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Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching (Best Practices) Dr. Jon Anton Director of Research Center for Customer-Driven Quality Purdue University Sponsored by HyperQuality Monitor and evaluate your calls overnight Recommend specific actions for coaching Off-premises and on-demand

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  1. Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching(Best Practices)Dr. Jon AntonDirector of ResearchCenter for Customer-Driven QualityPurdue UniversitySponsored byHyperQuality

  2. Monitor and evaluate your calls overnight Recommend specific actions for coaching Off-premises and on-demand A special thanks to our Sponsor:

  3. Some amazing statistics…!!!

  4. 200,000 + The number of contact centers in the world…

  5. 15,000,000,000 + The number of contacts between customers and companies in 2007…

  6. 50 + Average number of agents per contact center…

  7. 5,000,000+ Approximate number of agents working in contact centers worldwide…

  8. Contact Centers are:

  9. a BIG industry… that requires a lot of people… and complex enabling technology

  10. A very exciting time to be in customer service contact centers!

  11. All slides can be found as follows: Go to: www.BenchmarkPortal.com Search for: “Monitor and Coaching”

  12. TM Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching Your Name Here has attended a seminar focused on Call Monitoring and Agent Coaching leading to operational efficiency and effectiveness. March 2007

  13. Introduction to BenchmarkPortal The 24 key processes in all call centers Agent coaching best practices Call monitoring best practices Example of evaluations tied to coaching Return on investment (ROI) Conclusions and Recommendations Topics

  14. 1. Introduction to BenchmarkPortal…

  15. Largest call center performance database in the world Collecting data since 1995 Over 46,000 members of our Benchmarking Community The BenchmarkPortal Database

  16. Telephone IVR Email Chat Web self-service Multi-Channel Benchmarking

  17. Hiring Screening Compensation Monitoring Coaching Many more…. Benchmarking Center Processes

  18. We aggregate the data into Business Intelligence

  19. Metrics related to “Quantity” of calls handled

  20. Metrics related to “Quantity” of calls handled

  21. Compared you to others in the your industry… Metrics related to “Quantity” of calls handled

  22. Performance Matrix Quality Caller Sat Cost

  23. The “real” challenge is: “balancing Quality and Cost…”

  24. Performance Matrix Cost Index

  25. Performance Matrix High Low

  26. Performance Matrix Caller Sat Quality Index Cost Index

  27. Performance Matrix Low High Caller Sat Cost Index

  28. Performance Matrix Quality Please take a quick guess…. Which quadrant are you in? Caller Sat Cost

  29. Performance Matrix Corporate Liability High Quality Low Cost

  30. The Quality Index This is where you want to be The Cost Index

  31. Your name here

  32. Centers of Excellence are the BEST because they focus on implementing BEST Practices.

  33. “Best Practices” result when highly creative companies optimize the combination of people, processes, and technologies to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction at the minimum cost…

  34. 2. Twenty-four key processes in all call centers

  35. Telephone Channel Moment of Truth “The Call” Internal Metrics External Metrics AHT ACWT Response Time Service Level And More • Customer Experience • Reaching an agent • Getting a response • Issue resolved 24 processes that Impact “The Call” Hiring New Employees Call Quality Monitoring Training Employees Call Routing Employee Development Reporting And eighteen more processes…

  36. 24 Processes affecting “The Call” Analytics and Reporting Hiring New Employees Call Center Performance Evaluation Training Agents Caller Satisfaction Measurement Agent Development Caller Service Recovery Real-Time Expert Help for Agents Agent Satisfaction Measurement Agent Compensation Caller Self Service Telephone Service Improvement Performance Benchmarking Information Access CRM Implementation Agent Workforce Optimization Teleservices Outsourcing Call Quality Monitoring Facilities Management Agent Coaching Call Routing Information Technology Call Center Communications Telecommunications

  37. We expect our Agents to do “everything!” handle more customers address more complex requests handle more volume give customers choice and control provide more information be more available and accessible personalize it do it faster incorporate new technologies lower costs ensure closure and commitment generate revenue deliver “great” service

  38. 3. Best Practices in Coaching

  39. What can we learn from Professional Coaches?

  40. the size of the arena is fixed, the rules of play are set in concrete, the caliber of the referees is universal, the selection of players is controlled by league rules, the number of total players (50) on a team is controlled (football), there is a “salary cap” for the total team, which limits the “rich from getting richer”, to name only a few. In sports, the following are universal “equalizers”

  41. the budget allocate to coaching is different at every call center, agents are geographically different, agents are culturally different, the ratio of coaches to agents is different who does the coaching is different In call centers, almost everything is uncontrolled regarding coaching

  42. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." • Franklin D. Roosevelt • Longest serving President • Great depression President • World War II President • Coaching a nation

  43. "Build up your weaknesses until they become your strengths." • Knute Rockne • Knute Rockne had such an outstanding career that he is an American folk hero. • Coached Notre Dame to five undefeated seasons without a tie. • Known as one of the most innovative and charismatic coaches of his era.

  44. “They call it coaching, but really it’s teaching!” • Vince Lombardi • Super Bowl trophy was named the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy • Named NFL Coach of the Year in 1959 • Named NFL Coach of the Decade in the 1960s

  45. “When coaching, seek first to discover before passing judgment!” • Charlene Stringer • The only coach in NCAA history to lead three different women's programs to the NCAA Championships. • Led her teams to 20 NCAA Tournament appearances

  46. “I'm here to be your coach… I'm not here to be your friend.” Herb Brooks Considered by many to be the greatest ice hockey coach ever. In 1980, he coached the U.S. Olympic team to beat the Soviets, considered by many to be the greatest ice hockey team in the world at the time.

  47. “I don't yell a lot. In fact, yelling will be rare. When I get mad, I usually talk at the same volume I'm talking now. But, when I get really mad…. I whisper .” • Tony Dungy • First African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl on February 4, 2007, when his Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears. • The first coach in Colts history to make the playoffs and win at least 10 games in six consecutive years.

  48. “Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.” • Bobby Knight • Had 902 career wins • Winningest coach in history • National coach of the year four times

  49. “I don’t mind being tough, because my dad was tough,” “I don’t mind showing affection, because my mother showed affection.” • Patricia Summitt • As head coach of the 1984 U.S. Women’s U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team, saw her team bring home the gold. • The first woman basketball coach to break the million-dollar-a-year salary ceiling.

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