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An overview

An overview

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An overview

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  1. The role of the Higher Education Academy for UK HEDr Simon Steiner – Discipline Lead (Engineering)The Higher Education Academy, June 2012

  2. An overview • The changing (UK) higher education environment • Services for academic staff in support to the pedagogy of their learning and teaching • A re-structured Higher Education Academy • Working with your discipline • Achievements during the transition period • Funding initiatives and opportunities • Further engagement with the HEA and with your discipline

  3. The higher education environment • A new era in higher education, with a rapidly and increasingly changing landscape: • Student fees • Learning technologies • Increased competition • Employers and employability • Reduced teaching budgets • Growing student numbers • Changes in student expectations, and increased attention on the quality and status of teaching • The Academy’s focusis the students’ learning experience, and on work to enhance the quality of that experience

  4. Service provision for academic staff by the Higher Education Academy • The HEA provides pedagogic services as support to all academic and academically-related staff at UK HEIs • HEIs currently pay an annual subscriptionproportional to the size of student body, and additionally can purchase services on a contractual basis • Built on the 12-year history of Subject Centres (SCs), formerly located at chosen HEIs across UK • Legacy of provision from SCs, with a new structure, modes of delivery and engagement from August 2011 • Delivery through Discipline Leads (28), and thematically through Academic Leads (10)

  5. A re-structured Academy – August 2011 onward • All activity now based from York, with offices in Edinburgh and Cardiff • Remains owned by the HE community, through UUK and GuildHE, and funded by the 4 funding HE councilsacross the UK, with subscriptions from HEIs, and with external grants • Working in partnership with institutions and sector bodies, to shape learning and teaching in UK higher education through the disciplines, to deliver both thematic and discipline-specific engagement

  6. The new structure at the HEA • The delivery of services is through activities under three headings: • Academic practice development (department, faculty) • National workshops/seminars • Support to staff - PGTA/new-to-teaching staff workshops • Teaching development grants • Teacher excellence (university) • Accreditation; UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF); Recognition via National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) • Institutional strategy and change (university) • Consultancy; Summits; Partnership development

  7. Academic Practice Development • Academic Practice Development comprises four clusters: • STEM, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities • STEM comprises: • Physical Sciences; Maths, Stats. & OR; Computer Science; Engineering (inc.Materials); BioSciences; Geography; Psychology; Built Environment

  8. Transition activities (August ’11 to May ’12) in engineering and materials • Transition-funded work : • Centre for Engineering and Design Education (CEDE) at Loughborough; • UK Centre for Materials Education (UKCME) at Liverpool • On-going support to communities of practice: • via E-Bulletins, website updates (news, events), SIGs, enquiries; • New Lecturers’ and PGTA Workshops; • Engineering Education journal; external projects’ dissemination (HE-STEM, OER, GDEE); • EE2012 conference – 18-20th Sept ,at Coventry, and sponsored by HEA

  9. Your discipline - 1 • Work is established and delivered through Discipline Leads • Supported by ADOs and appointed Academic Associates, to work with the discipline, within a cluster, and across disciplines • Thematic and Discipline funded Calls for Teaching Development Grants (individual, department, collaborative) • the hosting of events (seminars/workshops), and award of Travel Grants • New to Teaching event(s) and PGTA workshop(s) across STEM • Annual HEA STEM Conference: 12/13th April 2012 at Imperial

  10. Your discipline - 2 • Networking across your discipline sector, looking at future developments • Engagement with professional bodies and organisations (on committees, provision of workshops with accrediting PBs, RAEng, EPC, EC, EngNet/SSCs) • Engagement with international groups (CDIO, AAEE, ASEE/NAE, SEFI/IGIP) • Formation/support of discipline Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – Global Dimensions; Future of Engineering Education • Support to prior SIGs, and communities of practice

  11. Further engagement with the HEA • Support to initiatives with Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland (Employability; Resources, Curriculum, SSCs, Strategic Subjects), and Initiatives • Promotion of Academy initiatives and funded programmes – UKPSF, HEAR, Student-led Awards, the International Scholarship Scheme, the Doctoral (PhD) Programme, Change Programmes • Commissioning of new work (studies, reports, resources...), new areas of working (support, advice) • Please let us know how we can work with you… – engineering - GEES – Built Environment

  12. Your feedback…to us • What one thing will you take from this event back into your teaching? • What one thing could we do better, add to the event next time? • Please let us know how we can work with you…– engineering - GEES – Built Environment