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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

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A Better Tomorrow

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  1. A Better Tomorrow 2012 - 2013 FASC Project Florida Association of Student Councils

  2. The purpose of “A Better Tomorrow” is for students to support education through funding. These funds would ensure the needs for a rigorous curriculum, superior incentives, more materials, extracurricular activities and contemporary technology integrated throughout the school system. With this funding public schools can finally receive the respect they deserve. Purpose Florida Association of Student Councils

  3. Passion Student Council is located at the heart of an educational institution, and even so, education still appears to be one of the least respected and under-funded institutions. As leaders of today we must solve this problem. Be passionate while working on this project! “It's time to stop just talking about education reform and start actually doing it. It's time to make education America's national mission.” – President Barack Obama, November 4, 2009 Florida Association of Student Councils

  4. Fundraise In today’s economy funding is being cut from schools; some schools are adjusting to these cuts, but they shouldn’t have to! Rise up to the challenge and start fundraising for your school. Florida Association of Student Councils

  5. Lobbying among the 2012 FASC adopted resolutions we have two resolutions that request funding for education and interscholastic athletics. In the following slides are the two resolutions that I urge you to stand up for and make your voice be heard. Set up soapboxes in your community! Make petitions demanding for solutions Send out letters to your local representatives!

  6. A RESOLUTION TO RAISE FUNDING FOR EDUCATION 1. WHEREAS in 1987 The Florida Public Education Lottery Act was enacted 2. into law and the funds raised by the lottery were not to be used to 3. supplement educational funding but for the enhancement of education. 4. WHEREAS Since 1987 the number of public school students and public 5. schools in the state has increased. 6. WHEREAS the amount of money earmarked by the state for public 7. education has decreased. 8. WHEREAS the constitution of the State of Florida especially states that it 9. is the duty of the state to provide a “quality” public education. 10. WHEREAS in 2002 the constitution of the State of Florida was amended 11. to reduce class size which increased the cost of public education 12. WHEREAS since 1988 the percentage of the state budget devoted to 13. education has been reduced annually 14. WHEREAS For the past four years the actual funds earmarked by the 15. state for support of education has been reduced 16. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the percentage of the overall 17. state budget earmarked for public education be returned to the same 18. percentage as was provided in 1987. Proposed by Majory Stoneman Douglas High School FASC District VI

  7. RESOLUTION TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS 1. WHEREAS recent educational budget cuts have forced many school 2. districts to reduce funds for high school interscholastic athletic 3. programs. 4. WHEREAS those budget cuts have forced districts to eliminate teams and 5. to limit the number of participants on specific teams thereby reducing the 6. opportunity for student to participate in interscholastic athletic programs 7. WHEREAS those same budget cuts have forced some schools to institute 8. “pay to play” policies. 9. WHERAS the benefits to the students who participate in interscholastic 10. athletics have been well documented. 11. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the State of Florida institute a one- 12. dollar ($1.00) tax on all tickets to all professional sporting events held in 13. the State of Florida and that those funds raised be earmarked specially 14. for high school interscholastic athletics. 15. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these funds be proportionally divided 16. between school districts based on the number of traditional public high 17. schools with interscholastic sports programs and be divided among all 18. high schools, traditional and charter, in those districts that have 19. interscholastic athletic programs. Proposed by MajoryStoneman Douglas High School FASC District VI

  8. Stay informed with your governor! Rick ScottContact InformationOffice of Governor Rick ScottState of FloridaThe Capitol400 S. Monroe St.Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 (850) 488-7146 Rick Scott’s homepage

  9. Still having trouble brainstorming? Here are some organizations that help our purpose: Florida Association of Student Councils

  10. Strive for a Better Tomorrow If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your FASC executive board. Florida Association of Student Councils