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T h e B i r t h d a y C a r d PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e B i r t h d a y C a r d

T h e B i r t h d a y C a r d

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T h e B i r t h d a y C a r d

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  1. T h e B i r t h d a y C a r d Milton H. Erickson Milton H. Erickson for E-version prepared by Clay Leeds Courtesy of Medata, Inc. Card created by Philip & Norma Barretta

  2. Preface This demonstration will present the contents of a birthday card that was created by Phil and Norma Barretta, and given to Milton H. Erickson. They intended to deliver it personally to Dr. Erickson on his birthday, December 5, 1979. However, a prior engagement, which involved presenting a symposium in Italy, prevented Phil and Norma from delivering it. Robert Dreibelbis, M.D. and I were to be the replacement students in a scheduled training session Dr. Erickson regularly gave at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. Phil and Norma asked Bob and me to present the card for them. We did so, and we had a life-changing experience for our efforts. The birthday card contains multiple pages with embedded Ericksonian-type messages. These messages were immediately understood by Dr. Erickson, who was pleased with the card, and showed it to his many students and friends in the future. I believe the challenge that you will face in viewing this demonstration is to attempt to grasp the specific message on each page of the card. Once you have done so, I believe you will share the same thrill experienced by Dr. Erickson. Constantine Callas, M.D.September 5, 2001 NOTE: Use arrow keys to go forward or back.

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