bridging the gap between strategy and results n.
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Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Results

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Results

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Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Results

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  1. WHO SHOULD ATTEND • This executive development program is uniquely designed to provide valuable insight for Directors, Vice Presidents and Senior Managers of: • Management • Finance • Marketing • Sales • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Relationship Marketing • Market Research • Customer Services University of Connecticut Hartford Campus May 30 & 31 2007Stamford Campus April 25 & 26 2007 Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Results Benefits Include: • Thorough and practical theory and techniques that address management and market issues in building implementable strategies and executing them throughout the organization for your competitive advantage • Illustrations of real life case studies to make lessons real and relevant • Comprehensive course documentation to assist in implementation • Small class size for personal attention Implement Cutting-Edge Management and Marketing Methodologies for Maximizing Company’s Growth and Profitability CAPITALIZE ON THE EXPERT KNOWLEDGE TO GAIN MAXIMUM VALUE ON THESE 10 VITAL ISSUES FOR MANAGERS AND MARKETERS 1. Does your strategy meet the demands of your total environment? 2. Do you have the talent and systems to implement your strategy? 3. Does your firm have the right strategic orientation to implement a customer-focused strategy? 4. Do you know the value of your customers (CLV)? 5. Do you have the right people at the strategic planning table? 6. Do you have a comprehensive plan to infuse your strategy to the entire organization? 7. Have you identified accountable resources at every organizational level? 8. Profitability implications of customers transacting through multiple channels. 9. Preventing customer attrition. 10. How strong is your relationship with your customers?

  2. ING Wells Fargo AT & T BP AMOCO Shell IBM HP P & G Coca-Cola American Airlines DuPont AOL Houston Lighting and Power Polo Ralph Lauren Bristol Myers Squibb Texas Children’s Hospital MGM Mirage About Your Course Facilitator Dr. V Kumar ING Chair Professor Executive Director, ING Center for Financial Services at the University of Connecticut Co-Author of over 100 books and articles • Dr. V. Kumaris the ING Chair Professor, and Executive Director, ING Center for the Financial Services at the University of Connecticut. He is listed in Who’s Who Worldwide, for his leadership and achievement in the field of Marketing, and Who’s Who Among Global Business Leaders for his leadership and quality work. Dr. Kumar was recently ranked as one of the top five scholars in marketing worldwide. • He received his Bachelors in Engineering (with Honors) and Masters in Industrial Management (with Honors) from the Indian Institute of Technology, and his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. • Dr. Kumar is a worldwide expert on marketing research methods and Customer Relationship Management strategy. He has several areas of special interest that include measuring Customer Lifetime Value, modeling diffusion of cellular services, Direct Marketing, developing new models and methodologies to forecast sales and market shares, and market segmentation, Customer Satisfaction and International Marketing. • Dr. Kumar is an expert on working with customer databases to build efficient direct marketing and database marketing programs for Fortune 500 firms dealing with consumer and industrial products. Dr. Kumar has extensive consulting experience working on marketing research projects for world-leading organizations including:

  3. Some of Dr. Kumar’s Books and Articles The Mismanagement of Customer Loyalty Knowing What to Sell, When, and to Whom Getting the Most Out of All Your Customers