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Lauren Gunthner

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  1. In the 7th grade classes today, November 9, 2009, students celebrated the 20th year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Students each created a virtual piece of the Berlin wall and wrote what the symbolism behind these images are…. This is meant to be a reminder of the unity that was created as a result of this historic event Nov 9th 1989…. “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” Ronald Reagan C.Kochefko

  2. Berlin Wall Lauren Gunthner I chose the picture of the children and the hole painted in the Berlin wall because it shows that the grass is always greener on the other side. The west side of Germany was free, not the east. I chose the picture of the Berlin Wall graffiti art to show that everyone had a part, feelings, or a meaningful part of the wall.

  3. The Berlin Wall

  4. The Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall was a wall that was built by the government to separate the Communist East Berlin from the Democratic West Berlin. This divided the Berliners from their own city. Eventually this wall came down, and combined a city once again. These pieces of art represent freedom, peace, and combination.

  5. By Alison Sicinski

  6. The Berlin Wall By Alison Sicinski • I put a picture of a heart and a peace sign because there should be love and peace on both sides of the wall. • I put pictures of the wall because they symbolize that the people of Germany want to have a good relationship with the other county.

  7. By Mariana O'Brien

  8. Mariana O'Brien • The reason why I put a heart, peace sign, German flag and pictures of the Berlin Wall to show how there should be peace between the two sides. • Also to show that everyone is equal and we should live as one.

  9. Berlin wall

  10. Berlin Wall I put the donut because JFK said ich bin eine Berliner. Also I put the Berlin wall because this is the day the Berlin wall came down. I put the heart . And I put the German flag for the German country . Also the health care sign to say don’t get sick.

  11. Berlin Wall

  12. Berlin Wall • It symbolizes the connection of two different types of worlds. • It shows the trust East and West Germany • These images means a peaceful Germany coming together. • By: Matt Harold

  13. Berlin was divided into to part by a massive wall. • The east was a communist and the west was democratic. • The wall had guards, mines, auto turrets, barbwire. • The wall separated friends and family. • People would write freedom or other words people died trying to cross.

  14. Berlin Wall The construction of the Berlin Wall began on August 13, 1961. It was to stop the East Berliners from escaping the Soviet controlled East German state into the West of the city. In 1989 the wall was finally destroyed! When the Berlin Wall was destroyed it showed how much the people wanted freedom. They non longer wanted to deal with being separated. These pictures show how much people wanted to get rid of the wall. They symbolized their freedom!!!!               

  15. The Berlin Wall By Katie Cunius

  16. What The Berlin Wall Means The Berlin Wall was a separation between East and West Germany. But when the wall fell down there was no protection between the two sides. This meant the East and West Germany had to get along. There was no freedom in Germany. To me, when the Berlin Wall fell it was a symbol. It meant that if two different sides in Germany that had been separated for so long could get along so could the other people in the world. So, I think this historical event actually helped Germany, and hopefully helped other countries that were being “separated.” By, Katie Cunius

  17. Berlin Wall BERLIN WALL Separation of East and West Germany

  18. BERLIN WALL • The Berlin Wall symbolized two different lands of Germany, separated by this one wall. • When the Berlin Wall came down it showed that East and West Germany were ready to start a new era without separation. • This peace sign means a peaceful era ready to begin in Germany.

  19. Berlin Wall • I put the news headline from London on my slide to show that the fall of the Berlin wall was an important event not only for the Germans but for the world. I used the picture of people helping each other onto the wall because it shows that the people didn’t want the wall to stand. I chose the picture of people holding hand on the wall because it shows the unification of the east & west sides of Berlin. The picture of the artwork on the wall also shows that people didn’t want the wall. The picture of people celebrating on the wall shows the happiness that people felt when the wall fell.

  20. Tyler Anderson The Berlin Wall

  21. The Berlin Wall was a wall that symbolized many things. It was built to divide the East Berlin Communists from the Democratic West Berlin. The pictures show the hope and love that the wall symbolized.

  22. Berlin, A Personal Experience The German flag symbolizes peace in Germany. The Berlin wall symbolizes unity.

  23. Berlin Wall

  24. Berlin Wall I put the peace sign because people in Germany graffittied peace signs on the wall because they were thankful for peace on earth.

  25. Berlin Wall By Christiana Galowski

  26. The Berlin wall means freedom to me. I think this because it separates East and West Germany but now that its down it lets Germany be free. It prevent the outflow of people from East Germany and other countries into the city and also to the west side of Germany to make it a whole country. By Christiana Galowski

  27. By Colleen Kelly

  28. All of these pictures discribe… The heart symbolizes the love that Germany has for its country. The berlin wall fell 20 years ago today. The german flag sybolizesgermany. The peace sign is a symbol of peace toward germany.

  29. Craig Burke

  30. BERLIN WALL - I put people jumping over the wall and someone breaking the wall to symbolize that they are jumping over the wall to freedom. - I put the German flag because it symbolizes unity.

  31. Berlin wall

  32. Berlin wall The Berlin wall was the separation point of Berlin. It divided east Germany from west Germany. It was built by the government . Then the people in 1989 knocked down the wall to get their country back. The people Jack Thuon

  33. Julia Carboni

  34. I put peace signs on my part of the wall because the Germans wanted peace from other countries. Julia Carboni

  35. Kyle Duke

  36. The Berlin Wall I put these pictures on my peace of the Berlin Wall because they look like the graffiti that the people of East and West Berlin were writing on the wall before it fell. Many people were upset with the wall and wanted peace between the two parts of Berlin. The piece sign with the German colors symbolizes that people wanted piece throughout all of Germany and, especially, Berlin.

  37. Berlin Wall 1961-1989 Michael Search

  38. Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall is a landmark in Germany with a dark history. From 1961 to 1989, the wall separated the east Communist side from the Democratic west side. Until 1989, the city was divided into the East and West. Then, the citizens had enough. They destroyed the wall together, reuniting the city once more, and the people live in harmony together. I chose these pictures because they show the rebellion of the citizens of Berlin and the uniting of the city. It shows that the government shouldn’t have divided the two beliefs and that we should live in harmony, no matter what you believe in. After all, the world’s too small for walls.

  39. Nick smart This symbolizes the division of the Berlin wall. Nick smart

  40. Nick smart This shows the freedom they wanted and drew all over the Berlin wall Nick smart

  41. By: Olivia Miloro

  42. I put these pictures because… • Peace, heart, and Germany= symbols showing peace and love towards Germany • Berlin wall= shows how happy people were when wall was being taken down • German flag= shows how through everything, their flag will always be up and blowing By: Olivia Miloro

  43. The Berlin Wall mean love and separation. The heart shows the love aspect. When the wall was torn down it showed that we were together. “Mitten ins Herz” Means middle of my heart. The Berlin Wall should be in the middle of all of our hearts. The wall shows separation. It showed that we did not agree. But 20 years ago, that ended. Ollie Jones