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Feng Shui

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Feng Shui

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  1. Feng Shui The Art of Living in Balance & Harmony with the Environment Lisa Hood CIS 105 – Section 0882 Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  2. History The objective of Feng Shui is to assist individuals in creating environments that support and nurture their needs, desires and overall well-being. Throughout the ages, many emperors forbade the dispensing of Feng Shui to their subjects, thereby securing the “power” for themselves. Mao Tse T’ung was a master practitioner and used Feng Shui in his rise to power. He outlawed it’s practice, violation of this law led many to their death. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  3. Concept When the earth was formed, Mother Earth unfolded and created some of the most incredible and breathtaking art that was ever made. Mountains were sculpted, trees were planted and magnificent rivers were formed. The Sun had it’s daily “dusk to dawn” assignment, the Moon knew when to appear and the Stars held their own position in the sky. The earth and the galaxy that it lived within were perfectly created to work in tandem with the universe. Designed to work in harmony and support all living creatures who eventually would reside on it. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  4. Ch’i The energy force (Ch’i) that exists around us in our environment also exists within us. The strength of our health, our level of motivation, our ability to express ourselves, be creative, open our hearts, stimulate our intellect, generate money, attract relationships are all influenced by the inexplicable power of Ch’i. Ch’i is the invisible energy force from the earth’s center. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  5. Feng Shui (S=P+O) The Chinese believed that the formula for success is a combination of preparation and opportunity. Feng Shui is the karmic element that helps you with the opportunity. To harmoniously rebalance the Feng Shui in our lives, we first have to work on restoring Ch’i. As the natural flow of energy in our personal environments is rebalanced, it inadvertently creates a rippling effect through out the rest of the world because everything in life in interrelated, especially energy flow. Thus, by just working on our personal spaces we not only make a major contribution to our own lives, but to the bigger picture of everyone’s life as well. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  6. Definitions Feng Shui - “Wind and Water” Yin - “The way of the Earth” Represents the passive principle in nature exhibited as darkness, cold and wetness. Yin symbolizes femininity and inertia. Yang - “The way of the Heaven” Represents the active principle in nature exhibited as light, heat and dryness. Yang represents Masculinity and the positive side of our emotions. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  7. Relationships Like attracts Like Does your bedroom convey nurturing and loving? Or chaos and clutter? Make sure your bedroom reflects all the things you would want in a relationship. The Three Most Important Factors 1. Correct positioning of your bed. 2. Overall feeling that your bedroom conveys. 3. Condition of the Relationship corner in your bedroom. • Bed should always face the doorway without being in direct line with it • Your door should always open to the largest part of the room • Check headboard, if loose or shaky, repair it • Check for items being stored under the bed Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  8. Relationships • Fresh start after relationship ends, get a new mattress or at least new sheets for a fresh new beginning. • Room should be uncluttered, free of loose magazines and unread books. • No work related material, especially computers. • No television in the bedroom. • Hang quotes or affirmations about love in the southwest corner of your bedroom to draw romance into your life. • Communication problems? Try hanging two round mirrors on opposite walls, facing each other. • Activate fresh, new energy in your love life by placing a bell or wind chime over your bed. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  9. The kitchen represents the element of fire, which fuels the energy force that activates our wealth. • Kitchen table should be uncluttered, with an even number of chairs • The kitchen table should be out of the direct line of the entranceway. • The primary residents should occupy the seats that have the best view of the doorway. • The cabinets that store food or pot and pans should be organized, neat and easily accessible. • Hang a large mirror in the dining room to enhance the feeling of abundance and prosperity by creating the effect of twice as much food and twice as many family members and friends. Wealth Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  10. Wealth • Fresh flowers and fruit-filled bowls on the table enhance the Ch’i and suggest abundance. • Refrigerator should be kept clean, defrosted with the interior lights always working. • The refrigerator should not be directly next to or directly opposite the stove or sink. • If your stove is beside your refrigerator, add a mirror to the stove area. • Stove burners should be used regularly and in rotation. Burners represent wealth. • Double the amount of burners, by adding mirrors behind or on the side of the stove. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  11. Adjustments • Lighting will expand Ch’i. • Crystal balls can be hung to catch and reflect light back into the space • Candles/lanterns • Sound keeps energy moving • Wind chimes – Brass or copper best. • Music – Speakers/stereo equipment/ instruments. • Mirrors are important in Feng Shui for a variety of reasons • Bagua – Defects negative Ch’i • Convex – Expands narrow areas. • Concave – Turns oppressive images (e.g. towering buildings) • upside down. • Decorative/framed - reflects and draws in positive images, expand space. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  12. Adjustments • Living things stimulate Ch’i. • Plants, Bonsai/trees, flowers • Pets, Birds, Fish • Heavy objects will diffuse fast energy, so it can not escape the space too quickly. Also used for security and stability. • Rocks • Statues/sculpture • Yu – small, round offering bowl with nine rocks inside • Movement/mobile objects disperse negative Ch’i and circulate Ch’i. • Mobiles • Wind chimes • Tassels – red and gold • Flags/wind socks Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  13. Adjustments • Water circulates Ch’i and activates wealth. • Indoor/outdoor fountains • Fish tanks • Brooks, streams and trickling water • Ponds with goldfish • Vases/bowls of water • Other items may be used as needed to • balance your environment and improve Ch’i • Bamboo flutes – lift oppressive Ch’i. • Beaded curtains – act as a divider • Ten coins of the Ching Dynasty - enhance wealth. • Crystals/gemstones – raise energy and vibration levels. • Fragrances – incense, oils, flowers, orange peels – clear negative energy. Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882

  14. Resources Books “Feng Shui: Harmony by Design” by Nancy SantoPietro “Practical Feng Shui” by Simon Brown “The complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui” by Elizabeth Moran and Val Biktashew Lisa Hood – CIS 133 Section 0882