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Feng Shui

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Feng Shui

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    1. Feng Shui Pronounced FUNG SHWAY! Wind and water

    6. How to make an 8 sided Bagua Draw a cross in middle of A4 paper Draw an X in middle of cross You now have 8 equal lines Measure 10cm from centre along each line Join up all the 10cm dots You now have an octogon (8 sides) Cut this out and fill in each triangle

    9. Bagua 8 kinds of energy Each of the 8 triangles in your bagua has a particular kind of energy which can help you to lead a happy & balanced life It can be superimposed as a map on your home, your bedroom or even your desk You can enhance these energies by clearing clutter and placing specific feng shui symbols in the right area.

    10. 1 Water Career & Life Path This is the area of the front door Changing jobs, finding a career Getting on the right path for you Being with the flow of life Taking opportunities at right time Knowing what you came here to do Water colour is black/ dark blue

    14. 2 Earth - Relationships & Love Looking for a partner, marriage? Put the sizzle back into a relationship? Want life to be less of a struggle between you and another person? Want to be friends with someone? Business or teacher/student relationships Earth is about receptivity, being grounded Being able to give and receive love

    16. 3 Thunder Family, Elders, Authority When you want to improve family relations You want to be treated as family, security Your ancestry, lineage, foundation, roots Only with stability can you give expression Self confidence & courage to venture out Thunder is wood energy, green Forgiveness preceeds respect Appreciation for grandparents, teachers

    19. 4 Gentle Wind, Prosper Abundance Need money for a specific purpose Good Luck, sense of blessing, health Fortunate happenings, auspicious wind Be at peace & be rich with what you have Change perception of prosperity The chi of abundance flows toward you Feel you deserve it, like attracts like Anchor your intention with a symbol

    21. 5 Tai Chi, Central Position The centre of your bagua is fed from all the invigorating chi that surrounds it Ancient Chinese homes had a space or courtyard in middle of house The centre is full of Health and Happiness Traditionally kept swept and clean A living space with good chi, focus point Reconciliation of disharmony

    23. 6 Heaven, Helpful people, Travel The only way to get things done is to do it yourself, everything is a struggle? Philanthropy, gifts of kindness, volunteer Spirit guides, angels, networking, contacts With synchronicity the right people turn up at the right time, energy works with you Karma, what you give out comes back Travel can be made easy, enjoyable, lucky

    25. 7 Lake Energy - Creativity Children When you want children, nurturing When you want to feel young at heart About not being limited in your thinking Anything is possible, the way a child thinks Get back to fresh, fun, joy, magical ways Be creative, poems, art, music, projects Party, festival, flags, singing, expressing

    27. 8 Mountain Spirit, Meditation Taking time to be still, find our soul For wisdom, better grades, clear decisions Higher thought, self cultivation Helps you be aware, know what to do Solitude, sacred space, spiritual focus Withdraw from external, gain strength Empty bowls make biggest sound

    29. 9 Fire, Fame & Reputation Fame gua gives power & leadership Improving your reputation, acknowledged Finding courage to stand up and do it Want to be known, have credit, respect Charisma, expression Illumination, enlightenment, divine nature

    31. Connections between guas Mountain, contemplation, reflection Thunder, birth new idea Lake, creating product Wind, selling it, making money Earth, partnership Fire, marketing Heaven, people to help out with business Water, new career, new path

    32. Clearing clutter A grotty home affects your aura Festering fridge, yuck around stove Honour your life, clean it with love Unwanted presents, kept out of obligation gives power away, makes energy drop Clutter in cellar = clutter in subconscious Clutter in attic = limit to higher aspirations Take responsibility for it & clear it

    33. Front entrance = approach to world Doors open freely, passage way arteries Under beds influences sleep On top of wardrobes muddy headache Keeping it just in case? Clothes not worn in a year can go Piles of old shoes drag energy down Bags & pockets kept sleek & clean Car, office, computer

    34. Photos, books, set in your ways Collections, Why? Limiting yourself Make space for new things to come in Everything you keep has an effect on you It has a call on your attention, get free! Ask what does this do for me? Fixing things is investment in yourself Flakey friends, psychic drainers Unbung your home to unbung your mind Dust, cobwebs, psychic gunge, stuck chi