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Writer’s Notebook

Writer’s Notebook. 12/11/09. Often, people talk about the ideal of everyone being equal. Is it possible for everyone to truly be equal? Why or why not?. Speculative Fiction. Where are we headed, and why are we in this handbasket?. Speculative Fiction.

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Writer’s Notebook

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  1. Writer’s Notebook 12/11/09 • Often, people talk about the ideal of everyone being equal. Is it possible for everyone to truly be equal? Why or why not?

  2. Speculative Fiction Where are we headed, and why are we in this handbasket?

  3. Speculative Fiction “Science fiction’s main goal is generally not to predict the future, but to extrapolate the present.” -Heather V. Long

  4. Speculative Fiction • Speculates as to what society may be like in the future • Reflects current social, cultural, or political issues • Often takes one specific aspect of society and postulates what would happen if that aspect continued or became more prevalent

  5. S.F. Must • Be set in the future • Present a future that has our present as its past • Reflect a current attribute of our society

  6. Types of S.F. • Two Speculative Fiction sub-genres • Utopian/Dystopian • (post) apocalyptic

  7. “topias” • Speculative Fiction explores social and political structures • Utopia • an ideal world • S.F. – shows author’s view of how we can achieve the world people want • Dystopia • a nightmare world • Choices/trends have led to a undesirable future • FalseUtopia • Bait and switch tactic in which everything seems perfect on the surface, but is actually not

  8. (post)Apocalyptic • Apocalyptic • Dealing with the end of civilization due to a disaster (man-made or environmental) • Nuclear war, weather/environment catastrophe, plague • Post-apocalyptic • Set in a world after an apocalypse • May be set immediately after – follow survivors • May be set years (10 – 100s) later – new civilization

  9. At its best • At its best, speculative fiction works as social commentary. It offers an appraisal of modern society (either its people, culture, or politics) by speculating as to where we will end up if • we continue on our current path. • a particular philosophy takes root. • everything goes to crap. • the latest social or technological fad continues.

  10. What it is not • S.F. = set in future • Set in future ≠ S.F. • Space ships, lasers, aliens = may be S.F. • Must have human(s) from Earth and reference to past civilization from Earth.

  11. The Key • Whenever, wherever the story is set, it reflects and comments on current society

  12. Writer’s Notebook 12/15/09 • Think about a current trend or issue in our society. If that trend/issue becomes more prevalent, what might our society be like in the future? • prevalent – widely or commonly occurring

  13. Harrison Bergeron • A different perspective: • The story does not say that equality is a bad idea or impossible • Look at the way the story shifts • George and Hazel  • Enter Harrison

  14. Writer’s Notebook 12/16/09 • The year is 3019. For the last 75 years, men have been extinct. What would life be like if there were no men? How would society change/evolve/adjust. • Disclaimer: it is not the end of humanity. There is a scientific method of reproduction.

  15. When It Changed • Read the story. • When you get to a question, STOP and answer the question. • When finished, complete the “Gender Study” sheet. • 1. – 4 entries per side of the T-Chart • 2. – 4 entries (one entry consists of examples on both sides of the T-Chart.)

  16. Writer’s Notebook 12/17/09 • What if women were extinct?

  17. Three Chart • SILENTLY • Find four (4) entries for your Three Chart • Complete the work SILENTLY • Friendly reminder: this is work to be done independently and SILENTLY.

  18. 2nd Chance • Finish the sheet from yesterday • Earn back some of the points you lost • 15 points – grade for doing work today

  19. Writer’s Notebook 12/18/09 • It is the year 2097. WRITE.

  20. “When It Changed” • Complete a Three-Chart to help you complete the Planning Sheet

  21. Writer’s Notebook 1/5/10 • Many people say television and video games are contributing to the delinquency and lower intelligence of our youth. Why do they think this? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  22. Writer’s Notebook 1/6/10 • Many parents today are too concerned about avoiding conflict with their kids, which causes them to let their kids walk all over them. How does this affect the kids as they grow up and try to function in the world?

  23. Writer’s Notebook 1/7/10 • Are people too dependent on technology? Would you be able to survive without your cell phone, internet, TV, computer, etc?

  24. Writer’s Notebook 1/11/10 • A virus has spread through the world and the internet and cellular phone communications have died. What happens to you?

  25. Writer’s Notebook 1/12/10 • In the future, schools have been replaced by computerized, robotic teachers in every home. Is this better for all kids to learn?

  26. Writer’s Notebook 1/13/10 • If people had the ability to replicate anything, would their be any way for people to claim rights to the things they create, companies to sell products, or authorities to restrict illegal items?

  27. Writer’s Notebook 1/14/10 • Which of the stories we’ve read (there’s a list over there ) do you think is most relevant today? Why?

  28. Writer’s Notebook 1/15/10 • Mama, I can explain. The penguin, banjo, and hula hoop...

  29. Writer’s Notebook 1/19/10 • You already have a thesis for your Literary Analysis essay that involves a critique of one aspect of our society/culture. Explain in detail the current issue your essay will discuss.

  30. Lit analysis Introduction

  31. Writer’s Notebook 1/20/10 • Assess yourself as a writer. • What are your strengths? • What are your weaknesses? • What do you like/dislike about writing?

  32. Writer’s Notebook 1/21/10 • There are only 15 weeks of school left. What do you need to do in the next 15 weeks to prepare for life after high school?

  33. Due Tuesday 1/22/10 • Planning Sheet (w/ T-chart) • Thesis Selection Sheet • Introduction Draft (from packet) • Essay Planning Sheet (2 pg) • First Draft

  34. Writer’s Notebook 1/25/10 • If you were to write a Speculative Fiction story, what issue would you focus on? What would the future be like (in your story) and how would that reflect the current issue?

  35. Due Tuesday (1/26) • Planning Sheet (w/ T-chart) • Thesis Selection Sheet • Introduction Draft (from packet) • Essay Planning Sheet (2 pg) • First Draft • -7 points per day late • Due at the beginning of class

  36. Writer’s Notebook 1/26/10 • Go directly to lab. • Type Lit Analysis

  37. Writer’s Notebook 1/27/10 • Go directly to lab. • Type Lit Analysis

  38. Writer’s Notebook 1/28/10 • When the robots finally took over the world...

  39. Writer’s Notebook 1/29/10 • After the apes evolved and took over the world...

  40. Literary Analysis Sample • Read the essay • Annotate the text • Identify criteria for Literary Analysis Essays • What does this writer do that you need to do?

  41. Writer’s Notebook 2/1/10 • Computer Lab

  42. Writer’s Notebook 2/2/10 • In the year 3215, when the schools sedate students daily... • Sedate = to calm or relieve by means of a sedative (tending to calm, moderate, or tranquilize nervousness or excitement) drug.

  43. Lit Analysis Sample • While we read • Circle plot • Underline analysis

  44. Writer’s Notebook 2/3/10 • Comp lab

  45. Writer’s Notebook 2/4/10 • Comp lab

  46. Writer’s Notebook 2/5/10 • I met god today, and she let me ask one question...


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