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Quiz Questions

Quiz Questions

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Quiz Questions

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  1. Quiz Questions 1 6 2 7 8 3 9 4 10 5 Home Page

  2. You’re a great detective! That’s Correct! Click here to continue.

  3. Try better next time! Sorry, that’s not correct! Click here to continue.

  4. 1.What do you do now? Walk around and sneak in the back door. Leave and forget the case. Barge in . Ring the doorbell again and try again. Home Page

  5. 2.You pick the lock on the back door and what do you do now? Stay and eat snacks from the fridge. Go interview each person. Sneak upstairs where the bedrooms are to look for jewelry where the golden watch would be. Leave because you’re scared. Home Page

  6. 3.You’re in Mr. and Mrs. Hunters’ bedroom and you hear them coming…What do you do? Stay and confess because you feel guilty. Go break the window then jump through it. Knock them out cold and take over the house. Hide in the Bunches of clothes in Mrs. Hunters walk-in closet. Home Page

  7. 4.You hear their whole conversation, and they say they feel guilty about something but you don’t know what. So, what do you do now? Stay and try on Mrs. Hunter’s clothes. Go accuse them of stealing the watch . Go tackle them to find information until they call the police. Walk out of the closet and search their room when you hear Mr. and Mrs. Hunter walk out of their room to somewhere else in the house.. Home Page

  8. 5.You come out of the closet and you look through all of the drawers and found nothing. What do you do now? Yougive up and walk out and tell Mrs. Smith you found nothing and to give up the case You scream in frustration and draw the Hunters to where you are. You go walk down the hall to Sophie the 17 year old’s room and search their. You walk to Mrs. Smith and tell her you found the watch but the Hunter’s wouldn’t let you have it. Home Page

  9. 6.You walk to Sophie’s room and make sure no ones around and her room is so messy!! You dig through her drawers… UGHHH!!! You find nothing. What do you do? You give up and walk out and tell Mrs. Smith you found nothing and to give up the case. You’re frustrated but you keep going to the next room which is Emily’s room the 13 year old. You get tired and fall asleep on Sophie’s bed. You go down stairs and yell at Sophie and ask where the watch is. Home Page

  10. 7.You walk into Emily’s room and you didn’t find the golden watch. However, you find her journal and you look at one of her entries- “I’m wondering why Maid Linda walked in the back door of the Smith’s house. Ever since she didn’t want anyone to go in her room!!!”What does this Journal entry mean? It means that Maid Linda is very friendly with the Smith’s! It means that the maid is a suspicious suspect. It means that Emily is a very curious person. None of the above. Home Page

  11. 8.So you walk out of Emily’s room and you go to the next room hoping it will be the maids room. Ughh, it isn’t the maids room; it’s Hope the 10 year olds room. Should you walk out or not? Yes because you are getting bored so you should just go home. No because you should stay there and wait for Hope to come in and ask her where the golden watch would be hidden. No because you should stay and search for a couple of minutes just in case the golden watch is really in there! Yes because if it wasn’t in Emily or Sophie’s room, why would it be in a 10 year olds room? Home Page

  12. 9.You check Hope’s room, nothing there (of course!!) the next room there is, is the 6 year old boy twins room- Nate and Matt’s room and the 3 year old little Lucy’s room but you don’t even bother checking their rooms. The very last room in the huge hallway is Maid Linda’s room. You walk in and see a chest with a lock on it saying- “Kids and Mr. and Mrs. Hunter- Please do not try to open. Thank you.” What should you do? You should find Maid Linda and ask her what is in the chest. You should find Maid Linda and ask her for the key. You should get a paper-clip and try to pick the lock on the chest. You should leave the chest alone and search other places. Home Page

  13. 10.You open the chest and find the golden watch. What do you do now? Take the watch and sell it for money. Just leave it there and don’t do any thing. Sneak back out with the watch and give it to Mrs. Smith Take the watch to your house and tell Mrs. Smith that you didn’t find it