6th grade social studies n.
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6th Grade Social Studies PowerPoint Presentation
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6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

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6th Grade Social Studies

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  1. 6th Grade Social Studies Mrs. Allen- teacher

  2. - I am a graduate of Leeds High School. • I graduated from UAB with my degree in Secondary Education/ History. • I have been married since 2005. • I love to read, travel, cook, and spend time with family and friends. • When I retire I want to live in Europe and have my own little American style restaurant.

  3. Welcome to 6th grade American History. I look forward to working with each one of you. I believe that history is an essential part of being a productive and effective citizen. In our studies, we will learn not only history but about economics, psychology, sociology, geography, and civics. My goal is that this classroom will be a positive community of learners. We will all strive to understand what it means to be and to become a better citizen and human being.

  4. Rules: Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Resourceful

  5. Discipline Plan • Warning • Student Conference • Parent Phone Call • Parent Conference • Office Referral *Severe infractions can result in immediate office referral!

  6. Reward Plan • Students will receive rewards for good behavior and grades using the website. More details will follow when we get the program started.

  7. Grading Procedure • All grades are weighted!!! • Classwork 30% • Homework 30% • Tests 40%

  8. Grading Procedures • Homework is a must. It is not something that I give because it is fun to grade. I give homework in order to prepare you for class, tests, and every day life. When I assign homework I will give you specific details on how it is to be done to receive full credit and when it will be due. Homework may be turned in to me one day after its due date, for a maximum grade of 70/C. This is non-negotiable. After one day it will be considered an incomplete and an alternate assignment will be given.

  9. All homework should be placed in your class basket. It should be turned in at the beginning of class. Any homework that is done during class will be taken up and thrown away. • The OMS Grading policy states that Zeros aren’t PERMITTED! This means that you will not be given a choice in doing work. Once you have chosen not to complete an assignment you will be pulled from enrichment, P.E., or sent Saturday School. We will do whatever it takes to make you do the work! • If you make below a 70 on any assignment you will be responsible for revising it and turning back in to receive a better grade.

  10. If you are absent for any reason it is YOUR responsibility to get your makeup work. I will put the bell ringer and the day’s assignment in the make up work binder. It is your responsibility to get the binder at the beginning of class, copy your assignment(s), and place the folder back in the makeup basket. You have two days per day absent to get your makeup work turned in. When you have completed your makeup work, it is to be placed in the makeup work basket so that it is not confused with late work.

  11. At the end of the day please pick up all your trash and put it in the trash can. I will dismiss class by rows. Just like life, all things in class are subject to change. Please remember that we must all be flexible.