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Childminding Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Childminding Information Session

Childminding Information Session

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Childminding Information Session

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  1. Childminding Information Session Welcome & Introductions Pippa Williams Mumtaz Hakim Housekeeping, Mobile Phones

  2. Childminding Information Session A career in childminding means: You can offer children a happy and inspirational environment Work in your home, choosing the hours you work & services you provide Running your own business Care for your own children at the same time Meet other childminders in your community

  3. Childminding Services Wrap around care service –before, after school, holidays Flexible care to meet family needs-late shifts, overnight care, weekends, Under three placements 2 year old funded places (those cm Ofsted graded Good or above only)-15 hours a week 3 and 4 yr old funded places-15 hours a week Mixed age ranges also means brothers and sisters can stay together Emergency care service—e.g. Nursery has to close Respite care places Placement whilst waiting for a Nursery place Specialist child-minding service-targeted support placements

  4. Have a career where no two days are the same • Although each day will be different, a childminder’s typical day may include: • Outings (park, library, drop ins ) • Planning fun & stimulating activities • Daily out door play • Provide meals & snacks (involving children in preparation & choices) • Taking children to & from school or clubs • Network Childminder activities • Keeping records, carrying out observations, planning activities, risk assessments

  5. Commitment Are you ready to commit to childminding as a professional career option? Impact on your family Training-evenings, weekends Setting up your business–impact on your home, financial implications, business skills, record keeping Self Development Regular support from the childminding team-support meeting, drop ins, resources, promoting childminding

  6. Registration under the Childcare Act 2006

  7. Registration as a Home Child Carer (Nannying) Caring for a child in the child own home… You will need to register online with Ofsted on the Voluntary Child Care Register You will need to meet the requirements of the Child care register You will need to have a qualification at a minimum of level 2 in an area of work relevant to the childcare, OR successfully completed training in the core skills as set out in the document Common Core of skills and knowledge for the children’s workforce. As set out in by the Department for Education. You will need to have paediatric first aid certificate, minimum of 12 hour course. (see guidance) Handout available of courses available that meet the requirements.

  8. Childminding Information Session Ofsted’s (or Childminder Agency) role is to: • register applicants • inspect childminders regularly after registration • investigate concerns, to check that a childminder is still meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and/or requirements of the Child Care Register • take enforcement action when necessary. • Please note that as from September 2014 childminders will be able to register with either Ofsted or a registered Childminder Agency, the Agency’s role will be the same as Ofsted • (details of local Childminder Agencies will be made available once this is published)

  9. Childminding Information Session Ofsted’s (or Childminder Agency) aims through regulation are to: • protect children • ensure that childminders provide good outcomes for children • ensure that childminders meet the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage and/or the requirements of the Child Care Register • promote high quality in the provision of care and early education • provide reassurance for parents.

  10. Childminding Information Session Who needs to register? A childminder is a person who: • looks after children aged under eight • for more than two hours in any one day • on domestic premises • for reward.

  11. Childminding Information Session You do not need to register as a childminder if you: • are the parent or relative of the child • have parental responsibility for the child • are a foster parent to the child • are looking after the child in the child’s own home (nannying therefore registration under the voluntary child care register) • care for the child between the hours of 6.00 pm and 2.00 am only.

  12. **Early Years Register How do I register as a Childminder? You will need to access a copy of the document, The EYFS (Early Years Foundation) online, you will need to down load it ready for the training please download the Early Years Foundation Stage documents from this website You will need to download FOUR documents from this site: EYFS framework 2014 Early Years Outcomes 3. Development Matter 2012 4. The EYFS Progress check at age two.

  13. What’s in the EYFS? • What you have to do by law • Non statutory guidance for • practitioners • A know How Guide • The non statutory guidance • material support practitioners • in implementing eyfs • Statutory framework for EYFS • Early Years Outcomes • The EYFS Progress check at age two • Development Matters in the EYFS


  15. ** Working as a childminder means:Meeting the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the EYFS There are 9 sub sections of the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements 1. Child Protection- Pge 16 paragraph 3.4 to 3.8 2. Suitable Person -Page 17,20 paragraph 3.9 to 3.19 3. Staff Qualifications - Page 20, 21 paragraph 3.20 to 3.26 4. Key Person - Page 21 para 3.27 5. Staff: Child ratios page 21 par 3.28 3.43 5. Health – Page 25, 26 para 3.44 3.49 6. Managing Behaviour Page 26 para 3.52 to 3.53 7. Safety and Suitability of premises - Page 27 to 29 para 3.57 to3.67 8. Special Educational Needs - Page 29 para 3.67 9. Information and Records – page 29-32 par 3.68 to 3.78

  16. Meeting the EYFS 3 Learning Development Requirements:- There are TWO section of the Learning and Development Requirements 1. Section 1 -The areas of learning and Development- page 7-12 para 1.3- 1.12 The early learning goals – The prime areas Communication and language, Physical Development and Personal, social and emotional development The specific areas- Literacy, mathematics, Understanding the world, Expressive arts and design, 2. Section 2 Assessment - Page 13 – 15 Ongoing assessments, parents kept up to date with child’s progress and development . Progress check at age two written short summary shared with parents

  17. **Early Years Register Numbers of children (1) You can care for no more than 6 children aged under 8. Of these: • no more than 3 children may be aged under 5 • normally no more than 1 child may be aged under 12 months.

  18. **Early Years Register Numbers of children (2) Care provided for children aged 8 and over is not allowed to affect adversely the care provided for children aged under 8. • If you employ an assistant or work with another childminder you may care for additional children. Other factors affecting the number of children for whom you may provide care include: • space available • your own children and any others for whom you are responsible • children that you care for who are aged four and five only and attend the childminding setting before and/or after a normal school day may be counted as being in the later years age group. • You cannot register if you plan to care for a relative e.g grandchildren. Ofsted will refuse your registration

  19. Steps to become a registered childminder in Hackney

  20. You will need to complete 2 courses to become a registered childminder Complete the on line course Award in Preparing to work in home based childcare (HBCA) 10 day CLASSROOM BASED COURSE EYFS Pre Registration Course

  21. Steps to become a registered childminder in Hackney – PATHWAY

  22. Steps to become a registered childminder in Hackney - PATHWAY

  23. Steps to become a registered childminder in Hackney

  24. What will I need to have in place and how much will it cost? £35 Ofsted application (payable at registration) £50 ?plus for Health check(payable at registration) £44 for each DBS check (payable at registration) £183 for on line HBCA course (payable on booking Sept/Oct) £90 for First Aid course (payable after the course-Dec) £35 subscription for data protection-ICO(payable once registered) You will also need to purchase equipment and resources If you are on benefits/job seekers allowance talk to your adviser NOW to see if you are able to apply for the Low Procurement Grant for the training(6weeks to come through) New Enterprise Grant (for setting up a new business) and or the Flexible support fund (for the Ofsted registration costs)

  25. An example of types of equipment and resources for childminding • camera • subscription for nursery world • stationary-folders, lockable storage, • board games • Jigsaws • Musical instruments • Small world equipment • Books including dual language books • Cushions and book storage • Baskets for storing equipment • Posters of positive images and letters and numbers • Maths equipment • Sand tray/water tray • Technology equipment • Multi cultural resources • Double buggy • safety gates • storage units • drawer and cupboard locks • sleeping equipment • hygiene equipment-changing mat, step for sink and toilet • high chair • low table and chairs • garden equipment/outdoor suits for babies • dolls • dressing up clothes • doctors kit • construction toys • creative materials • home corner equipment/imaginary play • natural play materials for treasure basket • writing materials

  26. After completion of your registration with Ofsted(or Childminder Agency)

  27. You will be able to claim back costs for your training, checks, insurance etc up to £500 through a new grant Called the Childcare Business Grants Scheme, this will be available once you are registered with Ofsted Visit the childcare business grants scheme website to find out how to apply Childcare Business Grants Scheme

  28. After completion of your registration with Ofsted

  29. Planning your Registration If you do not register as a childminder within 6 months of completing the EYFS Pre Registration Training then you will be required to complete all or parts of the Pre Registration Training again. So please make sure you do not complete the course until you are ready to start to child mind and offer a service to families in Hackney.

  30. Is Childminding for you? Yes !! Then email to book on the literacy assessment o 18th September at 10am No!!! then perhaps contact FIS for other options in childcare as a career – 0208 820 7590 Need help with childcare? Contact FIS 0208 820 759

  31. **Early Years Register The Support: • Childminding Development Team • Development Coordinator • Network Coordinators (also CM drop-ins) • Training • Further career development

  32. Thank you for attending Childminding Team Pippa Williams 0208 820 7632 Childminding Administrator: 0208 820 7502