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Applications Due:

Applications Due:

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Applications Due:

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  1. Applications Due: October 15, 2014

  2. Awards will be presented: 46thNational Symposium ~ April 19-22, 2015 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort ~ Orlando, FL

  3. How To Apply Two Ways 1. Submit electronically via the ANNA Web site, – the fastest, easiest way 2. Download the application from the Website and mail it in. Always request confirmation of delivery to make sure your application was received.

  4. Select “Clinical Practice” tab. Select “Scholarship & Grants” How To Apply

  5. For Awards – Complete the nomination form online or download to mail For Scholarships – Apply online or download to mail Research Grant Applications are due Nov. 15. How To Apply

  6. Browse each award by clicking on it. Review criteria for individual Awards and Chapter Awards to nominate a member/chapter. How To Nominate - Awards

  7. Select the award for which you will be nominating a member/chapter. Fill in information about nominee. How To Nominate - Awards Online Application

  8. Fill in information about yourself and co-nominators. How To Nominate - Awards Online Application Please make sure you fill in all parts of application completely. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

  9. Hint: Find files using “Browse” and attach using “Upload.” Attach photo of nominee. Attach your letter of nomination. How To Nominate - Awards Online Application Hit “Submit” and you’re done! You will receive a confirmation of your submission within three business days. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact the ANNA National Office.

  10. How To Nominate - Awards Or, download the nomination form and mail to the National Office – postmarked on or before October 15, 2014.

  11. How To Apply - Scholarships Find the scholarship with the criteria the best fits you. Please note, 201-205, 206, 207, 209, and 214 all have the same criteria and can be applied for with 1 application. All kinds available! ANNA is pleased to offer Career Mobility scholarships for our associate members! If you are not yet an RN but in school pursing your BSN, this scholarship is for you!

  12. Choose the Scholarship or Grant for which you qualify. Fill in application completely. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. How To Apply - Scholarships Online Application

  13. Fill out your education information. Make sure to attach both the unblinded and blinded copies of your essays. Also, you may attach your 8x10 professional picture – or, you can mail in a hardcopy. Find the documents on your computer by selecting “Browse.” Then hit “Upload” to attach the documents. How To Apply - Scholarships Online Application

  14. Type in the e-mail address of those you would like to request a recommendation from. They will receive a request via e-mail to fill out the letter for you. How To Apply - Scholarships Online Application Make sure you spell the e-mail addresses correctly. ANNA cannot guarantee delivery. It is always a good idea to follow up with your recommenders.

  15. How To Apply - Scholarships You can also download the application and mail it in with all your documents. The application must be postmarked on or before October 15. All letters of recommendation must be submitted separately from the application. Letters received from the applicant will not be accepted.

  16. Top 10 Reasons Applicants Don't Win The Applicant Did Not: 10. Submit ALL of the required documents 9. Describe the extent of participation in ANNA activities 8. Discuss the level of involvement in nephrology nursing related health care services 7. Submit an official transcript 6. Explain how the new degree will help their nephrology practice 5. Have all 3 "letters of recommendation" received at the National Office 4. Meet the eligibility criteria (Ex: Has the nominee been an ANNA member for a minimum of the last two years?) 3. Address each of the specified criteria 2. Meet the application deadline #1 Reason for not winning: They did not apply!!!

  17. What It Takes To Win • Be an ANNA Member. For at least 2 years before the deadline. • Research the Award, Scholarship, or Grant that best fits the candidate. Read the criteria – all posted on the ANNA Web site. • Follow directions exactly as listed on the Website. Don’t miss a thing! Submit all documents needed. • Provide a well written essay/letter that addresses all the qualifications required. It is important to write about ALL requirements.

  18. What It Takes To Win • Use spell check and ask someone else to read and critique your essay. Another pair of eyes always helps! • Submit the application on time. Late applications are not accepted. Ask for confirmation of receipt. • For scholarships, make sure the three letters of recommendation are submitted by October 15, 2014. Must be sent in directly from recommenders. • Call if you have questions. It never hurts to ask – we are here to help!

  19. Need Help? If you have questions about submitting a nomination or application, please feel free to contact: Awards, Scholarships, and Grants Committee Chairperson Jewell Smith 631-224-8506 or ANNA National Office 888-600-ANNA (2662) or