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Accelerated Packaging with Adept Solutions “Building Partnerships”

Accelerated Packaging with Adept Solutions “Building Partnerships”. August 2007. Agenda. Business Drivers Applications Technologies Evolution of Packaging Robots Adept Packaging Solutions Q&A. Packaging Market Business Drivers. Higher Throughput per Factory Space

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Accelerated Packaging with Adept Solutions “Building Partnerships”

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  1. Accelerated Packaging with Adept Solutions“Building Partnerships” August 2007 Confidential - Do not Distribute

  2. Agenda • Business Drivers • Applications • Technologies • Evolution of Packaging Robots • Adept Packaging Solutions • Q&A Confidential - Do not Distribute

  3. Packaging Market Business Drivers Higher Throughput per Factory Space Factory Space is at a Premium Increased Labor & Liabilities Costs Localized Production Need to Produce Near Customers Regulatory Constraints Increased Product Breadth Shorter Time to Volume Mass Customization of Products Clean Product Handling Need for Sterile Packaging Confidential - Do not Distribute

  4. Packaging Applications • Pick-and-Place • Small, lightweight products • High speeds • Examples: blister pack loading, kit assembly • Carton Loading • Heavier products • Cartoning • Top loading • Palletizing • Heavy objects (20 kg+) Confidential - Do not Distribute

  5. Packaging Market Enabling Technologies High Speed Robotics Seamless Vision & Tracking Robust Color Vision Integrated Compact Controls Tight PC/PLC Connectivity Confidential - Do not Distribute

  6. Adept History in Packaging Market Rowntree McIntosh 1st Robot in Packaging Pepperidge Farms 1st Cookie Capping 70 PPM Delta Robot SmartController Vision & Tracking Geometric Object Cobra s800 Inverted Quattro s650 Embedded Controls Color Vision Direct Drive Robot Integrated Vision Tracking Chocolate Frey 1st Candy Line 47 PPM 1983 1985 1990 1995 2000 2006 Over 3,000 Adept Systems Installed in Packaging Confidential - Do not Distribute

  7. Application Videos Confidential - Do not Distribute

  8. Evolution of Robotics in Packaging "Controlled by Adept" ABB IRB340 FlexPicker • 1980s to 1990s • SigPack Systems used AdeptOne robots • First Delta (3 parallel arm) robot licensed and sold by Demaurex in 1988 • ABB Flexible Automation bought license and built IRB340 FlexPicker • SigPack bought the robots but needed vision guided conveyor tracking solution • Bosch bought Sig and Demaurex • Schubert introduced its own SCARAs to compete with Adept • Invert Mount SCARAs (not direct drive driven) • Adept decided to focus on value of controls technology • Put controls on SigPack and ABB robots SigPack Delta Robot XR31 Confidential - Do not Distribute

  9. Evolution of Robotics in Packaging • 1990s to 2000s • Companies focusing on new generation of mechanisms specifically designed around packaging • Adept designed and marketed table-top SCARAs – Adept Cobra • Focus on light payload (up to 5.5 kg) for very high speed packaging and other discrete automation tasks • Introduced line of 6 axis robots – Adept Viper • Flexibility • Precision • Speed • Common work envelope for robots • Unique advantage of superiority in controls • Dual robot configuration options Adept Cobra Adept Viper Confidential - Do not Distribute

  10. Packaging Solutions • Multiple mechanisms for various Packaging Tasks • Pick-and-Place • Cobra (tabletop or ceiling-mountable) • Quattro • Packing • Cobra • Viper • More flexibility and precision • Palletizing • Viper Confidential - Do not Distribute

  11. Cobra s800 Inverted – latest addition to Cobra product line • Over-the-belt lightweight packaging • 5.5 kg max payload • 800 mm reach • Same high performance as standard Cobra • Dual configuration option Confidential - Do not Distribute

  12. High Speed Pick-and-Place with Quattro • Superior Design • 4 parallel arms instead of just 3 - enables excellent load balance • Lightweight carbon fiber arms for high acceleration • AIB (Amplifiers in Base) saves workspace and cabling • Highest speeds and throughput • 20% better performance and lower cycle times than other parallel /Delta style robots • Ideal for one at a time pick-and- place, packaging and kit assembly applications • Nearly 20% larger work envelope than competitive robots for higher productivity • Consistent performance across entire work envelope Confidential - Do not Distribute

  13. Highest Speeds Confidential - Do not Distribute

  14. Fast and Powerful Rotation Rotation comes for free, equal to a 20mm translation 20 mm 20 mm -212 degrees 0 degrees +212 degrees • Long Lifetime (not telescopic arm) • Fast and Powerful • High Performance even at the extremes of the work envelope • Large Workspace (not telescopic arm) Confidential - Do not Distribute

  15. General Specifications • Largest workspace • 1300 mm diameter • 500 mm Z stroke in certain areas • Rotation/Theta: ± 180° • Repeatability • X,Y,Z: ± 0.1 mm • Rotation: ± 0.4° • Rated Payload: 2 kg • Max Payload: 2 kg 1300 mm ø 250 mm Z stroke Additional 250 mm Z stroke 700 mm ø Confidential - Do not Distribute

  16. Comparison of Performance in Work Space Competitive Parallel RobotQuattro Acceleration is the samethroughout Work Space Acceleration: Red 60 m/s2 Orange 70 m/s2 Yellow 80 m/s2 Green 100 m/s2 Acceleration: Green 150 m/s2 Average PPM 120.. 200 Burst PPM + 20% Average PPM 100..160 Burst PPM +10% Confidential - Do not Distribute

  17. Easy to Add User I/O and End-of-Arm-Tooling • Plenty of space for vacuum tubes, wiring and large grippers • Easy changeover of gripper through replacement of moving platform Confidential - Do not Distribute

  18. Washable • Wash down bundle available for stringent cleaning needs (e.g. raw food handling, etc.) • IP 65/66* (base, inner arms) • IP67* (outer arms, platform) • Smooth surfaces for easy wipe down • Outer arms and moving platform can be removed for easy cleaning *Additional cost for this option Confidential - Do not Distribute

  19. Compact Controls Adept controller is just 1/10th the size of an alternate parallel robot controller! 970 mm 330 mm 190 mm 80 mm 710 mm 725 mm Confidential - Do not Distribute

  20. Integrated Amplifiers in Base of Robot 330 mm 190 mm • Amplifiers in base save floor space and cost of integration • Single/dual robot configuration • Conveyor tracking up to 6 belts • Tightly integrated vision (sAVI or AdeptSight) 80 mm SmartController CX Integrated Amplifier Confidential - Do not Distribute

  21. Packaging Solutions • Controls • Multi-axis support (up to 24 axes) • Line balancing with 4+ robots • Application Software (TBD) • Vision • sAVI (AIM) • AdeptSight (PC) Confidential - Do not Distribute

  22. Sorting, mixing, collating, assembling Pattern configuration Load balancing Process function (Application Software) Build Program these functions by system integrator Buy (Coming soon) Studio-type application with graphical configuration Confidential - Do not Distribute

  23. Quattro Extends Product Range for Packaging Industry Cobra 800 Inverted Quattro s650 Viper 650 Cobra 600 Cobra 350 Viper 850 Viper 1700 Python Cartesian SmartController CX AdeptSight PC Vision Adept PLC Programming Adept Controls on 3rd party mechanisms AnyFeeder Confidential - Do not Distribute

  24. Thank You Confidential - Do not Distribute

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