Way 2-1-1 Service Top Needs - 1st six months of 2010 By Number of Calls: up 20% from 2009 5. Food Pantry – 2,550 4. Shelter/Homeless/Housing – 3350 3. Rent Payment Assistance – 7,300 2. Other assistance – 16,200 1. Utility Assistance – 25,600

  14. Where Do Donations Go? 81% to Agency Programs & Services 7% to Direct Services (2-1-1, Volunteer Center, etc.) 12% Fundraising and Administration

  15. Where Do Donations Go? A full 88% of funds raised go to services to support people in need.

  16. Key Messages • United Way is advancing the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all. • United Way aims to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems. • United Way invites the community to “Live United”. Living united means being a part of the change.

  17. United Way Messages Johnson County’s: Greater Need Calls for Greater Giving .

  18. This Year’s Video Contains stories about citizens who have received United Way services. This type of video should help us to emphasize how easily any of us could be the ones in needs of such services some day.

  19. Personal Story • Paul Bower – recipient of services

  20. Johnson County’s 2010 Goals $147,000 2% increase in participation (80)

  21. United Way Recognition Programs Caring Club • Give at least $144 annually • Receive Caring Club Membership • Receive national and local discounts on purchases and activities • Go to for complete list of discounts

  22. United Way Recognition Programs Shareholder Giving • Give 1% of salary or more • Automatically entered into drawing to win a new motorcycle donated by Harley-Davidson • If 1% is at least $144, then get Caring Club card too

  23. United Way Leadership Campaign Leadership Levels of Giving: • Red Feather = $1,200 -$2,399 • Torchbearers = $2,400 – $4,799 • Community Builders = $4,800 - $9,999 • Tocqueville Society = $10,000 or more

  24. United Way Leadership Campaign • Young Leaders Society = $1,200 or more annually for those employees in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s • Women’s Leadership Council = $2,400 or more annually

  25. The Best Way to Raise Funds! Through pledges for payroll deductions! Departmental events help to make the campaign more energetic and fun, but the real dollars come from the payroll pledges.

  26. Support from Agency/Department Head • Ask the head of your agency or department to send out a message to employees • Ask the agency head to give – not just “Do as I say – but do as I do!”

  27. Challenges Challenge divisions within your department to obtain the highest percentage of payroll deductions. Challenge another department Challenge another person Challenge – Compete!

  28. Challenges The trick is to make the incentive worthwhile and fun: • Division with the lowest % of donations per employee feeds the other division pizza for lunch • Washes the others’ vehicles • The male director of division wears a dress • Supervisors walk in employees’ shoes for a day

  29. STEP UP Campaign Step Up for United Way in 2010

  30. STEP UP Campaign • If an employee has never given, ask him/her to pledge at least one dollar per pay period (one step up). • If an employee already donates, ask them to “step up” by at least another dollar per pay period.

  31. STEP UP Campaign • If an employee gives between $1 and $143 per year, ask him/her to “step up” to $144 – Caring Club Level • If giving between $145 and $749, ask to “step up” to 1% of salary • If giving between $750 and $1,199, ask them to “step up” to $1,200 to join the Leadership Circle

  32. Your Role as Departmental or Agency Ambassador • Set Departmental/Agency Goal • Inform Employees about United Way • Generate excitement!! • Encourage staff to donate/pledge • Help employees complete the forms – assist with instructions for eWay pledging

  33. Instructions for Donations • e-Way • Paper Forms

  34. Inform • Brochure • Share United Way Facts • E-mail messages • Stories United Way speakers Colleagues

  35. Encourage Donations/Pledges • Show video and generate follow-up discussion • Ask Everyone- Show Enthusiasm • Use meetings already scheduled • Follow up one on one

  36. Encourage Donations/Pledges • Increase participation • Retain current donors • Increase average gift • Caring Club • Shareholder

  37. Ideas for Ambassadors Set a Theme for Your Dept. or Agency • Wii Live United (Wii competitions) • Cruise (get on board with United Way) • TV Shows or Movies (Pay It Forward, Friends, American Idol)

  38. Ideas for Ambassadors Food Activities: • Lunch box auction • Chili cook-off • BBQ contest • Picnic • Breakfast food sale • Sundae sale

  39. Ideas for Ambassadors Incentives: • For pledging by a certain date • To promote the “Step Up” campaign • For high donations of divisions within your department

  40. Ideas for Ambassadors Special Events: • Match pet photos with owners • Trivia contest • Jeans Day for United Way • Dress Up Day for United Way • Office Treasure Hunt

  41. Role of Ambassadors In short – Act as Cheerleaders for the Cause! Be Clever – Challenge!

  42. Role of Ambassadors Wear your LIVE UNITED lapel pins daily!

  43. What Not to Say! Email Message: Well, it is that time once again that we all love so much! If you want to give, you can use E-way or fill out a paper form. Get it back to me by 5:00 p.m. on October 8, 2010. From: Your unenergetic Ambassador

  44. Demonstrate Passion! Email Message: I am honored to be serving as your department’s ambassador for this year’s United Way campaign! This is a cause that I personally strongly believe in and support. Please join me in giving as much as we can give to help others in our community!

  45. Thank Employees Who Give • Give poster to highest giver • Have Department Heads and Managers thank employees • Personal contact - handshake • How else?

  46. Let’s Live Up to the Challenge Let’s show how generous and compassionate Johnson County employees are! Power of One Can Make a Difference

  47. Thank you….