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Double-Entry Journal

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Double-Entry Journal
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Double-Entry Journal

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  1. Double-Entry Journal

  2. What is a Double-Entry Journal? • A double-entry journal is a writing assignment that will help you: • Identify meaningful quotes in The Outsiders. • Learn how to respond to quotes in insightful ways

  3. On the top of the paper, record your meaningful quote from The Outsiders. Make sure you include the chapter and page number. On the bottom of the page, respond to the quote with your thoughts and ideas. This is a test grade and should be your best writing. A DEJ has two sections

  4. How do I select a meaningful quote? • Some reasons why a quote may be worth selecting: • Emphasizes a theme • Illustrates changes in a character • Works well with the reading strategies

  5. How do I respond to the quote? • Copy the quote from the text at the top of your paper • Analyze the quote • Why is it important? • What’s the deeper meaning? • Use reading strategies • Question • Predict • Connect • Visualize • Clarify • Evaluate • Infer

  6. Example: Quote • (Chapter 1, Page 18). • “Darry didn’t deserve to work like an old man when he was only twenty. He had been a real popular guy in school […] And now he didn’t have time in between jobs to even think about college. So he never went anywhere and never did anything anymore.”

  7. Example: Response • In this quote, Ponyboy is reflecting on the sacrifices his oldest brother, Darry, has made since their parents died. It emphasizes that Darry must work himself to death to support his brothers because, as a Greaser, he doesn’t have the advantages (i.e. money) that the Socs have.I also selected this quote because it confused me. I don’t understand why Ponyboy seems so sympathetic towards Darry in this quote, but complains about how cold and strict Darry is in other parts of the chapter.I think that Ponyboy should be more understanding towards Darry (as he is in this quote). Rather than complaining about Darry, Ponyboy needs to focus on how hard Darry works for him; if he does, perhaps the relationship between Ponyboy and Darry will improve.