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Seminar on the Flight Attendant Career

2. Objective. This seminar is to answer the following needs:InformationPre-selectionRecruitingCandidate TrainingIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by email: info@ariane-info.com.The synonyms for Flight Attendant are: Cabin Crew, Cabin Attendant, Air Hostess, Steward. 3. Introduction.

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Seminar on the Flight Attendant Career

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    1. 1 Seminar on the Flight Attendant Career

    2. 2 Objective This seminar is to answer the following needs: Information Pre-selection Recruiting Candidate Training If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by email: info@ariane-info.com. The synonyms for Flight Attendant are: Cabin Crew, Cabin Attendant, Air Hostess, Steward

    3. 3 Introduction Ariane-Information is a private aviation consulting company since 1993 and a Recognized Educational Institution. We provide more than 100 different aviation courses and programs. We work with and for worldwide airline companies. Today, we are looking for candidates for the Cabin Crew position. These positions are permanent and/ or part time and can be on domestic or international airlines.

    4. 4 The duties of a Flight Attendant is to offer safety and comfort aboard the aircraft to passengers and other crews, and protect the aircraft and its equipment. Functions

    5. 5 Historical 1911 : First flight attendant on the Zeppelin

    6. 6 1930: First female Cabin Crew Ellen Church at United Airlines The first Cabin Crews were nurses whose functions were to serve meals & bring assistance to sick passengers in the plane. 1930

    7. 7 1935-45: Important aviation growth period resulting from WWII (World War II) Creation of aviation regulations world wide. 1935-45

    8. 8 1950: After WWII, Cabin Crews are gaining recognition and more respect. 1950

    9. 9 1960-70: Window on the world the Jet-Set period. 1960-70

    10. 10 1980-90: The creation of new standards the position has become more technical. 1980-90

    11. 11 2000: Cabin Crew career lengthen and they are now considered real professionals, guardian angels. 2000

    12. 12 ICAO and civil aviation authorities The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a branch of the United Nations, created in 1944, in order to promote the development of civil aviation throughout the world in a controlled and secure fashion. ICAO establishes all standards, regulations and recommendations in order that all State members (189) must adhere to them, and then must be complied by the global aviation industry.

    13. 13 Aeronautical Regulations ICAO www.icao.int States Member (190): These countries keep ICAO as their mandatory regulations, but may add additional ones, those of their country

    14. 14 There are approximately 6,000 airlines in about 192 countries of the world. At least one third uses Cabin Crews (2,000 potential employers).

    15. 15 Title: Cabin Crew Code: 6432 Skills level: Intermediate Average annual salary: $36,000 Perspectives: Moderate to high

    16. 16 Being a country citizen/ landed immigrant/ work visa 18-21 years old and more No criminal record pass security High school education or more Speak well English + another language Height and weight in proportion Experience with the public Mental & physical capabilities Availability to travel good manners Leadership and team spirit Independent & resourceful.

    17. 17 5 times more female Cabin Crews than males Average starting salary: $21.00 / hour Minimum hours per month: 65 hours Maximum hours per flight: 14 hours Average career duration: 7 years Pre-selection average: 50% Average success rate during training: 85% Average annual turnover rate: 35%

    18. 18 Ariane Information offers the following training developed in compliance with the following regulations: - ICAO Standards, valid in 190 countries worldwide - Others on request - Specifications of the airline and the national civil aviation authority also available Ariane Information

    19. 19 Part 1: Initiation to aviation Part 2: Roles and responsibilities Part 3: Safety procedures Part 4: Emergency procedures Part 5: Emergency equipment Part 6: Aircraft features Part 7: Practices Part 8: First Aid on board airlines A first time initial training or following more than 24-36 months since initial training

    20. 20 In some countries, training is given by airlines and/ or by approved schools by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country. The individual is often hired on a conditional basis until he/she has completed with success his required training.

    21. 21

    22. 22 Must succeed with recommended 90% marks or more Exams Safety procedures, emergency procedures and types of aircraft Practical exams Safety equipment, emergency material & procedures

    23. 23 It is a passionate profession, very demanding but so rewarding. When submitting your candidacy, you have the opportunity of entering a whole new lifestyle. Good luck to you all!

    24. 24 If you have questions, please feel free to contact us: info@ariane-info.com Thank you for your interest.

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    26. 26 Recruitment

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