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TMG / ENERGY A Unit of TMG/The Management Group Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON For a summary and contact information, see l


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TMG / ENERGY A Unit of TMG/The Management Group Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON For a summary and contact information, see l

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  1. TMG/ENERGYA Unit of TMG/The Management GroupDetroit, MI and Windsor, ONFor a summary and contact information, see last 3 frames CONSULTING AND ASSESSMENT SERVICES IN THE TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMICS OF ENERGY, ALTERNATE ENERGY AND RELATED AREAS

  2. TMG BACKGROUND • PRINCIPAL: • John R. Wilson (Chemical/Materials Engineering – MS, BS, Ph.D) • ASSOCIATES • Ian Rutherford (Engineering/Business Management – BS, MBA) • John W. Weil (Engineering Physics, BS, MS, Ph.D) • RELEVANT EXPERIENCE • IR: Corporate management in computer services, metallurgical and engineering industries, business planning • JRW: Engineering professor., corporate R&D management, new business dev., process & product dev. in gas, oil, chemical and automotive/aerospace industries • JWW: Corporate R&D Management and product dev. in nuclear, automotive/aerospace industries, software development

  3. TMG BACKGROUND • Company formed in Colorado in 1987 • Principal and associates have combined experience of >100 years in the energy, automotive and related industries • Additional expertise available and employed as required • Good relationships with local universities in U.S., Canada • Have previously worked for clients in numerous and diverse areas related to energy production and use including: • New materials (degradable polymers; self-reinforced composites; conductive polymers, liquid metal coolants…) • Bioprocesses and bioproducts (biofuels, food additives, environmental bioremediation…) • R&D planning, funding, management, administration, reporting

  4. TMG BACKGROUND • A few examples of successful projects • Since 1993, have secured >$30 million in client R&D funding • Participated in developing products and processes in areas such as low cost composite materials (for automotive use), coal and fluid coke gasification (for synthetic fuels) and alternate fuels including biomass  ethanol and biodiesel + many others • Restructured and refocused a high-tech aerospace parts fabricating facility in the Rocky Mountain region • Assisted an Asian auto manufacturer in locating and designing a new R&D facility for the U.S. Midwest (now being built) • Assisted in developing a major new polymer product, now on the market • Refocused the R&D program of a Midwestern R&D Institute on projects with a greater chance of commercial success

  5. TMG FOCUS TMG focuses almost 100% on Energy-Related Projects. Examples: • Conventional energy sources: new uses, forecasting, economics • Gas, oil, coal; “clean” technologies; CO2 sequestration • Alternate energy technologies, economics, forecasting • Focus on reality, revenues and earnings potential, not hype • Biodiesel – optimizing production and use for lower cost • Hydrogen – market viability assessment, cost reduction, safety in production & use, legal liability issues…potential risk vs. potential benefit analyses • Ethanol, methanol – cost reduction (ethanol), new manufacturing technologies – e.g., corn vs. biomass (ethanol) • Coal derivatives – SNG, Syngas, Hydrogen, Methanol… • Biomass derivatives – e.g., ethanol, methanol, syngas...

  6. TMG FOCUS Energy-Related Projects – Examples (cont’d) • The More Distant Future - Fuel Cells for high-volume transportation use (Hydrogen/PEM, Oxide electrolyte, other) • Hydrogen technologies; real-world efficiencies; actual and potential problems in automotive, transportation use • Direct fuel(e.g. methanol) technologies that avoid H2 use • Development Requirements • The Near Future - Advanced Engine/Powertrain Technologies • Gas- or Diesel-Electric Hybrid Engines/Powertrains • Battery/Electric and Capacitor/Electric Powertrains • Hyper-efficient compression-ignition engines • We perform highly objective “well-to-tank” and “well-to-wheel” comparisons of all types • Emphasis on use of correct input data for reliable results

  7. TMG FOCUS • In depth Evaluation of Factors Influencing Alternate Energy Policy & Long-Range Planning – e.g.: • Influences • Global Warming • Natural or Man-made? • Caused by CO2 or water vapor or…? • Is Control of CO2 justified? Will it be Effective? • Other global warming agents (e.g., methane) • Controls • Kyoto? • Low CO2 or no CO2? • Other “Greenhouse Gases” • Actions • Deal with the effects of GW – there are no viable remedies • Emphasize Intelligent, do-able choices • E.g., clean/zero-emissions coal, methanol, hydrogen (?)

  8. TMG FOCUS • Funding: • R&D Funding • NIST/ATP (note: this agency will be continuing) • U.S. Department of Energy • U.S. Department of Defense • U.S. Department of Agriculture • Various Canadian Federal Government Sources • Equity Funding (a secondary focus) • Not a major activity since 2000, but we can assist clients with identification of contacts and funding sources • Venture Capital; Private Equity; Banks; Corporate Sources…

  9. TMG FOCUS(SECONDARY) • We continue to advise our clients on those energy-related environmental remediation technologies with which we have direct experience: • ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION • In-situ or “land farming” methods for hydrocarbon remediation • Soil washing technologies for hydrocarbon removal • Low-cost on-site “Oil Sands” washing technologies • Oily water and oil/water emulsion remediation • Focus on regenerating potable-grade waters • Recovery and reuse of process water streams containing hydrocarbon

  10. TMG FOCUS(SECONDARY) • We also advise our clients in some miscellaneous energy-related areas with which we have direct experience. Examples: • Liquid metals as coolants and heat transfer media • (One of us (JRW) “wrote the book” (literally) on liquid metals many years ago and we have remained active in the field since) • Behavior of coal ash in combustion equipment • High-temperature corrosion of metals and ceramics in fired equipment (e.g., refinery furnaces) • Design and development of ultra-high-output gasoline and diesel engines

  11. TMG: IN SUMMARY • WE OFFER EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE ON: • New and old energy sources and their derivatives • Comparative analyses of energy technologies and economics such as “well to wheel” analyses for various energy sources • Objective In-depth analyses of energy alternatives, energy trade-offs, energy make vs. buy considerations • Safety issues, especially for hydrogen; related reliability, (legal) liability issues, especially in automotive, other transportation use • Comparative economic & technical performance of transportation and stationary power unit technologies – e.g., gasoline engine vs. diesel engine vs. gas or diesel/electric hybrid vs. fuel cell vs. battery electric – and the related fuels and sources.

  12. TMG: IN SUMMARY (CONT’D) • WE ALSO OFFER EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE ON: • Environmental issues related to energy choices and uses • Global Warming and its origins • In-depth analysis of origins • Kyoto Treaty issues • Impacts of global warming • Intelligent, economically viable solutions • Non-GW impacts of “greenhouse gas” emissions (e.g., changes in ocean acidity and chemistry) • Remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons & derivatives • Remediation of water contaminated with hydrocarbons & derivatives • R&D Funding Sources • Other energy-related topics, e.g.: • Liquid metal coolants and heat transfer media • Corrosion in combustion equipment

  13. For more information, please contact: John Wilson President TMG/ENERGY(A Unit of TMG/The Management Group) 18720 Mack Ave./P.O. Box 36250 Grosse Pointe, MI, USA 48236 (also 4653 Bradbury Court., Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9G 2M2) Tel: 313-434-5110 or 519-966-0545 Fax: 519-966-7246 Email: tmg@tmgtech.com Web site: www.tmgtech.com

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