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WWW Refelctions PowerPoint Presentation
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WWW Refelctions

WWW Refelctions

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WWW Refelctions

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  1. WWW Refelctions By Jibrail

  2. Sunday Today was the first day of WWW and we started off with team building activities. It was boys vs. girls. The girls won most of the time but the boys won some to. Then we went to lunch at CMU and it was really good. Then we came back and did some more team activities and then went home.

  3. Monday Today we had to start making posters that represented each person in our group and one of the learner profiles. We didn’t have enough time because a fire alarm went off. Then we came back and tried to finish it off but we had to go because school finished.

  4. Tuesday Today we got time in the morning to finish off our posters and it was really good. Then we listened to a teacher talk about how he survived tsunami. Then we had to make public service announcements. We then went to Georgetown to have lunch and learn about flags. We then came back and finished off our announcements.

  5. Wednesday Today we went to the QSTP and learnt how robotic surgery is done and we did virtual simulations to learn how to do robotic surgery ourselves. Then we came back and did mind activities and we did the sorting machine and we got candy at the end. Then we went to Georgetown and made our own flags. Then we came back and went home.