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The Outsiders

The Outsiders. Chapter 2 pages 19-36. What is the difference between “tuff” and “tough”?. Look on page 12 for answers! “Tough” is… The same as “rough” “Tuff” is… “cool” or “sharp” Can also describe objects: “tuff-looking Mustang or a tuff record”.

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The Outsiders

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  1. The Outsiders Chapter 2 pages 19-36

  2. What is the difference between “tuff” and “tough”? • Look on page 12 for answers! • “Tough” is… • The same as “rough” • “Tuff” is… • “cool” or “sharp” • Can also describe objects: • “tuff-looking Mustang or a tuff record”

  3. Review: What is the difference between “tuff” and “tough”? • Which part of speech are the words “tough” and “tuff”? • Example sentences: • Buster had a hard time chewing on his tough bone. • Jimmy looked very tuff in his new tuxedo. Because the FUNCTION of these words is to DESCRIBE a NOUN… “Tuff” and “Tough” are ADJECTIVES.

  4. At the Drive In • What do you think of Cherry and Marcia? • Are they greaser girls? How do you know? • “I wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed if they had been greasy girls…” (21) • Find an example of Cherry talking to Dally. What does she say? What is her tone? • “Take your feet off my chair and shut your trap.” (21) • Now, find an example of Cherry talking to Ponyboy. What does she say? What is her tone? • “What’s a nice, smart kid like you running around with trash like that for?” (23) • What does this tell us about the differences between Ponyboy and Dally?

  5. At the Drive In Dally: “You two barrel race, huh?” (22). Barrel racing: a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.

  6. At the Drive In • Why are Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive in without cars? • “They’d come there with their boyfriends, but walked out on them when they found out the boys had brought some booze along. The boys had gotten angry and left” (27). • Why does Two-Bit ask if Dally has a blade? • Dally slashes Timothy Shepard’s car tires and they were out looking for him (29). • How does Two-Bit react when he learns that Dally doesn’t have a blade? • He is relieved because the greasers and the socs can have a “fair fight” without weapons (29).

  7. At the Drive In • According to Two-Bit, what are the greasers’ two rules? • Stick together • Don’t get caught (29) What is your opinion of the greasers? Are you on their side? Why/ why not?

  8. Sarcasm “’Yeah, boy,’ Cherry said sarcastically, ‘real simple’” (30). Sarcasm: a person says something, but means the opposite. It’s a form of irony. “’Sure,’ Marcia said, unconcerned. “’If he gets killed or something, you just bury him. No sweat’” (30). What are Cherry and Marcia REALLY saying about “fighting fair”?

  9. Johnny’s Fight • How long ago did Johnny get beaten up? • 4 months ago (31) • What were Johnny’s attackers driving when they jumped him? • A blue Mustang (33) • Why was Johnny’s face so cut up? • One of the Socs had rings on his hand (33)

  10. Johnny’s Fight • According to Ponyboy, what hurt Johnny even worse than the physical injuries when he was jumped? • “They had scared him that much” (34) • He was very scared of getting jumped again • What did Johnny start carrying after this incident? • He started carrying a 6 in. switchblade (34)

  11. Pair Share Look at the last paragraph on page 34. How does Ponyboy respond to Cherry’s claim that “It’s rough all over?” Be prepared to share your answers and back them up with quotes from the book!

  12. Foreshadowing TICKET OUT THE DOOR! “Foreshadowing” is a literary device that gives the reader (us) a sign or warning of what is to come in the future of the story. This chapter ends with Ponyboy’s words: “I know better now” (36). In one paragraph, explain what you think Ponyboy means. What do you think will happen in the story?

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