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【 AuroRa interactive】 [Aurora world] PowerPoint Presentation
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【 AuroRa interactive】 [Aurora world]

【 AuroRa interactive】 [Aurora world]

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【 AuroRa interactive】 [Aurora world]

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  1. 【AuroRa interactive】 [Aurora world]

  2. Our Advantage Technology: Independent Developed 3D “Wonderland”Engine , Integrated Graphics playing acceptable Set with powerful easy editor, independent developed server constructionof each bears over 2000p. Real-time activated Game Data, easygame content adjustment. No frequent Version re-edited matter Original-created Anti-Hack system, absolutely stops cheating happening. Game Development: Creative Design Concept Outstanding Art Style Efficient Programming Rhythm Game Operation: Automatic real-time supervising-updating function In-game automatic warning, data-control capability

  3. CEO:Frank Fang 1990 Master in Computer Science @University of Texas Software Consultant experience from Nortel, Ericsson an expert at Computer technical field 2002VP @ Roxus & Team leader of encryption for Digital TV in the Ministry of Information Industry CTO@17Game CEO and Establisher @ Aurora Interactive 2010 HD [ Aurora World ] published in China

  4. Team Frame Core Member possess 5-8 years related experience Development Members absorbed from «Ages of Conan» EA«ZhengTu» « Giant » Giant « Perfect World- International » Perfect World « Eudemons Online » Net Dragon « Phoenix Dynasty » Object Software Operation Members Organized From «Special Force» 17game «The Lord of the Rings» CDC games «Scion of Fate» 17game « Millenium» Shanda Games

  5. Operation Commercialized @ 2010.9.28 Innovative Wonderland 3D Engine Tailored Oriental Fairy mystery Story Themed 3D MMORPG developed since 2007 Eulogized as one of the most outstanding Online game in 2010 《Aurora World》

  6. Background Anyone could practice to be kind-hearted or sink to be evil-spirited. On Aurora Continent, Silver Moon, Golden Sun, Jade Star--- 3 kingdoms have to get together fight for evil, in the meantime overcome their own interior conflicts.History awaits your participation…

  7. Warrior The symbol of Power, the pioneer of Battle, the elite of Sword. LV40after: Sword man ----PVP Errant ----PVE

  8. Mage China Ancient Geomancy Expert Supreme Taoism disciple. Demon Hunter, Battle Controller. After LV40 : Sorcerer----PVP Illusionist----PVE

  9. Alchemy Human rescuer. Benevolent sage. A figure worthy respect. LV40after: Healing God ---PVE Conjurer ---PVP Poison oriented

  10. Occultism Filth absorber. Curse imposer. Ghost inspirer . Extraordinary but not abnormal LV40 after: Warlock---PVP Ghost Summon Bishop ---PVE Fearful priest

  11. Private escort Derivation All treasures derive from Chinese classic folklore novels 《搜神记》、《太平广记》. Classification Ride method:Aerial & Earthly Appearance :Giant & Beast & Treasure Usage Geomancy gifted Escort absorbs souls through battles, assist players within,and evaluation in battles influences the Spirit trait of players directly, all indicates the importance of “Escort”

  12. escort

  13. Success proof PCU >55,000 ARPU 250-300 RMB\M Server 21groups (Total 42-45) Outside Scene 83 pieces 512m*512m City Scene 10 pieces 512m*512m Instance 26 pieces 512m*512m Music 79 pieces Sound Effect 3268 at present Equipment >2000(without repeat) Item-Mall Category >300 (without repeat )

  14. Live Scene

  15. Live scene

  16. Development plan April 『Guild War』『Interface Optimization』 May 『Escort System-Evolution』『Role New Skill 』 June『New profession-Bowman、Bandit』『 Lv80-Lv120 Content Added』 Configuration Minimum CPU memory:512M Hard Disk: 4G Display Card: GF5200 or equal 128MB one Recommended CPU memory: 1GHard Disk:4G Display Card: GF8600or equal 256MB one

  17. Thanks! 《aurora world》 team