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Use of ICT in Publishing PowerPoint Presentation
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Use of ICT in Publishing

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Use of ICT in Publishing
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Use of ICT in Publishing

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  1. Use of ICT in Publishing

  2. What is Desktop publishing (DTP)? It refers to the process of using the computer to produce professional documents, also through photo image and editing software.

  3. Who uses DTP?

  4. Newspaper and Magazines

  5. Staff who design the layouts for newspapers and magazines will use DTP to help them achieve a professional and eye-catching design.

  6. Book Publishers

  7. Book covers may be created by usingimages drawn by artists and then incorporating them with text using DTP software.

  8. Business and Charities

  9. They may use DTP to create leaflets, posters or flyers to advertise their business or to publicise anevent.

  10. Teachers

  11. Teachers often use DTP software to produce worksheets or exercises for students to use in class.

  12. Hardware requirements • Computer • Printer • Scanner • Digital Camera

  13. Computer A Very powerful computer is needed with a lot of memory and a large hard drive, because manipulating pictures on the screen takes a lot of computing power.

  14. Printer • Ink-jet printer is used that is capable of printing in colour. • Laser printers produce better quality, but colour laser printer are very expensive.

  15. Scanner A scanner is used to scan photographs and hand-drawn drawings into a document.If there is large amount of text to input, this can also be scanned in.

  16. Digital Camera Digital cameras are able to take photographs that are digitised and stored inside the camera.

  17. Advantages of Digital Camera • There is no need for films • Don’t need to have the photos developed • Images transfer directly to the computer • Images can be alteredand sized

  18. Features available in DTP Software • Templates • Style Sheets • Text Frame

  19. Templates The templates come with a laid out design with little, images and text already in place.

  20. Advantages of using templates • Templates can save time • Consistent style – if everyone in an organisation uses the same template

  21. Text Frame Text and graphics are placed in frames. These frames can then be moved around the document and repositioned.

  22. Style Sheets Style sheets are used to help make the text, headings and subheadings consistent. It also makes it easier and quicker to apply styles to the document.

  23. Done By : Moza Al-Moosa