rocks and the rock cycle n.
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Rocks and the Rock Cycle PowerPoint Presentation
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Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Rocks and the Rock Cycle

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Rocks and the Rock Cycle

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  1. Rocks and the Rock Cycle Interactive Power Point Jodi Barber and Jamie Marshall

  2. Rock Song Sed-i-men-tary Sed-i-men-tary Made of sand Made of sand Weather and erosion Break apart the rocks Sedimentary Rock, Sedimentary Rock Ig-ne-ous Ig-ne-ous Cooling lava Cooling lava Cooling lava ma-kes Crystals, glass or ho-les Igneous Rock, Igneous Rock Me-ta-mor-phic Me-ta-mor-phic Heat and pressure Heat and pressure A-ll rocks change W-ith heat and pressure Metamorphic Rock, Metamorphic Rock

  3. Sedimentary Rocks Form when particles of other rocks or remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented together.

  4. Igneous Rocks Form from the cooling of molten rock (lava or magma). Forms crystals, glass or holes due to the speed of cooling

  5. Metamorphic Rocks Form when existing rocks are changed by heat and pressure

  6. Smart Boards You will be shown a set of pictures. On your smart board, write down what type of rock is shown. When I say, “show me”…hold up your boards. Get ready…

  7. Review – Types of Rocks 1.

  8. Review – Types of Rocks 2.

  9. Review – Types of Rocks 3.

  10. Review – Types of Rocks 4.

  11. Review – Types of Rocks 5.

  12. The Rock Cycle Video - Rock Cycle

  13. Gallery Walk – Rock Cycle Walk to each poster and compare the diagrams of the rock cycle. Look for patterns when analyzing the diagrams.

  14. What did you notice about the Rock Cycle diagrams?

  15. Rock Cycle Activity

  16. Which came first? Rock Cycle Activity - Discussion

  17. Rock Cycle Diagram

  18. Lab – Rock Cycle Students will demonstrate how rocks change from one form to another through the Rock Cycle. A variety of labs can be performed here for example: Riding the Rock Cycle, Edible Rock Cycle, etc…

  19. Review Rocks/Rock Cycle • Debrief Lab • What did you learn? Give examples • How does this lab model the Rock cycle? Strengths/Limitations? • What are some patterns/trends you noticed as you moved through the Rock Cycle? • Why is the Rock cycle important?

  20. Exit Ticket • With a partner, get a set of Rock Cycle Cards • As a group, you must be able to reconstruct the Rock Cycle correctly to leave the classroom • Raise your hand when you are ready for me to check your work