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Sinusitis Disease: Symptoms & Precautions PowerPoint Presentation
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Sinusitis Disease: Symptoms & Precautions

Sinusitis Disease: Symptoms & Precautions

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Sinusitis Disease: Symptoms & Precautions

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  1. Sinusitis Disease Symptoms & Precautions Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  2. Diseases called chronic diseases are persistent in nature whose effects are often long lasting. When the disease lasts for more than three months it is said to be chronic. Asthma, Cancer, Arthritis and diabetes are all examples of such diseases. These are different from acute diseases that are short lived. They constituent a cause majorly in mortality and WHO reports. They lead to 35 million deaths in the year 2005.In US they constituent 70 per cent of deaths. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  3. Speaking about Sinusitis being a chronic disease, it is referred to as rhino sinusitis or sinus infestation. Being persistent in nature it is mucus lined inflammation in your skull. Air filled spaces gets created that often gives pain when fluids gets trapped. This can further invite infection. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  4. The various causes due to which sinusitis occur are viral infection, bacterial infection and fungal infection. The main reason for it to emerge is weak immune system. Also allergic reaction to MOLD is one of the several reasons. MOLD is nothing but an antigen or fungi. When a person breathes air contaminated by mold spores, reactions are caused internally. Defending the attack by foreign substance, the body releases proteins through white blood cells. Caustic acid is present in the proteins which helps fights against the substance. But while a person suffers from sinusitis the tissue is pitted and bacteria are collected in it. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  5. Reaction to this allergy can be caused by genetic disorders as well. The cause is T cell abnormality that is the real cause of mold sensitivity. It is often misdiagnosed by doctors who treat only mold allergies with immediate reaction only. This allergy is tested by antibodies called IGE. It can be controlled by Zyrtec and Claritin. These constitute only 30 per cent of the diseased population while the other 70% has delayed reaction to mold allergies. These are tested by antibodies called IGG. This kind cannot be handled by antibiotics, decongestants and steroids. If used they can only provide short term relief. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  6. There are conditions in which the patient is classified by the kind of inflammation: • Resulting from a bacterial growth or viral infection called Infectious • Resulting from allergic conditions and irritants called Non Infectious Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  7. Sinusitis is often classified in terms of locations where all they occur of which the most common occurrences being frontal and/or maxillary • Ethmoid:- In this kind, sinusitis is present in the upper part of the nose and behind the bridge and between the eyes • Frontal:- Here, the location is above the eyes in the brow area • Sphenoid:- In this one, the location is behind the Ethmoid in the upper part of the nose and also between the eyes • Maxillary: - In this one sinusitis is present inside the cheekbones and on either side of the nose. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  8. Kinds of Sinusitis: • Allergic Sinusitis- This does not give immunity against airborne antigens entering in nasal cavity. • Acute Sinusitis- This kind lasts until 4 weeks. • Sub-Acute Sinusitis- This kind lasts 4 to 12 weeks in duration. • Chronic Sinusitis- This one lasts many years and precisely more than 12 weeks. • Recurring Sinusitis- This gives the patient many cases of acute sinusitis in a year Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  9. Hence, to be free from chronic diseases like Sinusitis it is recommended to follow guidelines listed as under: • Using Facial Masks while exposing yourself to allergens. • Keeping stuffed toys away from allergic adult or child. • Washing bed sheets and pillow covers on a weekly basis in hot water. • Using special kinds of fabrics for prevention against dust and mites. Copyright © Sinusitiswellness

  10. Sinusitis Wellness Natural Relief from Chronic & Fungal Sinusitis Visit Us: Call Us: 1-888-404-8958(Toll Free) Mail Us: Copyright © Sinusitiswellness