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The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Weight Loss

As a teenager I often drank sodas; cola was my favorite. I never drank coffee as a teenager, and I rarely drank it in college. But when I got into programming PC games, I'd sometimes drink coffee every day for months at a time. But I'd always eventually break the habit and have no caffeine for months at a time too. It was sort of cyclical.<br>

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The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Weight Loss

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  1. First, switch from coffee to tea. You still get the caffeine from tea, but not as much. Enjoy some good quality tea -- not Lipton! I particular like Earl Grey and Green Tea. I found this easy to do right away. But if you find it too hard to switch so abruptly, then make the transition over a period of weeks equal to the number of cups of coffee you drink each day. For example, if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day, then switch to 3c coffee / 1c tea for the first week, then go 2c/2c for the second week, then 1c/3c, and finally 0c/4c for the fourth week. The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Weight Loss

  2. I also feel that caffeine blocks too much of my intuition and creativity. I miss subtle sensory input, and my thinking becomes too linear. Sometimes linear thinking is OK though. If I have a lot of menial tasks to complete, and I already have a clear to-do list to follow, drinking a cup of coffee can get me through them quickly. But if I have to sit down and do high-level work like developing my next quarterly plan, caffeine will make a mess of my thought process and dramatically reduce my ability to concentrate. My mind races too much on caffeine; it's hard to stay focused on just one thing.

  3. I'm not saying you need to Organifi Green Juice, Reviews give up coffee entirely, but I don't think it's a good idea to remain addicted to it throughout the year, especially if you experience a drop in intution, creativity, and holistic thinking as I do. If you find it becoming an addiction, try one of the methods above to transition to a coffee substitute like herbal tea or grain coffee. Then you still get to enjoy a warm beverage without the negative side effects. I think it's easer when you have a substitute for coffee instead of having to do completely without, but this won't be necessary for everyone.It is easier than ever to put together quick, nutritious and easy meals. Most supermarkets carry precut, washed and packaged vegetables, in the produce section. Precut fruit is now available, all year round. Most deli's carry rotisserie chicken or turkey. These ingredients, added together, are a recipe for stress free dinners. Here are five of my favorites.

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