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ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 Update PowerPoint Presentation
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ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 Update

ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 Update

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ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 Update

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  1. ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 Update Presented By: Rich Giska NIRMA ANSI Coordinator

  2. BackgroundANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0, “Guidelines for Configuration Management of Nuclear Facilities” • Initial standard was developed based on NIRMA Technical Guideline TG16-1998 • NIRMA is accredited as an ANSI Standard Development Organization (SDO) and authorized to develop ANSI Standards • Standards are issued and revised per NIRMA administrative procedures that comply with ANSI requirements • NIRMA, in collaboration with CMBG, issued the first publication of ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0 in 2000

  3. BackgroundANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • An ANSI requirement for maintaining an ANSI Standard effective is that a published standard must be revisited within five (5) years with one of the following actions being taken: • Revise • Reaffirm As-Is (Still Adequate and Effective) • Suspend • Retire • The five (5) year period is the time frame when one of the above actions should be completed

  4. BackgroundANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • Unfortunately, this ANSI requirement was misinterpreted as meaning the next “cycle” had to begin within five (5) years of publishing a standard • Once this issue was recognized, NIRMA had to petition ANSI for an exception to keep the CM Standard effective • The petition was granted and NIRMA, again in collaboration with CMBG, began the revision process • The result was the issuance of ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0 - 2007

  5. Next RoundANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • Now we are clear that the ANSI/NIRMA Standard must be published “within” five (5) years, i.e., action taken by 2012 • The process must be initiated through a notice in the ANSI Standards Action publication approximately one (1) year in advance • NIRMA must also utilize other communication methods to make those potentially, or in fact, materially affected by the standard aware of its potential revision or other action

  6. The NeedANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • Based on the time line for compliance with the ANSI requirements, NIRMA must decide what action it will take for the 2012 publication by the end of August • NIRMA will solicit inputs from select nuclear industry groups regarding what action to take and contributions should a revision be pursued • CMBG represents the main body of CM professionals in the nuclear power industry; thus, CMBG’s inputs, contributions and support for the revision to this ANSI/NIRMA CM Standard are being sought

  7. Current StateANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • The current 2007 revision of the CM Standard 1.0, and its 3-ball model has been very effective as a reference for CM Programs for existing operating facilities • It has also served as a foundational document and reference for Pre-Operational CM Programs being developed for new nuclear plant projects • EPRI has issued a comprehensive Technical Report on CM Programs for new builds which leverages the CM principles embedded in the ANSI/NIRMA CM Standard • ANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 – 2007 “Is Working”

  8. The RequestANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • NIRMA requests participation from the CMBG conference attendees in several areas: • Provide feedback and inputs relative to the action to be taken for the 2012 version of the ANSI/NIRMA CM Standard • Given a revision is most likely, provide inputs and recommended changes to the 2007 version of the Standard • Express ideas regarding the scope of the Standard, i.e., retain its focus on operating nuclear facilities or extend its scope to include new nuclear project Pre-Operational CM • Provide thoughts on the interface between the CM Standard and EPRI’s Technical Document on CM for new builds

  9. The OpportunitiesANSI/NIRMA Standard CM 1.0 • There will be a Breakout Session this afternoon at 1:00 to discuss the above issues regarding the next action and probable revision of the ANSI/NIRMA Standard • It will an open session with a few seeded topics to generate discussion on potential changes • If you can’t make the session but would like to contribute your thoughts, please contact me directly • In addition, there is a need for support during the actual revision process as well, so if you’d like to be a direct participant in that we’d love to have you onboard

  10. Thank You Contact information Rich Giska: Email: Cell: 949-235-2731 Next Presentation