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A Best Practice Guide to Using BARS PowerPoint Presentation
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A Best Practice Guide to Using BARS

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A Best Practice Guide to Using BARS
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A Best Practice Guide to Using BARS

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  1. A Best Practice Guide to Using BARS

  2. This slideshow demonstrates best practice in using BARS to write a 'SMART' BAP and report on progress using a model HAP and model SAPs for the London Borough of Wandsworth

  3. You will see a series of screenshots from the BARS data entry application... ... showing best practice examples of how to fill in the various fields

  4. As you click through the slideshow Tips will appear Like this And to help you navigate through the screens, you will be shown where to click next Now click here Like this

  5. Subjects covered: What BARS can do for you: examples of reports The Model BAP: Species and Habitats Setting up a HAP: Acid Grassland in Wandsworth Setting up a SAP: Bats in Wandsworth Model Reporting in BARS: Action reporting Target reporting Overview reporting

  6. What BARS can do for you: examples of reports

  7. and With a SMART BAP on BARS regular progress reporting you can produce up-to-date, informative reports for your partnership and the wider public at the click of a mouse to answer questions like this…

  8. Question: What is the status of the different habitats and species in Wandsworth?

  9. Answer: ‘Partnership habitats and species’ report

  10. Question: I want a progress report on all the HAPs and SAPs by yesterday afternoon!

  11. Answer: ‘Plan overview reports’

  12. Question: Has there been any progress towards BAP targets?

  13. Answer: ‘Target progress across plans’ report

  14. Question: Has anything been done for the Grey Heron in Wandsworth in the last four years?

  15. Answer: ‘Action Progress’ report

  16. Question: I’m interested in bats. What has Wandsworth done for bats, and what is planned for the future?

  17. Answer: ‘Complete Action Plan’ report Now click here

  18. LB Wandsworth: A Model BAP on BARS

  19. Status of species and habitats in Wandsworth

  20. Species the BAP is working on Not a list of every species in the borough Now click here to look at status of the pipistrelle bat Habitats in Wandsworth

  21. Now click here Number of known roosts of pipistrelles in Wandsworth

  22. Now click here to look at status of standing water

  23. Now click here Habitat survey data provided by GiGL

  24. Now click here to look at the loss record

  25. Information on how the loss was managed

  26. Acid Grassland in Wandsworth: A Model HAP on BARS

  27. Acid Grassland is a London BAP Habitat that exists in this borough – therefore it has a HAP Now click here Brief, general overview of status and what HAP wants to achieve… …written in whole sentences in accessible language. Helps the public visualise what the HAP is about

  28. Now click here No need to list species in a HAP… …habitat is usually enough

  29. Now click here to open Target AG02 Habitat Targets: are quantifiable Limited number of targets – 3 or 4 maximum Clear starting point for maintaining extent contribute to London HAP targets for condition & expansion of Acid Grassland are in line with UK BAP target definitions (maintain extent, achieve condition, restoration, expansion)

  30. Now click here

  31. Sp & habs tab Now click here Only the extent of acid grassland will be measured – so no species are listed for this target

  32. Now click here Uses same units as London HAP Target goal is measurable and time-bound

  33. Now click here

  34. 1. Identify sites 2. Find funding for first site 3. Do the work on first site Now click here to open Action AG03.03 4. Consultation for second site Actions fit each stage of project development e.g for creation of acid grassland in Wandsworth (target AG03)…. Action code links to the most relevant target More actions will be added as project develops e.g. AG03.05 Find funding for second site if consultation successful

  35. Realistic time-frame Now click here Clear, specific action

  36. Now click here Specific location identified

  37. Now click here Quantifiable goal for habitat expansion

  38. Now click here Linked to habitat expansion target

  39. Now click here Estimated cost of habitat creation

  40. Now click here In this case, when this action will be considered complete. Comments can be used to clarify issues.

  41. bats Now click here to open Action AG02.03 Most actions will have effects on a wide range of species… Action AG02.03 is about managing acid grassland habitat specifically for bats, so is linked to the Bat SAP target… …but there is no need to list the species or link them to SAPs However…

  42. …and bat species are therefore listed for this action

  43. Bats in Wandsworth: A Model SAP on BARS

  44. Bats have their own SAP because they use a range of habitats and have special requirements that cannot be addressed in a HAP Now click here Vision statement gives a brief introduction to this species group and why it has a SAP Helps the public visualise what the SAP is about

  45. Now click here All bat species found in Wandsworth are listed here The habitats list is left blank as this is a species action plan

  46. Now click here to open Target B01 Species Targets: are quantifiable are in line with UK BAP target definitions (population size or range)

  47. Now click here Not all species will have full survey data as a baseline. This explains the approach taken for this SAP.

  48. Now click here Target Goal is user-defined -overcomes limited survey data for each species

  49. Now click here