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Give Hasting Page Creation PowerPoint Presentation
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Give Hasting Page Creation

Give Hasting Page Creation

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Give Hasting Page Creation

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  1. Give Hasting Page Creation

  2. Today’s Agenda • Creating Your Page • Online Fundraising Tips • Lets Talk Strategy

  3. Who is Razoo? • Razoo is a crowdfunding website for causes. • Through revolutionary products and services that inspire and motivate generosity, we’re out to create a new generation of “everyday” philanthropists for whom generosity is part of an ongoing lifestyle.

  4. Create Your Page

  5. Creating Your Page • Claim Your Nonprofit • Log-in to your user account • Use the Cause Set Up Box • Tell your story • Include suggested donation amounts • Upload videos and images with captions • Create a thank you video and message • Set up a matching grant • Integrate social media

  6. Tell Your Story • Tell the story of how your nonprofit meets needs in your community. • Edit and update text in the “edit” tab or your page

  7. Edit Your Page • Highlight the value of a donor’s investment with suggested donation amounts • Use Descriptors in the “Set your Goals” that tell a donor what their money will be used for after the event

  8. Images and Video • Show your nonprofit at work with images and video • Use captions to further tell your story • Upload videos from YouTube or Vimeo • Select and Image to be your thumbnail

  9. Thank Your Donors! • Thank your donors twice as often as you ask them • Upload a Thank You Video for a personal touch • Include a message in your donor’s automatic receipt to create that warm fuzzy feeling of donor engagement

  10. Share Your Page • Spread the word via Social media on the “share” tab • Ask supports reach out their inner circle of social media friends to support you on the day • Use QR Codes at live events

  11. Check Your Donations • An email notification is sent to your user account email when a donation is made • Click on the “Donations” tab to view donor information and download the report • Donations are disbursed on the 10th of each month

  12. Set Up a Matching Grant • Display a dollar-for-dollar matching grant on your page • The match does not need to be verified through Razoo • The matching grant icon will appear on your page at midnight of the start date and track the amount left of the grant as donations are made

  13. Online Fundraising Tips

  14. Prep Yourself • Create Goals. Create both internal and public goals you’d like to achieve for each campaign. This will help you measure success. • Build an Editorial Calendar. Map out your outreach activity to stay organized for consistent messaging. • Host a Live Event! Get your supports interested.

  15. Use Images and Video Campaigns with at least one image or video raise 2x more money than those without. So, use imagery that helps tell your story and speaks to your audience.

  16. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask • Start by asking your inner circleand expand from there. • Be direct and ASK your supporters to take action. Staff, Board of Directors, Key Influencers Volunteers, Friends Donors, Social Networks

  17. Stay Connected • Share and ask donors to share. One Facebook share is worth around $18 in donations. • Make Conversation. Razoo campaigns with at least one comment raise 8.3x more money. • Think 50/50. Balance your “donate” posts with original content, information or conversation to bring meaning to your social media persona. • Empower motivated supporters. Razoo calls them “champions of a cause”, these motivated donors are able to fundraiser on your behalf- so ask them too! • THANK YOUR SUPPORTERS, THEN DO IT AGAIN!

  18. Lets Talk Strategy

  19. Lets Talk Strategy Communication • Create a communication plan, draft templates • Recruit others to amplify your message • Media Sponsors • Business Partners • Use multiple channels • Facebook/Twitter/Google+ • E-mail, e-mail signatures, e-newsletters • Word of mouth • Flyers in a local business • Video

  20. Lets Talk Strategy On the Giving Day • Send 3 main e-mails • Fundraising progress • Reminder of goals and prize incentives • Reason to give again and share to social network • Be on the ground • Invite people in – open house, happy hour • Go to where the people are with iPads and on mobile.

  21. Lets Talk Strategy Thank Your Donors • Thank in real-time • Use social media for shout outs • Send follow-up e-mails • Follow-up 2-5 days after the event • Physical notes to top donors • Make phone calls • Long-term • Provide ways for them to receive updates • Let them know the end results

  22. Be Creative! • Try something new, experiment • Have an internal competition • Active Your Volunteer Base • Get Your Board members involved • Fundraise with your personality • Connect online and offline with the actual work you do

  23. Keeping it Real • Online Fundraising does not replace traditional fundraising, it expands impact and donor base. • It is not one size fits all: some strategies may work for your NPO, others not so much. • It is not an over-night success story: commit the time needed to your online campaign. • A monetary goal is not always the only goal: awareness, volunteerism, followers, likes, conversation, lessons learned- it all has value. • You will raise more money online than you think! SO COMMIT TO THE CHALLENGE!

  24. Thank You! We are excited to see you succeed, please contact Razoo with any questions: or 866-437-1952.