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Mastering Your Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Mastering Your Life

Mastering Your Life

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Mastering Your Life

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  1. Welcome to Daryn Weatherman opened St. Charles Glass and Glazing Inc. in 1995. As a resident of St. Charles, Weatherman wanted to provide an expert and reliable resource for developers, homeowners and businesses doing glass projects in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding area.

  2. Prepare for a Glass Project in Your Home Daryn Weatherman’s St. Charles Glass expertly completes home glass projects that range from basic necessities to extravagant luxuries. You may just need to replace a simple broken window. On the other hand, you might want to add interest to your home with a beautiful custom shower surround, In either case, the right approach will make the project run more smoothly. Assess Your Needs Think first about what you need to make your life easier. A good place to start is to look at all the broken or chipped glass in your home to see where any problems lie. Is your coffee table’s glass top chipped? Does your bay window have a crack down the center? There is no time like the present to take care of these basic needs related to shelter and safety.

  3. Daryn Weatherman to install your glass patio door Choosing a quality door that is affordable  can sometimes be a difficult decision and by  hiring an experienced contractor they will not only be able to install your patio door, they will assist you by choosing the appropriate style that will work best for the area of the country you live in. For instance if you live in a colder climate you will want to choose a design that offers a double pane or in a warmer climate you may need additional window tinting on your patio door to keep your area from the heat of the sun.

  4. Address: 1840 W Pearce Blvd Wentzville, MO, 63385 6363325339 Daryn Weatherman