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American Host Families-A Better Tomorrow- Today PowerPoint Presentation
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American Host Families-A Better Tomorrow- Today

American Host Families-A Better Tomorrow- Today

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American Host Families-A Better Tomorrow- Today

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  1. American Host Families-A Better Tomorrow- Today American host families are the essence of hosting students seeking to discover new adventures in the United States. From countless hours spent in preparation for the arrival of someone they have never met before, American host families endure, unite and continue to excel. Based on the belief that all are created equal regardless of country of origin, color or creed, American host families open their homes with enthusiasm that is evident and everlasting. American host families are not specialized care facilities or government agencies but families with true American values and beliefs that have been passed down from generations to generations. Regardless of the number of students arriving American host families strive to make their new member(s) of their immediate family feel welcomed and safe. American host families are families that care, families that have compassion towards others living in less fortunate countries torn by poverty and government agencies that mandate minimal rights that are plagued by dictatorship leaders. American host families are strong, sincere, trustworthy and forthcoming if needed. Often sacrificing their own personal well-being, American host families excel in leadership while maintaining a home atmosphere that is inviting and warm, without fear of the unknown, without possible persecutionfor personal beliefs that are ignored and scorned upon .American host families offer the foreign exchange student an opportunity to discover, an opportunity to live free, an opportunity to learn, undaunted by outside negative influences. American host families value all lives not as a mere existence, but as a life with unlimited possibilities, a life with a future that has yet to be developed, yet to succeed in obtaining goals previously set forth by incoming students from abroad. Beyond character development and the promise for a better future with removal of ever present obstacles, American family hosts enlighten all incoming students with presentation of facts, not fiction, on the Heritage of American culture that made America what it is today. American host families remove all negativity while building a brighter tomorrow for incoming students with positive reinforcement; American host families build confidence in visiting students from abroad, to achieve their desired goals, to reach higher for platforms with the ability that lies within each student.

  2. American host families are continuous hosting students annually from countries that remain anonymous unheard of and often forgotten. In some cases, American host families have hosted students continually for thirty-one years totaling over seventy-two students from across the globe, all without praises or awards only because there was a need for such involvement. The love and compassion that was shared then, continues today. No other reward is greater than improving the life of some one less fortunate even for a few weeks. No other attribute speaks more for American hosting families. American host families will continue to host students from abroad. American host families will provide an opportunity for all who seek to discover, to learn, to search for answers to century old questions with answers for a better tomorrow, today. Articles Source :