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Word Forms

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Word Forms

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  1. Word Forms Verb Jeong succeeds in school NounSuccess is important to Jeong. Adjective Jeong is a successful student. Adverb Jeong successfully completed algebra.

  2. Suffixes can help you recognize a word’s part of speech. • Verb Suffixes -ate investigate -ify notify -en shorten -ize hospitalize

  3. Nouns Suffixes -ment involvement -er writer -ness happiness -or actor -ion permission -ism communism -ship friendship -ist socialist -ance tolerance -ity possibility -ence reference -cy accuracy

  4. Adverb Suffixes -ly happily

  5. Adjectives Suffixes -ous famous -ing boring -ful helpful -ed excited -less careless -ish foolish -ive creative -ate literate -able acceptable -y scary -ible responsible -ly friendly -ant tolerant -like childlike -ent dependent -some handsome -ic allergic -an African -al classical -ese Chinese

  6. -ing and –ed Adjectives • He was a boring teacher, so there were many bored students in his class. • At the end of a tiring day, the tired children were happy to go home.

  7. Locate and correct the word form errors. • I am interesting in Arab literature. • Read the chapter careful. • Is she a success businesswoman? • I am disappoint about my math grade. • Look in the back of the book for a referencing.

  8. Comparatives with adjectives and adverbs • With one syllable adjectives and adverbs, add –er. Marvin is busier than I am. (adjective) Not: Marvin is more busier than I am. Ali works harder than Tim. (adverb) Not: Ali works more harder than Tim.

  9. With adjectives and adverbs with two or more syllables, add more/less. I am serious about work, but Marvin is more/less serious than I am. (adjective) I work carefully, but he works more/less carefully than I do. (adverb)

  10. Irregular Comparative Forms • Jose is a good socializer. • Jose is a better socializer than Lee. (adjective) • Marie sings well. • Marie sings better than Paula. (adverb) • My spelling is bad. • My spelling is worse than yours. (adjective) • Martin drives badly. • Martin drives worse than Charlie. (adverb)

  11. Superlatives with adjectives and adverbs • With one syllable adjectives and adverbs, add the + –est. Alyssa is the tallest in the class. (adjective) Not: Alyssa is the most tallest in the class. Cathy reads the fastest in the class. (adverb) Not: Cathy reads the most fastest in the class.

  12. With adjectives and adverbs with two or more syllables, add the most/least. Target is the most/least convenient store in the city. (adjective) This train runs the most/least frequently of all the trains. (adverb)

  13. Irregular Superlative Forms • CSUF has a good ESL Program. • Fullerton College has the best program. (adjective) • Marybeth writes well. • Marie writes the best in our school. (adverb) • My spelling is bad. • Lana is the worst speller in the class. (adjective) • Martin drives badly. • Martin drives the worst of all his friends. (adverb)

  14. Locate and correct the word form errors. • He has the expensivest car. • A Honda is more cheaper than a BMW. • We have the baddest record in the league. • Is the highway convenienter than the side streets? • I did good on the final exam.

  15. Easily Confused Words, p. 83 Locate and correct the errors with easily confused words. • Do you have there phone number? • I did to much exercise yesterday. • My broken toe effects my posture. • I know where your going. • We past the airport on our way home.